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Lemon Kush Seeds Feminized

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Feminized Seeds

High levels of THC

60% Indica / 40% Sativa

Medium-growing difficulty



THC Percentage
THC = 20% – 22%
Indica & Sativa Percentage
60% Indica
40% Sativa
Grow Difficulty



Very Difficult

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Strain Stats

Strain Stats

Strain Stats

Strain Parent Strains Flavor/Smell Effects CBD % THC %
Sweet, tropical, fruity flavors: reminiscent of grape, berry, and Grapefruit.
Calming; leaves you focused, alert, happy, and relaxed. Helpful for improving mood and stimulating appetite.

Grow Stats

Terpenes Appearance Grow Difficulty How long to flower? Harvest Amount
Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene
Strain Statistics



Sweet, tropical, fruity flavors: reminiscent of grape, berry, and Grapefruit.


Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene


Calming; leaves you focused, alert, happy, and relaxed. Helpful for improving mood and stimulating appetite.

CBD %:


THC %:


Parent Strains:


Grow Difficulty:

How Long To Flower?:

Harvest Amount:

Why Grow Lemon Kush Seeds?

Lemon Kush is ideal for growers looking to produce a great daytime strain that won’t take away their energy but instead leave them feeling creative and motivated. Lemon Kush seeds produce strong healthy plants, and well-balanced hybrid cannabis planet with earthy, tart citrus flavors and about 20% THC. This strain makes users feel giggly, happy, and hungry. Lemon Kush has a signature zestiness and a phenomenal terpene profile made possible by its Master Kush and Lemon Joy genetics. All things considered, this is one of the best strains to smoke during the day, and with the right strategy, you can grow the best of the best of it. Here are some great tips for growing Lemon Kush


Lemon Kush Stats

  • Strain Indica/Sativa: 50/50
  • Flavor/Smell: Sweet, tropical, fruity flavors: reminiscent of grape, berry, and Grapefruit.
  • Terpenes: Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene
  • Effects: Calming; leaves you focused, alert, happy, and relaxed. Helpful for improving mood and stimulating appetite.
  • CBD %: <1%
  • CBN %: 0.9%
  • THC %: ~ 20-22%
  • Parent Strains: Master Kush x Lemon Joy
  • Appearance: Bright and multicolored, along with green and purple colored flowers. Also has plenty of light orange hairs and frosty white trichomes. They are usually big and extremely dense.
  • Grow: Medium-growing difficulty


Cannabis Plant, Lemon Kush Flower


The Benefits of Lemon Kush

After you finish growing your Lemon Kush seeds, you’ll be left with tight dense buds, typically smaller than average. As the name would suggest, this strain has a zesty lemon flavor and aroma. In addition to the lemon, you may also notice mango, floral notes complimented by an earthiness that balances it all out. Lemon Kush smells refreshing while tasting sour and sweet. Its buds are small and light green with patches of yellow and thick, amber hairs when ready for harvest. All the resin that coats the outside of the buds make it sticky and difficult to break apart without using a grinder.


Lemon Kush History

Lemon Kush is a well-balanced strain created by crossing Master Kush and Lemon Joy. The breeder Alien Genetics has taken credit for producing Lemon Kush. Although they tried their best to keep Lemon Kush seeds to themselves, we’ve got you covered! The Lemon Joy genetics give it a citrusy lemon flavor with earthy tones. Additionally, the Master Kush genetics give it a subtle earthy, citrus aroma with a hint of incense. Altogether, these genetics give it Together they give the Lemon Kush strain its wonderful genetic profile and signature zestiness.


Cannabis Bud Up Close, Lemon Kush Nug


Is Lemon Kush an Indica or Sativa?

Lemon Kush is a well-balanced hybrid strain, giving you the best of both the Indica and Sativa worlds

What is Lemon Kush’s Terpene Profile Like?

Lemon Kush tests high in Limonene, B-Caryophyllene, and Myrcene. The terpene profile gives this strain a unique zesty flavor and stress-relieving, soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. Growing Lemon Kush seeds properly gives you the opportunity to really let this terpene profile flourish.

  • Limonene is the dominant terpene responsible for the lemony scent and flavor of Lemon Kush. Limonene contributes to Lemon Kush’s gassiness, giving it an herbal, fruity, sweet aroma and flavor profile.
  • Myrcene also contributes to this strain’s sweet flavor and earthy aroma. This terpene is said to have anti-inflammatory and soothing effects, making it an effective pain reliever and helping with bodily discomfort.
  • B-Caryophyllene also adds to Lemon Kush’s citrus flavor and is a stress reliever. This terpene is responsible for the slight peppery part of the aroma of this strain.

What is the High Like?

Lemon Kush is reported to have around 20% THC. It has a great terpene profile, giving this strain its signature flavor and aroma. It gives you a body buzz while easing anxiety and relieving stress. All things considered, this is an amazing daytime strain that won’t make you couch-locked or lazy. In fact, users report feeling motivated when they consume small doses of Lemon Kush.


What Type of  Seeds Are There?

When growing Lemon Kush seeds, multiple options are available, including Feminized, Regular, and Autoflower.

  • Feminized seeds have better amounts with better buds. Since these seeds have no male chromosomes and are 99% guaranteed to produce female plants. Overall, these seeds are the best option.
  • Regular (Un-sexed) seeds have a 50% chance of producing male cannabis plants. In addition to the extra time and effort you will spend removing those plants, if one of them pollinates your female plants, your bud will be less potent and have seeds. For this reason, only someone looking to produce their own strains should use these seeds.
  • Autoflower seeds are suitable for beginners since there isn’t a need to change the light cycle. Although will harvest faster you will have a smaller amount. The blooming is automatic, as the name suggests.


How to Grow Lemon Kush

Lemon Kush seeds can be grown well in both indoor and outdoor settings. With any grow, do your best to provide the most optimal conditions for your plants. This strain isn’t particularly demanding, but the optimal temperature, humidity, and nutrient requirements are as follows:

  • Temperature: Stay between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Lemon Kush prefers a slightly warmer temperature and can handle
  • Humidity: (40-50% Relative Humidity while flowering).
  • Feeding: This plant doesn’t require too much food to reach its full potential as long as you use healthy soil. If your soil is nutrient-deficient, feed it with liquids.


Growing this plant indoors will produce the best results for this strain. For Lemon Kush seeds to reach their full potential, provide your plant with a stress-free environment and stable, warm temperatures. Practicing the tips below in any indoor grow will ensure the best results.

  • Remove the lowest growth (lollipop)
  • Add one oscillating fan per square meter
  • Maintain adequate space between each plant
  • Clean your garden regularly
  • Wear clean clothes in the grow room
  • Apply organic neem oil during the vegetative stage
  • Inspect your cannabis crop daily


This strain can grow rapidly in the right climate. It’s important to give your Lemon Kush seeds optimal nutrients and to prepare for extreme weather conditions.  For this reason, don’t let your plants get exposed to too much heat as this will affect it’s nutrient levels. This strain can handle transplanting which will help you prepare for extra


Lemon Kush Feminized Seed


Where to Get the Best Lemon Kush Seeds?

OG Seeds has you covered! We sell top quality Feminized seeds with guaranteed germination. Another reason to buy from us is our top-quality selection of genetics and flavors. Additionally, we have the best customer service team available ready to serve your needs.


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