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How To Roll A Joint Perfectly: Step by Step Guide

How To Roll A Joint Perfectly: Step by Step Guide

When it comes to rolling the perfect joint, practice makes perfect. A grinder makes the bud much easier to work with since it will allow you to fit more cannabis inside your joint. When you roll your own joint, you will clearly see the advantages of hand rolled joints vs. pre rolls that you get at a dispensary.



Why Is It Important to Roll A Good Joint?

Rolling a good joint is important because it provides a smooth smoking experience. Perfect joint learning is not only a respected skill but much more pleasant when smoking socially. Wasted Cannabis when not rolled properly equates to a bad smoking experience. If you’re going to consume cannabis, do it the right way and burn a well rolled joint.


How To Roll A Joint


What You Need To Roll A Joint

Before you start, gather all the necessary supplies. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Rolling papers/ Joint papers
  • Rolling tray
  • Half a gram of Cannabis( View The Best Cannabis Strains )
  • Grinder
  • Good energy!

Have Your High Quality Cannabis Ready To Roll

High-quality Cannabis that has been dried and cured properly is much more enjoyable than low quality cannabis flower. If you are having trouble finding high quality bud in your area, and you have a little extra space, it may be worth growing it yourself. Either way, it’s important to store your Cannabis properly. Remember, if your bud is too moist, it won’t burn right and if it’s too dry, it will burn too fast.

Choose Your Rolling Papers

  • Hemp Paper – burns slow, will stay lit while smoking, cream color
  • Flax- These are the purest, 100% natural, Ex: Orange Zig zags
  • Bambu – made from rice, chemical-free

Choose Your Rolling Paper Size

Finding the right rolling paper size for you is dependent on how much Cannabis you like to consume in a day, or per session and how many people you may be sharing the joint with. The most common rolling paper size is 1 ¼-inch, while it can range up to King size.

Cannabis Grinder

A grinder will separate and grind up the flower evenly. Grinders range from being metal, plastic or wood. They are cylinder shaped tools that you rotate back and forth in order to crush down cannabis.

A smaller grinder will take longer to crush down your product but it’s convenient for travel. Having a larger grinder will make it easier to break down a greater volume of nugs in one load, but it is heavier and not as portable as a smaller grinder.

The buds will stick to your fingers if you break them up by hand when they are super moist. It’s important to always use a Cannabis grinder when rolling a joint, as this will give your joint an even burn without any runs.

Ground Cannabis burns more evenly in a bowl because it has a greater surface area – rather than burning just one side as a nug does. With an extra bit of oxygen moving through the entire joint, it burns hotter and more thoroughly, giving you a stronger hit.

Use A Crutch Or A Filter

It’s important to use a crutch or a filter to prevent debris and undesired cannabis remnants from being inhaled. Normally, people use thick paper that they fold in a certain way and insert in the mouthpiece end of the joint.

If you don’t have one, you can fold an index card, business card, or any thick paper. These will help give your joint some rigidity.

Alternatively, glass and wooden crutches are great alternatives to paper, you can find them at smoke shops, head shops and some dispensaries.


Rolling Cannabis


How To Roll A Joint – Easy Step-By-Step Guide

There are several different ways to go about rolling a joint.

The rolling process can be broken down into three easy steps.

  1. Grind or break up the flower.
  2. add a crutch or filter. This is essential in preventing debris and remnants from being inhaled.
  3. Roll the paper into a cone or log with a sticky adhesive side on top. All it takes is just a little moisture to seal the adhesive, so all you’ll have to do is arrange the ground bud along the roll, tuck, lick, and seal.Then Enjoy!

How Much Cannabis Should I Use?

You’ll need to also choose the size of the papers you plan to work with. For a 1 ¼-inch paper, you will use about a half gram of bud. You can add more as you get better at rolling or filling a longer paper.


Grind Your Cannabis


Grind Your Cannabis

Different grinders and different flowers will produce different consistencies in the bud. Ideally, you want it to be fine enough so that it can burn easily, but you still want it to be chunky enough to have air flow through the Cannabis allowing it to burn evenly.


How Much Cannabis Do You Need For A Joint


How Much Cannabis Is Needed For Rolling A Joint?

It depends on how high you’re trying to get! You can roll a perfect joint using about 0.6 grams but many people prefer full gram joints, especially if they are smoking with someone. If you’re using king size papers you can fit even more than a gram. As you roll more joints you will learn the right size for you and the desired thickness per roll that best suits you.


Rolling A Joint With A Crutch


Get Your Crutch Ready

When rolling and smoking joints, several different crutch options are available to you. You roll it into a cone shape and place it at the end of the of your joint. Some great alternatives to paper are glass and wooden crutches which you can find at tobacco shops, head shops, and some dispensaries.


Rolling Cannabis


Fill Your Rolling Paper With Ground Cannabis And The Crutch

Once you fill your rolling paper with the ground Cannabis you can begin carefully closing in and rolling your paper, maintaining the cylinder shape.


How To Lick And Seal A Joint


Roll Up Your Joint And Seal It

Make sure to keep the adhesive-coated side exposed, do your best to get behind the Cannabis, sometime it helps to press on the the ground up Cannabis, allowing it to stick together better so you can get behind it easier and seal it up perfectly.


Packing A Joint


Pack it Nicely If Needed

The front end may be a little loose, even if the rest of the joint is the right density. To help make the joint more uniform throughout, it can be helpful to get a poker tool to pack the Cannabis down so it has a consistent density throughout. A straw or any other thin object work well for poking the Cannabis at the end of the joint. Once you pack it down, you can twist the loose end to create a tip to light. Now it’s ready to smoke!

How Do I Roll A Joint In a Pinch?

It is possible to roll a joint with a dollar bill. To do so, place your ground Cannabis inside the folded dollar bill. Make sure it’s rolled back and forth, stick a rolling paper behind it, then roll it up and lick it at the end. Open your bill, and voila! You have a joint.

Is It Better To Roll Loose Or Tight Joints?

This is a matter of personal preference, but don’t roll the joint too tight, or air won’t be able to get through.

How Long Does a Joint Last Once It’s Rolled?

That depends on your preferred experience! Depending on the potency of your cannabis joint or how high you’re looking to get!


How To Roll A Joint Perfectly


Final Thoughts – How To Roll A Joint

Learning how to roll the perfect joint that best suits you is a matter of practice. Once you’ve found your favorite cannabis strain, you’ll find the best size/brand of paper to get that perfect burn. Make sure you know how to make a proper crutch or have filter tips on hand to give your joint some rigidity. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll love rolling your own joints!

Want more examples of how to roll a perfect joint, CLICK HERE!

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