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Buy Cannabis Seeds For Indoor Growing

First-time growers know that cultivating indoor cannabis seeds is no easy task. Sometimes, you can have all the resources necessary for a successful crop only to realize that your seeds are of poor quality. But if you’re looking to grow high-producing Cannabis plants, you’ll want to buy high-quality Cannabis seeds for indoor growing.

At OG Seeds, we know a thing or two about growing Cannabis seeds indoors. That’s why we will share with you some tips and tricks for buying indoor Cannabis seeds. Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about buying the best indoor Cannabis seeds for your needs. We’ll also give you a few tips and tricks to make sure your cannabis seeds grow into potent plants that will have you feeling like an OG!


What Is The Best Cannabis Seed To Grow?

The best cannabis seeds to grow indoors depend upon several factors unique to the grower. That is to say, these factors include the grower’s experience at growing cannabis plants, their indoor growing conditions, and their purpose for growing these potent plants.

Above all, growers wanting to buy indoor cannabis seeds will find they have plenty of options to choose from. Some popular seed choices available include:

  • Feminized seeds: Only female cannabis plants can produce the all-important buds growers desire. Feminized cannabis seeds ensure that your crop will be free of male plants and only produce THC-rich, consumable flower.
  • Un-sexed seeds: If you want a 50/50 mix of male and female plants, you’ll want to get these seeds. Also known as regular seeds, un-sexed seeds that produce male plants will pollinate the females and lead to the production of seeds instead of flower.
  • Autoflower seeds: These seeds are great for first-time growers because they do not require changes to their light schedule to activate the flowering stage and flower automatically. Although they have short flowering times, autoflowering cannabis seeds produce lower amounts when compared to feminized cannabis seeds.

Most importantly, all of these seeds have their advantages depending upon your indoor growing conditions and experience. But to ensure you receive high amounts of the most potent buds possible, feminized cannabis seeds are your best option.

Cannabis Seeds

Feminized Cannabis Seeds Produce The Best Flower

We highly recommend that you buy feminized cannabis seeds. As we already mentioned, these seeds produce female-only plants, which produce the highly sought-after cannabinoid-rich flower. With these seeds, you won’t have to worry about any male plants pollinating the crop and leading to a flowerless crop.

What Are The Best Cannabis Seeds For Indoors?

Indoor growers will be the first to tell you that not all cannabis seeds can flourish in enclosed spaces. However, some are easy to grow indoors and perfect for a carefully controlled indoor environment.

But growing cannabis indoors doesn’t have to be hard, especially with the right strain. If you’re new to indoor cultivation, we highly recommend starting with feminized seeds since they’re predictable and produce flowering plants.

Below are some of the best easy-to-grow indoor cannabis seeds for your home garden. You can find all of these cannabis seeds for sale right here at OG seeds!

  • Banana OG: indica-dominant hybrid
  • Blue Dream: sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Gary Payton: 50/50 hybrid
  • Gorilla Glue: 50/50 hybrid
  • Kosher Kush: 100% indica
  • Zkittlez: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • And many more!

Is It Better To Grow Cannabis Indoors?

Experienced growers know that it’s much better to grow cannabis indoors. When growing cannabis outdoors, you don’t have control over the conditions of your local climate. Growing indoor Cannabis seeds allows you to cultivate your crop in a carefully controlled environment. You can fine-tune the growing process to achieve the results you’re looking for in your Cannabis strains.

cannabis plant grow sativa strains

How To Grow Cannabis Seeds Indoors?

Growing indoor seeds into beautiful cannabis plants is not that hard. Moreover, it’s something just about anyone can do (trust us, we’re the OGs!). Here are some simple tips and tricks on how to grow the best indoor Cannabis seeds into beautiful high-producing plants.

  • Germinate your seeds indoors: To ensure your seeds grow into a thriving plant, you must first germinate them. This will give rise to a healthy taproot that will anchor your plant firmly into the soil and give rise to a beautiful Cannabis plant.
  • Transplant your germinated seeds: Select high-quality soil rich in nutrients. Gently place the seed taproot down into the soil and lightly cover.
  • Ensure you have the right growing conditions: Indoor growing allows you to control the environment. It’s important that you keep the proper temperature, humidity, light exposure, and water needs to optimize your indoor growth.
  • Know your strain: Having prior knowledge about the needs of your cannabis seed strain will help you choose the right growing conditions. This will also help you determine what to look for in quality buds and when to harvest.

What Is The Best Producing Indoor Strain?

If you want one of the best indoor seeds that can produce large amounts, look no further than our Blue Dream strain. This legendary sativa-dominant Cannabis strain is a cross between Blueberry and Haze and is highly aromatic with a sweet blueberry taste with hints of spice.

But be sure to have adequate indoor grow space and stalk support for these tall plants, which can grow up to 6-feet in height. For instance, Blue Dream’s dense buds are ready to harvest after approximately 9-10 weeks of indoor growing. Each plant typically amounts about 20 ounces of potent THC-rich flower, subsequently making it a favorite amongst indoor growers.

What are Sativa Strains

What Is A Good Strain For Beginner Growers?

Gorilla Glue is the perfect strain for first-time cannabis growers. The strain is resistant to pests and mold and produces above-average amounts. Expect to harvest the buds around 8-9 weeks with optimal indoor growing conditions.

