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Why Grow Your Own?

The benefits of growing your own with free cannabis seeds are great! Imagine not having the need to buy Cannabis ever again. Saving money and knowing that your plants are organic and good for you is key. See below the key reasons to grow your own Cannabis with free seeds.

OG Seeds Has Been Seed On

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Why Choose OG Seeds?

We are one of the most reputable seed banks online with BBB Accreditation and thousands of positive customer reviews. OG Seeds sells some of the best strains and high end genetics not found anywhere else. Our seeds have been know to grow big and have massive buds. Our genetics are always top notch and we offer new exotic strains too! We are the only Seed Bank online that offers free shipping directly to your door and free cannabis seeds. We offer guaranteed delivery in the USA. We also offer all of our customers a 100% money back guarantee so purchasing from us is risk free!
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HOW TO Get Free Cannabis Seeds...

Getting free seeds is fast and easy, just follow the 5 simple steps below to get your free Cannabis seeds delivered to your door.  

Step #1. Fill out the form below to subscribe our email list.

Step #2. Check your email for the confirmation and confirm your email.

Step #3. Next you will receive a special code to use during checkout that will allow you to get free seeds added to your order (Please Note: You will need to make minimal purchase to receive free seeds. Also note that you will receive 100% Free Shipping with all orders).

Step #4. Shop our online store and purchase some cannabis seeds. Your Free Seed code works as follows:

✔️ Buy any 3 seed pack  = Get 1 Free seed (same strain)
✔️ Buy any 6 seed pack = Get 2 Free seeds (same strain)
✔️ Buy any 12 seed pack = Get 6 Free seeds (same strain)

Step #5. Sit back and relax as your free seeds get delivered to your door in 3-5 business days.

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Non-cannabis related , discreet packaging on all orders.


Free Fast shipping with every order (3-7 days delivery!).


We offer many unique strains not found anywhere else!


Proud satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

Growing Free Cannabis Seeds is Easy.

Growing free cannabis seeds is not as hard not as hard as people think. It’s quite simple if you follow directions easily then you won’t have a problem growing the best flower and smoking it with your friends.. There are several methods of how to grow from seed. You can see our full guide on how to grow Cannabis from seed for a full rundown on growing Cannabis. Know that we have been growing for over 20 years and have a ton of growing knowledge.
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Germination IS Gauranteed

We have a 100% guarantee that your seeds will germinate or your money back. No hassle, no questions. All you need to do is follow our simple germination instructions and watch your seeds sprout into healthy plants. We put every batch of seeds to our own germination testing before we include them in our online product catalog. This guarantees our customers that their seeds will sprout and grow healthy. Buy your seeds from us and have confidence that your seeds are backed with a 100% guarantee!

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