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Top 10 Best Feminized Seeds - The Ultimate List Included

Top 10 Best Feminized Seeds – The Ultimate List Included

The search for the best feminized seeds is more challenging than it seems. If you’ve ever worked with regular seeds, then you know the struggle of weeding out the males. Luckily, the invention of feminized seeds has made it so we can all enjoy the growing process more!

As far as the best feminized seeds go, it’s easy to rank popular strains that we all know, but this guide will also allow you to discover new ones.

Read on as we dive into the world’s best cannabis strains. We’ve managed to carry the best feminized seeds available so that you can grow all of these amazing strains we have listed. Let’s get started.


Top 10 Best Feminized Seeds

It’s worth noting that although we have listed 10 of the best feminized cannabis seeds available, these are in no particular order as they are all heavy-hitting strains with unique characteristics.


Feminized Cannabis Plant Seeds Fully Grown


Gelato 41

Of the best Feminized seeds, Gelato 41 is among fan favorites. It originates from the crossing of Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookies. Reminiscent of the Italian ice cream’s rich, creamy flavors, this Indica-dominant hybrid strain is truly unique.

It boasts fragrances of Lavender, Orange Citrus, and Pine with hints of mint. Gelato 41 has tight, dense buds that come in shades of green and dark purple, covered with vibrant orange hairs and frosty white trichomes.

Best enjoyed by those who enjoy relaxation, happiness, and ease, this Cookie Fam strain has a balanced blend of indica and sativa effects. For example, many people have described the head high as creative, fun, and stimulating.

From head to toe, this balanced hybrid can induce relaxation throughout your entire body due to its high levels of THC. Additionally, those suffering from emotional pain, stress, or tension have said they felt like they just took a sedative and finally felt some relief.


Cannabis Bud



Zkittlez is a happiness-inducing strain, a trait further highlighted by its citrusy and fruity, zesty aroma. Zkittlez’s gets this unique fruity flavor and aroma from its extensive terpene profile. Users report this strain tasting like sweet berries and crisp tropical citrus, with hints of earth and herbs. Zkittlez has tested high in Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Pinene, Limonene, and Humulene. Myrcene is responsible for the calming and relaxing effects that make the strain good for depression and anxiety. Pinene wards off pain and inflammation caused by other health conditions while highlighting the strain’s herbal essence. Limonene is an excellent stress reliever and can help reduce anxiety. However, Limonene is responsible for the fruity, sweet profile of Zkittlez. Where as, Humulene is similar to Myrcene and Pinene.


Cannabis Plant Fully Grown


Cereal Milk

This strain has truly earned its name. First, imagine yourself eating a bowl of fruit loops. Think of the milk that’s left after you eat all your cereal. That is exactly what this strain tastes like.

Cereal Milk is sweet and creamy and leaves all kinds of fruity flavors in your mouth after you exhale. The buds have a certain lemony citrus scent to them, while people have compared the flavor of its smoke to berries and other fruits.

This evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% Indica / 50% Sativa) was created by crossing Snowman and Y-Life (Cookies x Cherry Pie). Moreover, Cereal Milk has a unique flavor and long-lasting high, perfect for a lazy weekend day.

Cereal Milk’s high is just as delightful as the flavor.

Users have reported effects leaving them calm and focused for hours. Expect a feeling of euphoria at the onset of the high. Delightful, blissful feelings with soak your worries away. This strain tests at around 23-25% THC content. This strain can help to stimulate appetite while also relieving bodily discomfort and stress. Cereal Milk has tapered fat heart-shaped olive green nugs with minty undertones, dark orange hairs, and a beautiful coating of frosty white crystal trichomes.


cannabis plant fully grown up close Lava Cake Strain


Lava Cake

This hybrid strain is an Indica dominant (70%) cross between Grape Pie and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. A hint of mint and earthiness compliments the sweet, chocolatey taste of this dessert-style strain.

Its fruity pine fragrances are a compliment to the nutty, herbal aromas, that give this strain unique characteristics not seen in more common cultivars.

Lava Cake has a super relaxing high, great for inspiring thoughtful reflection before bed or relieving stress after a long day.

At the onset of the high, you will feel slightly uplifted and euphoric with some energy. The energy boost will quickly subside, leaving you feeling creative as your body settles into a deeply relaxed state. You won’t feel sedated, but you will feel at ease with the world around you. This strain is said to be a great stress reliever and is also effective in treating nausea, chronic pain, appetite loss, and headaches.



Kosher Kush

One of the best Feminized Seeds, Kosher Kush Cannabis is a pure Indica strain that users enjoy for a variety of reasons. Its top-quality buds are one of its best features. Additionally, this popular Indica-dominant Cannabis strain contains THC levels of 20-29% and CBD levels of 0.1% to 0.2%.

A fun fact about Kosher Kush is it was the first cannabis strain to ever be blessed by a Rabbi.

