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How To Feminize Cannabis Seeds (Highly Successful Methods)

Cannabis cultivation can be a wonderful experience for most growers, going through the various growth stages and the implementation of different techniques to produce amazing yields. An essential aspect of this cultivation is to learn how to feminize cannabis seeds to ensure flavourful, potent, and aromatic cannabis plants with tremendous bud growth.
The feminization of cannabis seeds ensures that there are female-only plants to optimize yields and enables growers to save a significant amount of time and money. This process can be challenging and time-taking, making it difficult for most growers to feminize cannabis seeds properly.
Find out about the different techniques of feminizing cannabis seeds before exploring the world of cannabis cultivation to achieve the desired growth results.

What Is A Feminized Cannabis Seed?

Feminized cannabis seeds serve the purpose of producing female-only cannabis plants without male plants. These seeds produce plenty of trichome-rich and cannabinoid buds on female cannabis plants with desirable yields. Cannabinoids are responsible for the aroma, potency, and flavor of cannabis, making these seeds a suitable option for growing amazing plants.

Regular Seeds Vs. Cannabis Seeds

Regular seeds are the most common types of cannabis seeds that are produced through natural pollination without any chemical addition to the breeding of male and female plants. These seeds have a 50% chance of producing either male or female plants, as the sex of each plant is determined by its parent plant. Moreover, it is not possible to know the gender of any plant until it has germinated.
In contrast, cannabis seeds produced through feminization lack male chromosomes, which means that all plants produced in the future will be female. This enables growers to form yield expectations as female plants are rich in trichomes and cannabinoids, making them highly potent, aromatic, and flavourful.
Therefore, feminized cannabis seeds are the best bet for growers who aim to cultivate good cannabis buds.

Can You Feminize Your Own Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis plants produce an equal population of male and female plants due to their dioecious nature. Therefore, feminization can be an excellent method to produce female-only plants to generate amazing buds. Growers can feminize their cannabis seeds by following different techniques which can help in producing desirable yields.

Is Feminizing Cannabis Seeds Difficult?

Feminizing cannabis seeds is a complex and time-consuming process, but they are a great choice for growers who aim to produce high yields and bountiful buds from female cannabis plants. This process ensures that the aroma, potency, and flavor of cannabis from feminized seeds will be much better than the yields from regular seeds.

Benefits Of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

There are countless benefits of growing feminized cannabis seeds over regular ones:

Save Money & Time

Regular seeds consume a lot of money and time as growers need to wait for enough female cannabis plants to get the desired yields. However, using feminized seeds can increase the population of female plants enabling growers to save up a significant amount of time and money.

Simplify Cultivation

Feminized cannabis plants simplify the cultivation process as male plants increase the risk of hermaphroditic structure development in female plants. This process can decrease the cannabis yields significantly, which can make the cultivation procedure complex for different types of growers.

No Males Wasting Space Or Wreaking Havoc

Male cannabis plants display their sexual organs when there are natural changes in the photoperiod, and growers have to monitor their plants regularly to reduce the pollination of female plants. Therefore, feminized seeds are the best bet to ensure the proper growth of buds.


Growers looking for specific types of cannabis strains can try feminized seeds for desirable yields. Therefore, cultivators aiming to produce plants with consistent aroma, effects, and appearance should opt for feminized seeds.

How Are Feminized Seeds Created?

Feminized seeds have an increasing demand in the cannabis market, especially among home growers as well as commercial growers. Feminized seeds are created by targeting female plants to produce viable pollen in a controlled environment. By pollinating female plants, the seeds produced will inherit two X chromosomes, indicating that all plants will be feminized.

Where To Get The Best Feminized Seeds?

There are multiple platforms, both in online and offline spaces, to get feminized seeds for impressive cannabis yields. Our recommendation is OG Seeds which is one of the top cannabis dealers in the US.
This platform is known for its top-notch quality feminized seeds with multiple lucrative deals to ensure value-for-money products for a growing consumer market. Therefore, OG Seeds is an excellent choice for growers looking for a reliable platform to purchase the best feminized seeds.

How To Feminize Cannabis Seeds- Various Methods & Directions

There are several methods to feminize cannabis seeds and increase the population of female plants in a growing space to ensure favorable yields. These methods are excellent in ensuring the reversal of sex of female plants to produce feminized cannabis seeds.

Rodelization Or Stress

One of the top methods to feminize cannabis seeds and produce female plants is rodelization or stress. There are multiple ways to stress a cannabis plant, such as through pH, photoperiod, temperature, and nutrition. However, growers might also delay harvesting time by 2-3 weeks to develop male flowers.

