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Runtz Seeds Feminized

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Feminized Seeds

High levels of THC

50% Indica / 50% Sativa

Very easy to grow



THC Percentage
THC = 29%
Indica & Sativa Percentage
Grow Difficulty



Very Difficult

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Strain Stats

Strain Stats

Strain Stats

Strain Parent Strains Flavor/Smell Effects CBD % THC %
Smooth, fruity, earthy, and candy-sweet. Hints of tropical pineapple.
Euphoric and uplifting; talkative, happy, giggly. Helpful with mental discomfort, relieving stress, improving mood.
High THC 19% - 29%

Grow Stats

Terpenes Appearance Grow Difficulty How long to flower? Harvest Amount
Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool
High amount, up to 450g/plant
Strain Statistics



Smooth, fruity, earthy, and candy-sweet. Hints of tropical pineapple.


Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool


Euphoric and uplifting; talkative, happy, giggly. Helpful with mental discomfort, relieving stress, improving mood.

CBD %:


THC %:

High THC 19% - 29%

Parent Strains:


Grow Difficulty:

How Long To Flower?:

Harvest Amount:

High amount, up to 450g/plant

What Are Runtz Seeds?

Runtz feminized seeds are typically darker, in brown, grey, or black shades. When you receive your feminized Runtz seeds, you must germinate them properly. To do this: Place your seeds on a paper towel inside a plastic container. The container must always be in a dark, warm, and humid area. Spray the paper towel with warm water and cover it. Place the container in a warm place and leave it there. Open the container every few hours to spray it with water until the seed opens. Once your seed opens up and shows the first white tap root, you’ll know it’s time to put it into its next growing medium.


Feminized Cannabis Plant


Runtz Seeds Stats

Strain: 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Flavor/Smell: Smooth, fruity, earthy, and candy-sweet. Hints of tropical pineapple.
Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool
Effects: Euphoric and uplifting; talkative, happy, giggly. Helpful with mental discomfort, relieving stress, improving mood.
CBD %: ~1%
THC %: High THC ~19% – 29%
Parent Strains: Gelato x Zkittlez
Appearance: “Tight, dense buds that can develop into a range of hues. You can expect anything from vibrant purple tones to neon green colors. On top of this, the nugs form thick layers of resin”
Grow: Easy to grow, moderate skill level required.
How long to flower? 8-10 weeks.
How much produce? High amount, up to 450g/plant


What is Runtz?

Runtz is a rare well-balanced hybrid Cannabis strain made by crossing Zkittlez with Gelato. This strain is loved for its fruity flavor profile comparable to the bag of sugary candy from which it gets its name. The secret to Runtz’s unique flavor profile is in the terpenes. This strain tests high in the following,

  • Caryophyllene is responsible for Runtz’s citrus flavor.
  • Limonene contributes to its gassiness.
  • Linalool adds a berry complexity to the strain.

Runtz Seeds History

Runtz was named the Leafly strain of the year in 2020. Growers say this is a colorful strain ranging from a rich purple to neon green with a nice white resin coating. Runtz is said to have a smooth and welcoming creamy smoke. Users have reported that the highs are euphoric with long-lasting effects. The Runtz strain has tight, dense buds which develop into various hues. You can expect to see vibrant purple and neon green colors by curing your plant correctly. You can also expect your nugs to form thick layers of resin and trichomes, giving you a highly potent plant. It’s easy to see why Runtz has become an overnight sensation. Its potency, flavor, and diverse terpene profile have left stoners everywhere praising its phenomenal quality. Users have said this strain leaves them feeling euphoric, relaxed, and creative.

What Type of Runtz Seeds Are There?

When growing Runtz seeds, you have many different options available to you, including Regular, Feminized, and Autoflower.

  • Regular (Un-sexed) seeds result from male plants naturally pollinating female plants. When working with unsexed seeds, you’ll typically have a 50/50 mix of male and female cannabis plants. Some growers prefer working with unsexed seeds since they can produce more seeds, however this serves no benefit to the home grower. You’ll need prior knowledge about distinguishing between male and female plants to work with these seeds.
  • Feminized Cannabis seeds: These will only produce female plants since they’re created without using male plant DNA. Feminized cannabis seeds are your best bet since you are guaranteed to produce female plants with potent buds. There is a risk of this not happening if you grow your crop using un-sexed seeds because the male plants will most likely pollinate the female plants, producing seeds rather than flower.
  • Autoflower seeds: These will produce plants that flower on their own after about 2-4 weeks of growing and are ideal for growers looking for a shorter option going from seed to harvest in less than 11 weeks. When using Autoflower seeds, you cannot expect the same amount as the feminized option, but the advantage is that the grower will not need to switch the light schedule to start and maintain the flowering phase. Autoflower seeds are ideal for first-time or novice growers because they require less maintenance to produce flower.