This strain is undoubtedly a mood-enhancing powerhouse known for promoting natural sleep cycles and boosting relaxation. It has been reported to help relieve bodily discomforts and promotes mental, physical, and spiritual relaxation with its potent botanical properties.

Since the THC level is potent but not overpowering, this strain is perfect for all types of Cannabis users. A top pick among cannabis enthusiasts, Kosher Kush Cannabis has grown in popularity over the years.


Feminized SeedsPlant, Gary Payton Strain


Gary Payton

Gary Payton is a Cannabis strain developed by the Cookies family and Powerzzz Genetics, by crossing the Y (a.k.a. Y Griega) and Snowman breeds and named after the NBA Hall of Famer. Gary Payton seeds produce small grape-shaped nugs with colors ranging from forest green to minty green and hints of purple. These buds are full of flavor with hints of pine, mint, and nutmeg and have very high potency. This strain has a THC content ranging from 15% to 25% with less than 5% CBD. Gary Payton has a rich terpene content that gives it great therapeutic properties.


Feminized Cannabis Plant



Runtz was the Leafly strain of the year in 2020. Growers say this is a very colorful strain ranging from a rich purple to neon green with a nice white resin coating. Runtz has a smooth and welcoming creamy smoke. This strain has a euphoric high with long-lasting effects.

The Runtz strain has tight, dense buds which develop into various hues. You can expect to see vibrant purple and neon green colors by curing your plant correctly. You can also expect your nugs to form thick resin layers, giving you a highly potent plant.

It’s easy to see why Runtz has become an overnight sensation. Its potency, flavor, and diverse terpene profile have left stoners everywhere praising its phenomenal quality. Users have said this strain leaves them feeling euphoric, relaxed, and creative.


Cannabis Buds, Apple Fritter Nugs


Apple Fritter

It is easy to imagine an Apple Fritter as a delicious, juicy, fresh, dense, tasty pastry covered in icing that sticks to your fingers as you enjoy its fruity flavor. Imagine all of that in the form of a chronic nug. The Apple Fritter strain tests as high as 26% THC content and earns its name from its delicious flavor and aroma, making the list as one of the best Feminized Seeds.

Users have described the high as an immediate feeling of euphoria, followed by a boost of creativity and a nice sedating body buzz to top it off.

Additionally, Apple Fritter can help with chronic stress and aches and pains throughout the body. Known as a mood-boosting strain that can relieve mental tension and promotes a restful night’s sleep.

Apple Fritter is a well-balanced hybrid strain, the perfect yin-yang of Sativa and Indica. With its ultra-relaxing properties and cosmic cerebral effects, this strain is a “must-try.” Take one hit of Apple Fritter, and you will feel like toast.


Cannabis Buds, Purple Punch Nugs


Purple Punch

Purple Punch is a stunning Indica-dominant hybrid strain that has become extremely popular recently for its heavy-hitting effects and colorful buds. Developed from Larry OG and Grand Daddy Purps, this strain produces vibrant purple colors within the flower, and its flavor is a heavy sweet grape candy kool-aid taste.

Purple Punch promotes a delightful grin from ear to ear thanks to its high THC content and the 80% Indica dominance.

Purple Punch produces a cerebral high and a sedative physical buzz, averaging 18-20% THC and 1% CBD. Stress levels can lower to little or none with Purple Punch. Additionally, insomnia sufferers can use it to regulate their sleep hours. The taste is sweet and flavorful, and it helps ease headaches and bodily discomfort.

Users have described Purple Punch as making them feel blissful and delighted. In addition to helping you forget about stress, Purple Punch relieves aches and pains and promotes deep relaxation, making it one of the best Feminized seeds.

Purple Punch is a potent strain that produces high-quality purple flowers with a gassy grape scent! This strain packs a potent punch.


Cannabis Plant, Fully Grown


Kush Mints

Kush Mints boasts pine aromas, zesty, citrusy notes, and a characteristic spearmint smell from which it earned the name.

This strain packs quite a punch, with an average THC content of 23%. For instance, the nugs are fluffy and deep green and coated in frosty white trichomes. As the name would suggest, this bud is rich in crisp mint flavor but also has notes of earth, coffee, and cookies. Kush Mints has a pine aroma with hints of zesty, lemon-citrus, and fresh spearmint. The mint flavor resembles mint chocolate chip ice cream and boasts a spicy, kush aftertaste. Its aroma is like the flavor, making this a popular dessert strain.


Why Should I Only Grow Female Plants?

The only seeds that produce consumable buds are female seeds. For this reason, the best feminized Cannabis seeds save both beginners and experienced growers time and hassle (not to mention many mistakes) associated with regular seeds. When working with feminized cannabis seeds, you have over a 99.9% chance of producing female plants.


Where Can I Get the Best Feminized Seeds?

Shop with OGSeeds in order to get the best feminized seeds, as well as access to exclusive giveaways, 25% off your first order. We are a reputable seed bank based in the U.S. that provides fast, free, stealthy shipping to all 50 states. We carry the most popular feminized seeds out there.


