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Haze Strains

Sativa-dominant hybrid strains such as Haze are among the most popular in the cannabis world. Some Haze strains are almost pure sativa. One of the most THC-potent Cannabis strains around. It is cherished worldwide for its high-energy, uplifting, euphoric, and creative effects.

Sativa-dominant hybrids typically reach much taller heights than their indica counterparts. The haze strain is wildly popular for its wonderful aromas — often blending intense spicy notes with fruity, sweet, and earthy undertones.

Known by several names, including “Original Haze,” “OG Haze,” “Haze OG,” and “Haze Brothers,” the hybrid strain is among the most famous, respected, and recognizable in the world. Additionally, it has given rise to countless hybrids around the globe.


Cannabis Plants Growing Haze Strains

What are Haze Strains?

Haze is a proud Californian sativa created from several landrace strains. It is quite the staple and inspires many new breeds that proudly continue the Haze legacy. Its effects are both energizing and relaxing at the same time.

What are Haze Seeds?

Haze seeds produce one of the most popular sativa-dominant strains available to date. Below are some key stats for reference.

  • THC Content: 14% – 23%
  • CBD Content: 0.20%
  • Strain (Indica/Sativa): Sativa-dominant hybrid with 20% Indica and 80% Sativa
  • Indoor amount: Approximately 14 ounces per m2
  • Outdoor amount: Approximately 18 ounces per plant
  • Climate: Warm and temperate Mediterranean outdoor climate.

How Long does Haze take to flower?

Haze is famous for its longer-than-average growth time. As such, it is not the ideal strain for new growers seeking a quick and easy reward with little effort. Flowering time indoors typically takes 9-12 weeks. If grown outdoors, the flowering period is from late October to the beginning of November.

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History of Haze Strains

Haze originally took root in Santa Cruz, California, during the 1960s and 70s. Brothers and master breeders R. Haze and J. Haze created the legendary strain by crossing Mexican and Colombian landraces. Long growing seasons in the region accommodate the sativa-dominant strain and its lengthy flowering cycle.

Over several generations of breeding, the brothers landed on something they decided to dub “Original Haze.” During the 1980s, Haze genetics found their way to the Netherlands.

A combination of selective breeding and indoor cultivation led to the development of modern Haze varieties. With its sweet terpenes, the aroma is typically spicy with hints of citrus and earthy sweetness.

What are the Different Haze Strains?

The genetics of Haze is world-famous, and there is plenty of variety to choose from. Below are eight of the best sativa-dominant Haze cannabis strains available today — the choice for many when only the finest buds will do.

Cannabis Growing Outdoors

Top 8 Cannabis Haze Strains

Below are eight of the most popular sativa-dominant Haze cannabis strains available today.

  1. Haze aka “Original Haze”
  2. Super Lemon Haze
  3. Strawberry Haze
  4. Cannalope Haze
  5. Blue Haze
  6. Amnesia Haze
  7. Purple Haze
  8. Super Silver Haze

What are the Best Haze Strains?

The Haze strain is parent to some of the most popular hybrids in dispensaries today. It is no rare commodity. Many of today’s strains are genetically similar to landrace strains of the past but with a far wider range of complex effects.

Below are five of our favorite Haze strains. If you seek the best, look no further.

Haze aka “Original Haze”

  • Haze originated in Santa Cruz, California during the 1960s and 70s by a pair of storied growers named “the Haze Brothers.”
  • The strain is a genetic pillar of contemporary cannabis expressing traditional sativa effects, including enhanced energy, euphoria, and creativity.
  • Expect notes of berries and lemon with an earthy exhale.

Strawberry Haze

  • Strawberry Haze is a cross between Swiss Sativa, Northern Lights #5, Haze, and Kali Mist.
  • Many cannabis connoisseurs enjoy this hybrid because of its therapeutic properties.
  • Expect sweet hints of strawberry with herbaceous exhales.

Blue Haze

  • Blue Haze is a cross between Blueberry (a classic indica) and either Amnesia Haze or Super Silver Haze, depending on the grower.
  • As such, the resulting flower is snowy, dense, and richly threaded with orange hairs.
  • Expect notes of berries with peppery exhales.

Purple Haze

  • The Purple Haze strain is one of the original Haze phenotypes from the stabilized seeds that the Haze Brothers cultivated.
  • Its flowers are typically deep violet in color and glisten with a rich coating of crystalline trichomes.
  • Expect sweet, earthy aromas with dense, velvety exhales.

Super Silver Haze

  • Super Silver Haze is a perennial party favorite.
  • Its effects are a unique balance of giddy euphoria with remarkable staying power.
  • Super Silver Haze has earned legendary top-shelf status and has the honor of three first-place prizes at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Cannabis Plants Growing Indoors

What Type of Haze Seeds are there?