Typically a 60/40 indica-dominant strain (sometimes available as a 50/50 hybrid), Gorilla Glue provides an energizing sensation to consumers. The effects are topped off with an earthy flavor profile of ground coffee with hints of chocolate.

What Is The Strongest Strain of Cannabis?

White Tahoe Cookies is a new strain that’s already one of the strongest, with a THC content of over 27%! Certainly, one of the strongs strains of Cannabis we’ve encountered. If you’re looking for a strain with a nice amount of CBD to complement the THC-induced euphoria, choose Blue Dream, which contains 10-11% CBD.

Most Popular Cannabis Strain In The World

The Gelato family of strains has become one of the most sought-after strains amongst enthusiasts in 2022. Lucky for you, we have Gelato #41 for sale, one of the best indoor cannabis seeds available. Although this strain might be harder to grow than other indoor strains, growers will reap the benefits when it’s time to harvest since Gelato #41 has some of the largest THC-rich buds around. If you’re confident in your growing skills, give this indica-dominant strain a try.

Why Grow Cannabis From Seeds?

Growing Cannabis indoors allows you to form a connection between yourself and your cannabis crop. The knowledge you’ll gain from growing cannabis indoors and nurturing your crop to harvest will allow you to become an expert grower very soon. In addition to growing your favorite strains and enjoying their potent buds, you’ll be well-positioned to breed your own strains one day.

Secondly, if you feel confident about your green thumb and want to flex your entrepreneurial skills, you can position yourself to produce some of the best Cannabis seeds for sale in your own seed bank! Like us, you’ll set yourself on the path to becoming an OG when you decide to grow indoor Cannabis seeds.

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Factors To Consider: Price, Climate, and Quality

Don’t just rush out to buy the cheapest Cannabis seeds for sale. For example, you will want to take your time to do some research. This will help to ensure a high-quality Cannabis crop. When shopping for indoor Cannabis seeds, here are some factors you should consider:

  • Price: The average price of one Cannabis seed is $10-18. Anything above this average is price-gouging, and anything significantly below is poor quality. See our full collection of cheap Cannabis seeds here.
  • Climate: When planting indoor cannabis seeds, ensure you have complete control of the climate to make sure your plants grow efficiently. Make sure you have adequate light, ventilation, and irrigation schedules.
  • Quality: But your seeds form a quality seed bank like us! We’ll go into how you can tell high-quality seeds from low-quality seeds later on, so keep reading!

Where To Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

Several online retailers sell Cannabis seeds for indoor growing. However, don’t just buy from the first shop you visit. And certainly don’t buy the cheapest seeds for sale. Opt for brands run by individuals with firsthand knowledge about growing Cannabis indoors. These brands will not only provide some of the best indoor Cannabis seeds and hemp seeds online, but they’ll also give you expert advice to make sure your crop flourishes.

Luckily you don’t have to look too hard for such a retailer, because you have already found them! At OG Seeds, we specialize in feminized cannabis seeds, which will give you the potent buds you’re looking for!

Am I Getting Quality Genetics From My Cannabis Seeds?

There are several things to look for when you buy Cannabis seeds for indoor growing. Look for seeds that have the following characteristics:

  • Healthy brown color: Inspect the color of your cannabis seeds and make sure they are a light to a dark shade of brown. Cannabis seeds of these colors are viable and of good quality.
  • Size and shape: Healthy seeds typically display a somewhat tear-drop-looking shape that’s tapered at one end and round at the other. Avoid seeds that stray from this shape as they represent a genetic flaw.
  • Waxy sheen: Cannabis seeds with a polished look are typically of good quality. Avoid seeds that are matte and dry.
  • Firmness: Young, healthy cannabis seeds are firm. Older seeds will feel squishy and may crack, crumble, or break apart when gently pressed.
  • Buoyancy: Drop your seeds into a glass of water and wait. If your seeds sink to the bottom, they’re healthy. Seeds that float are unhealthy and should not be planted.
  • Origin: Where your seed comes from matters a lot when it comes to quality. Seed banks like us spend a lot of resources to ensure we breed viable, high-quality seeds. This same amount of diligence and effort might not be the case with other seed banks.

Buying Cannabis Seeds From OG Seeds

No matter which strain of indoor cannabis seeds your purchase from us, you can rest assured that we put the maximum time, effort, and money into making them the best! Our Cannabis seeds for indoor growing are the most viable seeds on the market. All of the quality assurances we mentioned in this article are put into every kernel in our seed bank. We provide a germination guarantee that your crop will be ready to harvest with potent buds if planted and maintained correctly.

Why Shop With OG Seeds?

Shop with us if you’re looking for the best feminized cannabis seeds on the market! We have it all, from old favorites to new strains on the block! With plenty of options to choose from in our seed bank, you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your cannabis needs.

And if you need a helping hand, we’re always here! In Addition, you can read our many informative blogs on a wide range of topics on how to grow cannabis indoors and outdoors right here on our site! If this article helped convince you which types of seeds to buy for your indoor cannabis garden, then we’ve done something right. So go to our shop and buy some feminized cannabis seeds for indoor growing today!

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