What Are The Highest-Producing Feminized Seeds?

The highest-producing feminized seeds are conveniently listed below!

  • Bruce Banner
  • Cereal Milk
  • Gary Payton
  • Green Crack


What is The Best Feminized Strain?

“Best feminized cannabis strain” is a relative statement depending on who’s asking, but for your convenience, we’ve looked over the data of all the strains we carry and compiled this list based on THC content, Terpene profile, Indica/Sativa dominance, as well as Flavor/Scent characteristics. We’ve made our best effort to only carry the best feminized cannabis strains, so we’ve narrowed it down pretty well.

Do I Have To Choose Between Indica and Sativa Genetics?

By doing the proper research before growing, you can choose the genetics that best suit your needs. We’ve taken the time to list the indica and sativa dominance of all of our strains in order to cater to everyone’s preferences.

We also offer perfectly balanced hybrid varieties of many of our strains in order to give you the best of both worlds! Sativas can help with invigorating and energizing effects. These can help reduce anxiety or stress and increase focus and creativity. Indicas are going to give you full-body effects that reduce insomnia and increase deep relaxation.


Do The Best Feminized Seeds Produce Only Female Plants?

Feminized cannabis seeds have over a 99% chance of producing females since they are made without the use of male chromosomes. Autoflowering seeds are also feminized and offer this same benefit, the only difference being that the grower will not need to be mindful of the light cycle in order to reach the flowering period. We sell the best feminized cannabis seeds you’ll find anywhere on the internet.

Learn more about Feminized seeds and how to produce them, CLICK HERE!


How Do I Make Sure Not To Produce Male Plants?

You only risk producing male plants if you work with regular seeds. Regular seeds will produce about a 50/50 mix of male plants. You won’t be able to regular seed and tell whether or not it will produce a male or female. The way to fix this issue is to source feminized Cannabis seeds from a reputable seed bank such as ours.

Where Can I Get The Best Feminized Seeds That Are High in THC?

We are proud to offer some of the best High THC feminized Cannabis seeds on the internet. We also carry autoflowering seed varieties, which help to eliminate the unnecessary headaches that come from using regular unsexed seeds. Working with feminized seeds eliminates the risk of accidental pollination of your cannabis crop.

Are Auto Flowering Seeds Also Feminized?

Yes, Autoflowering seeds are also considered feminized seeds. These seeds are preferred by indoor growers who don’t want to deal with light cycles and timers.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

You can buy cannabis seeds online using a reputable seed bank. We are a reputable seed bank proudly based in America, and we provide fast, free, discreet shipping to all 50 states. This is completely legal due to recent legislation classifying these seeds as hemp since they contain 0% THC.


Which Of The Best Feminized Seeds Are The Most Popular?

You can get the best feminized Cannabis seeds from us! We’ve really gone the extra mile in making sure to carry the most exclusive genetics.

Do I Need To Be An Experienced Grower to Cultivate Cannabis Seeds?

No, you don’t need to be an experienced grower to have a successful harvest, but it is important to do your own research. This research would include figuring out an ideal climate for the strain or strains you plan to grow, or for an indoor grow, you would want to figure out the ideal temperature and humidity to keep your grow room at.

Should I Ever Use Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Unless you plan to start your own seed bank or have the desire to cross-breed your own strain, we highly recommend just using feminized cannabis seeds. By doing this, you will save yourself plenty of unneeded grief and will almost certainly produce better quality bud since you don’t have to worry about the pollination of your female Cannabis plants, which will only make your job more difficult than it needs to be.

How Do I Find The Best Feminized Seed Banks Online?

Make sure the seed bank you have found offers stealthy shipping and ships to all 50 U.S. States. Also, make sure the seed bank you choose has legitimate reviews from real people. We pride ourselves not only on carrying the best-feminized Cannabis seeds but also on providing a germination guarantee, which you won’t see anywhere.


Is Indoor Growing The Best Way To Grow Cannabis?

After you get your hands only quality cannabis seeds and you’ve germinated, you’ll want to figure out how to grow them the best. We recommend indoor growing for the best possible results.

With any Cannabis grow, make sure to do your research on the nutrient requirements for your cannabis strain, as each cultivar responds well to particular temperatures, humidities, and growing methods/techniques. We have helpful articles on all these different subjects, so you don’t have to scour the internet trying to figure out answers to these questions.

Indoor growing is best because you will be able to have the best control over all these growth factors, resulting in the highest potency and best amount per square meter of your grow room.


Are Feminized Seeds the only way to produce female plants?

When you work with regular seeds, you can still produce female plants, but why bother with that when you can just use female cannabis seeds and avoid this issue altogether? Since feminized Cannabis seeds have a 99.9% chance of producing female Cannabis plants compared to a 50/50 chance with regular seeds, it only makes sense to work with female Cannabis seeds.

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