There are typically three primary categories of seeds, and it’s important to consider what type of Haze cannabis seeds you’d like to grow before making your selection.

Regular (Unsexed) Haze Seeds

  • Regular “unsexed” Haze cannabis seeds are 50% likely to produce male plants.
  • They are recommended for growers that want to create their own strains.
  • This type of seed is also referred to as “photoperiod.”

Feminized Haze Seeds

  • Feminized Haze seeds produce larger buds with greater amounts.
  • Since these seeds do not contain male chromosomes, there is a 99% chance that they will produce female plants.
  • This seed type is likely the best option for your growing operation as it eliminates the headache of removing male plants from your crop, which can pollinate the female plants. If this happens, your buds will be less potent and contain seeds.

Autoflower Haze Seeds

  • Autoflower Haze seeds do not require light cycles to be changed.
  • A suitable option for beginners, the blooming process is automatic, as its name implies.
  • It’s important to remember that this particular seed type produces faster harvests and smaller amounts.

How to Grow the Best Haze Strain?

Researching the optimum environment for each particular Haze Cannabis strain is highly recommended. Providing the best environment produces the best results.

Indoor grows normally amount optimal results because you can control 100% of the environment. Here are some general tips for growing premium Haze Cannabis strains.

Light Feeding for Haze Strains

  • Regarding overall grow times, Haze sativas take longer than traditional indicas and need less food per watering.
  • Always take extra caution when it comes to nutrient use and use less than the recommended amounts unless a deficiency is evident.

Early Selective Pruning

  • Whether you prune, pinch or incorporate low-stress training (LST), it’s important to keep sativas short and stocky.
  • Remember to employ these techniques during the vegetative stage.

Lower your Lights

  • In terms of growth, sativas stretch long and lanky, and one way to reduce this is by keeping your lights closer to the canopy.
  • Raise them as your plants reach upward.

Training Tops

  • Use a “Screen of Green” (SCROG) system to guide growing branches.
  • Scrogging helps train plants to get higher amounts.

Give Roots Room

  • Larger containers result in bigger plants with higher amounts.
  • Plan on needing at least one gallon of container space per week of vegetating time, and you’ll harvest more abundantly.

Longer Flowering Times

  • Haze strains normally have longer flowering times, so it’s important to elongate your budding schedule to accommodate the additional days of watering and flowering.

Flower Early

  • Plants in the Haze family will stretch for weeks after flowering is induced.
  • Start the budding period earlier if you want a manageably-sized plant.
  • Ideally, flowering should begin between one and two feet.

Support Growing Branches

  • Occasionally, even well-grown sativa tops will exceed the plant’s capacity to support them.
  • Plant stakes and trellis systems are useful for securing branches.

Flush Well

  • As the plant grows, many salts and minerals will build up in the medium and the cells.
  • Before harvesting, let the excess nutrients leach out with plain water for at least two weeks.

Harvest when Ready

  • Although they may take longer to grow, Haze strains are definitely worth the wait.
  • Allow the trichomes to mature and go cloudy before cutting the buds down for drying.

Benefits of Haze Strains

Haze is a staple in the cannabis industry and has been for decades. Even with THC levels that don’t reach astronomical levels and longer growth cycles, the aromatic buds produced are well worth the wait.

While the strain’s spiciness draws you in, the earthiness and sugary sweet flavors associated with it make it irresistible.

Effects of Haze Strains

Haze is a popular choice among many breeders. Its distinct sativa effects make it ideal for combining with indicas for a perfectly balanced hybrid strain.

Haze strains produce classic sativa effects. You can expect increased levels of energy, output, and motivation with Haze — helping you work through the day and accomplish all of your creative tasks.

In recent years Haze has become a common pick for medicinal users due to its wide-ranging benefits and energetic effects.

What Do Haze Strains Taste Like?

Haze strains boast unique and distinct flavors. They have earthy-sweet citrus profiles with an almost sweet and sour taste. As such, inhaling and exhaling the popular strain provides users with delectable tasting experiences that delight and always deliver!

What Do Haze Strains Smell Like?

Haze has a uniquely spicy, citrusy smell that is earthy and sweet. Notes of spice, hints of citrus, and earthy sweetness all characterize its unique fragrance and smell. Haze strains always stand out in a crowd!

Where to Find Haze Seeds

Here at OG Seeds, we offer the best-in-class cannabis seeds in the market. Our strains always carry the best genetics, so we have you covered with our excellent selection of Haze cannabis seeds!

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