Colloidal Silver

Another excellent method to revert the sex of female plants is through the usage of colloidal silver. This compound is formed through silver nanoparticles that are electrically charged to ensure antibacterial properties. It has been popular in the market since the 1980s due to its therapeutic benefits.
A solution consisting of 30 ppm colloidal silver and distilled water should be applied to the cannabis plants for a few days until they start developing male flowers. This solution is systemically absorbed by the plants and remains in their tissues to ensure feminization.

Silver Nitrate

Silver Nitrate plays a significant role in the reversal of sex for cannabis plants to ensure feminized seeds. It is mixed with silver thiosulfate solution (STS) to produce effective results in the form of male plants and viable pollen for female plants.

Silver Thiosulfate Solution (STS)

One of the most common techniques for feminization is the silver thiosulfate solution (STS) consisting of sodium thiosulfate, silver nitrate, and distilled water. This solution is relatively easier to prepare and produces male flowers when sprayed on female plants.
However, it is crucial to note that any part of the plant sprayed with this solution is not for consumption. The reverted plants must be discarded after the pollen extraction as this solution is for photo development and does not produce plants suitable for consumption.

Gibberellic Acid

Gibberellins are hormones present in cannabis plants that regulate the different processes of growth. A popular type of gibberellin available in the market is gibberellic acid, or GA3, which can be sprayed on cannabis plants for feminization.
This acid is similar to colloidal silver, with one major difference, which is the significant stretching of plants during growth when gibberellic acid is applied to them. An ideal dosage is approximately 100 ppm which ensures desirable feminization results.

What Are The Best Feminized Seeds For Sale?

Some of the best feminized seeds for sale by OG Seeds include Kush Mint, Lemon Kush, Apple Fritter, and Mimosa seeds.

  • Kush Mint Seeds – Kush Mint is a hybrid strain that contains an average of 23% THC content. It has a deep green appearance with frosty white trichomes, mint flavor, and notes of earth, cookies, and coffee. It is a popular dessert strain and a suitable option for beginners looking for suitable feminized seeds.
  • Lemon Kush Seeds – Lemon Kush is an Indica-dominant strain consisting of a 60:40 ratio of Indica to Sativa, increasing the creativity and motivation of consumers. It contains a 20% THC content with earthy and citrus flavors to stimulate appetite and enhance moods. The feminized seeds of this strain are suitable for growers who have some experience in cannabis cultivation due to their medium difficulty growth level.
  • Apple Fritter Seeds – Apple Fritter is one of the most potent strains of cannabis with long-lasting effects and an excellent choice for relieving stress. It is a hybrid strain with about 26% THC content and a dense appearance with beefy coats of trichomes. The feminized seeds of the strain offered by OG Seeds are a perfect pick for growers looking for a strain that offers a sweet taste of cheese, apple, vanilla, and citrus.
  • Mimosa Seeds – Mimosa is a sativa dominant strain with a ratio of 30:70 Indica to Sativa composition ratio. It yields green buds with orange hairs and white trichomes with a highly aromatic presence of citrus and hints of lemon. It has a diverse terpene profile and high THC content making it an effective solution for sleep regulation and relieving discomfort. The feminized seeds of this strain are suitable for growers who can handle a moderate difficulty level of growth for desirable results.

What Are The Highest-Yielding Feminized Seeds?

  • Ice Cream Cake Seeds – Ice Cream Cake is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain with a 75:25 ratio of Indica to Sativa. It contains approximately 20-25% THC content and is a suitable choice for consumers looking for a heavy-hitting strain option. It consists of fruity and creamy flavors with a diverse aromatic profile, including Lavender, Cinnamon, and orange notes. The feminized seeds of this strain are suitable for cultivators looking for a high-yielding strain that combines Wedding Cake and Gelato 33.
  • Runtz Seeds – Runtz is a hybrid cannabis strain consisting of a 50:50 ratio of Indica to Sativa. It contains a THC content of approximately 29% with a sweet and fruity flavor with hints of pineapple. It offers a high yield of about 450g per plant and is a suitable option for beginners. The feminized seeds of this strain are a perfect choice for growers aiming for high cannabis yields.

How Fast Do Feminized Seeds Grow?

Feminized seeds grow much faster than regular seeds while ensuring desirable yields. Ideally, it takes around 30 days for feminized cannabis plants to reach adulthood while growing in an outdoor setting with good exposure to light. For indoor growth settings, feminized seeds take around 75 days to reach the harvesting period.

Final Thoughts

Here is everything growers need to know about how to feminize cannabis seeds. This guide introduces cultivators to some of the top successful methods of cannabis feminization to ensure desirable yields without any unwanted pollination of female plants.
Whether you are an experienced cultivator or a learner, this article has an answer to all the feminization-related questions. For optimal growth results, cannabis cultivators should research well and implement the techniques proven to be effective.
We hope this guide will enable growers to implement the right techniques to feminize cannabis seeds.

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