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Looking to buy CBD seeds? High CBD Cannabis seeds, or hemp seeds, are the best way to get large quantities of high-quality hemp flower without breaking the bank at a CBD store or dispensary.

If you’re interested in growing CBD-rich cannabis seeds into full-fledged plants, this guide may be perfect for you! Please read below for more information on high CBD seeds, including their history, some different types, and how you can grow the best CBD flower!


What Are CBD Seeds?

CBD and Cannabis plants contain chemical compounds called cannabinoids. CBD seeds are cannabis seeds coming from high CBD strains. These can either be high CBD seeds to grow cannabis, or hemp seeds intended to grow CBD-rich hemp plants. The difference between hemp and cannabis is officially established through the 2018 Farm Bill. The Farm Bill distinguishes these two plants based on THC content. Hemp plants considered federally legal must contain 0.3% THC or less to be considered hemp. Plants going over this percentage are cannabis plants.

Farmer on a Hempfield with Indian holding pipe


CBD Seeds History

Long before its use as a recreational tool, hemp was grown to create various industrial materials and other innovative objects. Unfortunately, however, because of the hemp and cannabis prohibition that followed and continued for much of the history of the United States, CBD was nearly bred out of the plant in favor of high THC Strains Fortunately for all of us, in the 90s, a Dutch seed company received funding, allowing them to create the first CBD-rich cannabis strains.

However, the first high-potency seeds for sale in the United States were made in Oakland, California. Not only that, but these cannabis pioneers also helped to establish modern cannabinoid testing, outlining a proper standard operating procedure that is still in place today. That takes us to modern times, where the Farm Bill has cleared the way for legalized CBD products for all. This is how we have the exciting and innovative market we see today!


Why Grow CBD Seeds?

If you’ve never grown your own cannabis plants, it can be hard to see how the benefits could be worth all of the work. But those who have done it before understand that it can become a labor of love, a hobby, and a great way to ensure that you get the best quality product imaginable.

Because strains that contain 0.3% THC or less are legal to grow anywhere in the country, you can get the benefits of CBD and home grow wherever you find yourself. Watching CBD-rich strains grow at home lets you see the whole thing from start to finish, allowing you to fine-tune the process to your liking. Growing hemp seeds is a fun and interesting learning experience that anyone can enjoy. Especially considering that you should come out with lots and lots of high-grade flower by the end!


What Type of CBD Seeds Are There?

Cannabis is a super versatile family of plants. There are three types of cannabis plants. Each of these types imparts varied consumer effects, but the physical presence of the plants also varies! These different types are:

  1. Indica CBD Strains: Known for encouraging physical relaxation. These strains are good for nighttime use and winding down after a long day. Many consumers turn to Indica strains as a pre-nap ritual or to un-shouldering the stress of a long day. Indica plants tend to be shorter and wider in their presentation.
  2. Sativa CBD Strains: Sativa strains are characterized by their ability to promote high energy in the consumer. These strains are typically used during the daytime. They’re an excellent way to get your creative juices flowing or to encourage fun conversations between friends. Sativa plants are often tall and skinny.
  3. Hybrid CBD Strains: Hybrid strains present the best qualities of both Sativa and Indica varieties of Cannabis. Hybrid strains are adaptable, and depending on the strains in their lineage, they can express various qualities. Physically, like with its other qualities, hybrid plants appear as the in-between of Sativa and Indica plants.

Different CBD Seeds and Hemp Seeds

These different varieties of Cannabis are well known by most people who consume Cannabis. But did you know that different kinds of seeds are designed to change the growing experience? We’ll cover these in greater detail below.

Regular (Unsexed) CBD Seeds

Regular seeds grow like most other plants in nature, based on the amount of light that comes during different times of the year. These seeds enter flowering time based on the amount and intensity of sunlight they receive. These seeds can either produce male plants or female plants. That makes them a good choice for growers or breeders who may want to generate more seeds for future grows. These seeds are the classic, unaltered version of cannabis seeds.

Feminized CBD Seeds

These CBD seeds are bred to produce only female plants. That means you are less likely to waste time growing, only to find out that all of your plants are male, thus producing seeds rather than buds. Feminized seeds are commonly used by growers, both new and old, simply because of their convenience.

