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"We want spread love and joy to the world one seed at a time"

About OG Seeds

OG Seeds offers the highest-quality cannabis seeds and designer genetics. We pride ourselves in partnering with reputable breeders that conduct university testing for germination rates, feminization rates and have a long history of other people successfully growing their seeds. OG Seeds offers the best feminized, autoflower and CBD seeds for indoor and outdoor cannabis growers. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the hemp industry and understands the importance of delivering high-quality seeds to our customers. Our mission is to make it easier than ever to provide our customers with the best-quality cannabis seeds and service. These are just a few of the steps taken to bring you the very best. Your farm’s livelihood is in our hands and we take that seriously.

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OG Seeds is the first only BBB Accredited Cannabis Seed Bank online with thousands of trusted 3rd party customer product reviews.  When buying from us you can assure you are getting the best products and service not found anywhere else.

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Our mission is to provide growers with access to a robust network of trusted partners that will ensure optimal grow patterns for harvest and the peace of mind of knowing that we have done our due diligence to guarantee the highest germination rates with reliable and well-educated breeders. OG Seeds was founded by a team of cannabis enthusiasts who believe in the plant’s medicinal benefits. Ultimately, our mission is to help spread the healing powers of the plant to the world. We are here to serve as a reminder that the world needs balance and this miraculous seed is at the forefront of making this happen. This deep-rooted desire has empowered us to take this unique opportunity to hold the line for humanity and provide a thoroughly-vetted product we are privileged to offer.

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Quite literally, the term “philosophy” means “love of wisdom” and is an activity people undertake to understand the fundamental truths about themselves and their relationship with the world. Our fundamental truth rests in the belief that the time has come to heal the world. We hope to inspire, expose and hold space in our world to be strong enough to lift and fight for the spread of optimal health channels for everyone. With our team of well-educated entrepreneurs in the cannabis space, we possess a proven business model that will help us achieve our goals and make our vision a reality. Unique to our tribe that others cannot mimic, we are here to once again bring our strength in the cannabis industry as a service to the world.


In addition to undergoing rigorous university testing and having a long history of successful growth, our cannabis seeds are backed by an extensive vetting process and then sent back to the lab for additional verification to ensure the efficacy of our seeds.

OG Seeds offers divinely-designed genetics, providing peace of mind and comfort in knowing you are getting exactly what you purchased. We hold long-lasting partnerships with breeders who maintain proven methods and always encourage collaboration and feedback while offering a 100% guarantee of our products and free shipping! OG Seeds wants you to gain the same benefits we have realized and we enjoy knowing we are forming lifelong partnerships with our customers. Find the exact type of seed that fits your need.

Please take a look at our testimonials and reviews to learn more about what others are saying about our customer service, free shipping, discreet packaging and overall experience purchasing and growing our seeds. We look forward to working with you and helping you grow your own cannabis plants in the near future! Don’t forget to check out our free cannabis seeds and if you are a retailer, be sure to check out our wholesale cannabis seeds section

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