The Benefits of Runtz Seeds

Runtz has one of the best terpene profiles of any strain on the market because of the genetics of its parent strains, Gelato and Zkittlez. This plant produces some of the most potent, colorful, aromatic buds possible. This may be your best option if you want to produce fruity and candy-like bud, with violet and lime green colors. While growing this strain can be difficult for a beginner due to the rapid size increases at the flowering stage, the end result is hard to beat, as Runtz is one of the most beautiful and pungent strains available.


Cannabis Bud, Runtz Nug


How to Grow Runtz Seeds?

Growing Runtz is a great option for an intermediate-level grower or a beginner grower looking to gain a certain level of experience. Although this strain does well in indoor and outdoor settings, it requires a moderately skilled hand due to it growing quickly and increasing in size once it reaches the flowering stage. Outside plants usually reach heights of 6 feet, whereas indoor plants will only reach about 4’5 ft. tall. It has a flowering time of 63 days or 7-9 weeks. When grown outside, Runtz strain will finish in mid-October. This strain offers a smaller-than-average amount.

If you want to start an exciting Cannabis cultivation adventure, these are our top growing tips: Techniques like topping, dimming, or other shaping techniques will allow the cultivator to control the plant’s growth and height. Combining topping and scrogging will produce the best results, since this opens the plant allowing for maximum light penetration throughout the entire canopy. Plant your seeds in nutrient-rich, organic soil. Water and Fertilization are key – Runtz strain seeds grow quickly, so you’ll need to give them more nutrients, particularly nitrogen, but be careful not to burn the leaves. Runtz seeds are photoperiod, meaning they require a change in light to begin flowering.


Runtz handles indoor growing well. Growers will have the best luck using a 5-gallon pot and pruning regularly. Humidity levels are best kept at 50%. When the plant enters the flowering stage, increase temperatures to between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (21 and 29 degrees Celsius) and reduce humidity. Like all cannabis plants, warm temperatures are best. If you’re growing your plant indoors, keep the temperature between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit (20 and 25 degrees Celsius).


If growing outdoors, make sure to start your plant early. Runtz does best in a warm and humid climate and benefits heavily from a long vegetation period. When grown outside, Runtz will finish in mid-October. You don’t have to worry about the different amounts of light your cannabis seeds need during their vegetative and flowering stages when growing in an outdoor setting. This will be dictated by the sun, and the seasons, so you can focus on other aspects of your grow. Regular pruning can reduce the risk of your plant becoming infected since it will increase your buds’ exposure to light and airflow. Inspect your trichomes for guidance if the flowering time isn’t as expected.


Runtz Seeds Feminized


Why Grow Runtz Seeds?

Like most cannabis plants, Runtz produces natural compounds that give it strong disease and pest resistance. It’s still important to keep an eye on the plant since it will grow rapidly once it reaches the flowering stage, meaning this may not be the best option for a beginner grower. Your plant will require a combination of different shaping techniques for the best results. While this strain may not produce as much as others, in the end, the bud you produce will be flavorful, colorful, and potent with an incredible terpene profile. This strain has a sweet and fruity flavor, and a beautiful color array, Runtz has quickly emerged as one of the most popular new strains on the market.



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6 reviews for Runtz Seeds Feminized

  1. Phil Lewis

    Healthy looking seeds arrived very fast Thank you!

  2. Anthony Vaughn

    First time growing this strain. Didn’t disappoint. 100% germination.

  3. Devon Padgett

    This was a really nice strain to grow, very forgiving and robust. Would recommend this strain to beginners but a master could really grow these buds to a higher plain!

  4. Henry H. (verified owner)

    Very happy with OG team there was a small mixup with my order but they were on it and shipped out replacement fast. TY!

    amount: 5 x 1
  5. Leo R. (verified owner)

    All of my seeds sprouted using the paper towel germ method

    amount: 10 x 1
  6. Patrick G. (verified owner)

    The seeds are packed using good stealth.

    amount: 25 x 1
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