Autoflower CBD Seeds

Autoflowering seeds do not need a change in sunlight to begin flowering and instead do so automatically after a certain number of weeks. These seeds are also extra resilient and grow small. This makes them the perfect choice for new growers and those who need a stealthy setup for their cannabis plant. Autoflowering seeds are commonly used to learn how to grow cannabis plants and by those growing in colder environments. They are extremely adaptable and able to survive in various circumstances.


How To Grow the Best CBD Flower

There are countless tips and tricks that experienced growers utilize to get the most out of their crops. For many, the starting point is creating an optimum environment for the strain you are attempting to grow. Growing inside is always the most effective option to get the most control over your plant’s environment. Many growers have worked to perfect creating an indoor grow environment, resulting in the cultivation of plenty of strains high in CBD. Below are some general tips you can use when growing premium CBD strains.

California Hemp Farm with Sunshine and Plants



Germination is your first step towards growing your first batch of CBD! Some seeds come with a germination guarantee, but to ensure that you get the best results, it is always recommended you go through the right steps to germinate your seeds. To germinate effectively, we recommend the paper towel method.

To germinate using paper towels, first, get yourself a few paper towel strips and then run them underwater. Wring them out until they are moist, and then wrap your seeds in the paper towels. Because you want to germinate your seeds in darkness, try sandwiching the paper towel between two plates or in Tupperware! Then wait approximately 72 hours, and your seed will be ready to plant!

Temperature Requirements

CBD plants will need proper temperatures to thrive. Different points in your plant’s growth cycle will require different temperatures to get the best results. It is ideal to keep your plants in the temperature range of 70-80 degrees during their vegetative state. Once your plants reach the flowering stage, you’ll want to shift the temperature within the 65-80 degree range.

The specific temperatures that will work best for you depend on the strain of your CBD seed. Be sure to look up the best temperature for the strain you plan to grow!

Light Requirements

Depending on the type of seeds you buy, light requirements will vary. Autoflowering varieties of seeds will have an easy time growing in many different light exposures. But traditional CBD seeds will need specific light exposure levels depending on where they are in the growth cycle. For example, you will need to adjust the light intensity and timing to initiate the flowering stage. This again depends greatly on the type of cannabis seeds you are growing.

Humidity Requirements

When growing Cannabis or CBD Hemp, consistency is key to getting a good amount of buds. The humidity levels of your grow environment are no exception and can make the difference between total failure and success. Proper humidity is a delicate balance to keep, so most grow houses use gear like dehumidifiers and humidifiers to maintain an equilibrium.

If you do not manage the humidity of your grow environment, your plants can run into serious problems. These can include issues that will completely ruin your grow, resulting in a frustrating waste of a CBD plant. Some of the problems that come from high humidity include:

  • Bud Rot: This is the biggest fear when it comes to accidentally killing a cannabis crop. This infection starts towards the center of the buds but rapidly spreads outward. While hard to view at first, the rot will first appear as white mildew, but as time goes on can turn grey, then black.
  • White Mildew: Still water or damp air are often to blame for this fungal infection. White mildew looks just as expected and appears powdery and lightly colored. This fungal infection can drastically lower the quality of a grow, potentially ruining a good crop of flower.
  • Restricted Growth: If the humidity levels of your plant are not the appropriate level, it will not grow properly. If this is the case, the plant will not develop as fast or effectively as it would in the appropriate humidity.

Nutrient Requirements

Nutrients give your plants the food they need to produce big resinous nugs. Getting your balance of nutrients right is key to growing your cannabis seeds into pungent, beautiful, and effective CBD or Cannabis flower. The nutrients you need also depend on your plants’ growth stage. Growers can find nutrient mixes designed to cover all the bases at various stages of your plant’s growth. Some of the nutrients needed for growing quality high CBD plants include:

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium

CBD Flower Indoor Growing Tips

When you grow CBD flower indoors, you’ll have the advantage of controlling your plant’s environment down to very specific metrics. To do this, you may need to create a grow closet or a contained area where the plants can grow. This will help you keep consistent lighting and temperatures without the variations that come from a life outdoors.

One of the most important factors that make an indoor grow potentially superior to growing in other environments is controlling light exposure. Using a grow light lets growers adjust the time and strength of the lights. This means you can grow your chosen high CBD strains during any time of year without relying on seasonal changes.

When choosing a light, shop for an LED setup specially created for growing cannabis seeds or Cannabis. Lights designed specifically for growing cannabis seeds will provide a light spectrum that is especially beneficial for these plants. This will increase the efficacy significantly.

CBD Flower Outdoor Growing Tips

Growing Cannabis outdoors is a great low-cost method for growing the good medicine on your own. But to get the most out of it, you need to be sure you are familiar with the environment they will be grown in. If it is too hot or cold in your area, you might have difficulties growing. Because of this, be sure that you have access to the right temperatures before making any commitments.

If you want the best outcome, you’ll also need to look for the right grow spot. That means finding a place with direct sunlight for around 6 hours per day, access to a healthy breeze, and the right privacy to be left undisturbed. You’ll also want to identify an area with rich soil and protection from the elements.

Additional Growing Tips

There are a lot of factors to take into account when growing. So many that I can’t even hope to include all of them here! Still, here are a few more tips to help guide you along the way:

  1. Prevent Stress & Injuries: Handle your plants as infrequently as possible to prevent injury. When you do need to handle them, do so gently and slowly. Working fast is never worth the damage you might cause from hasty working.
  2. Avoid Overfeeding Nutrients: Too much of a good thing always becomes problematic. This is especially the case when it comes to nutrients. Too many nutrients in a grow can quickly kill your plant, causing it to wilt and die in a short period. Pay attention to the growth phase of your plant so that you can adjust to the nutrient requirements associated with each stage.

CBD Strain Production Sizes

Flower production size will also depend on a variety of factors. One of the primary variables for this is the strain you have decided to grow. Some CBD seed strains genetically produce larger varieties, while others may naturally produce less. Production size will also depend on how you grow your plants. Using the right amount of sunlight, nutrients, and climate will likely encourage your plants to produce a better harvest.

CBD and Hemp Seeds with different sized hemp plant leaves

CBD Strain Potencies

There are a range of CBD and THC potencies available in different strains. There are strains high in CBD only, but many strains are high in both CBD and THC. Strains going above 0.3% THC content are likely to intoxicate, and the more THC present, the more likely the consumer will feel high following consumption. Try shopping around for a potency that you are most comfortable with, and you’ll surely come across the strain for you!


The Benefits of CBD

People all across the United States and the world have turned to CBD for its many therapeutic benefits. Some of the benefits enjoyed by consumers include:

  • Benefits natural sleep cycle
  • Promotes lowered stress
  • Encourages positive mood
  • Supports natural appetite
  • Encourages lowered swelling
  • Promotes lowered discomfort

Best CBD Strain To Grow From Seed

Hundreds of quality strains with high CBD content are available, some easier to grow than others, seeds that we offer include:

  • Gary Payton: Named after the famed basketball player, this strain is a colorful cross between The Y and Snowman. The result is a balanced hybrid that treats the consumer with relaxing and reinvigorating benefits.
  • GMO: GMO is a beautiful strain with Indica dominant traits. GMO is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg, two super popular favorites. This strain is great for a night in, often imparting pleasant couch-lock to the consumer.
  • Gelato 41: Gelato strains have taken the scene by storm. And for anyone who has tried Gelato, it’s no mystery why! This strain is one of the tastiest strains available, providing strong fruit flavors and exceptional dankness.
  • Blue Dream: A Sativa-dominant hybrid that will have you questioning whether you’ve found yourself in the midst of a pleasant dream, Blue Dream is a trustworthy classic. Blue Dream is easy to grow, and once it has, it will be more than worth the wait by providing one of the best experiences that modern cannabis strains can give!
  • Purple Punch: Purple Punch is a cross between the well-loved Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple, resulting in this heavy-hitting, flavorful Indica flower. Purple Punch reaches its flowering time in seven to eight weeks and should bring you a high amount of buds, making the process that much more worth it.

Where To Buy the Best CBD Seeds

There are many places to buy seeds online, but to get the best CBD seeds, take a stop at OG Seeds.  Our seeds represent strains with potent cannabinoid profiles so you can get the best experience from your successful grow. Shopping with us will also give you access to our dedicated customer support team, and so you can retain your privacy, we provide discreet packaging for all of our orders.

The next time you want to grow high CBD seeds, we can be your home base. Stop by here for more information provided on our blogs and access to high CBD cannabis seeds and hemp! We would be happy to help you on your journey from seed to plant to flower!

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