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Growing exotic Cannabis strains is one of the most rewarding hobbies for herb lovers. You’ll also have the opportunity to discover less common varieties of Cannabis. Depending on where you live, it can be difficult to find rare strains of flowers, but you can order exotic Cannabis seeds online for delivery.

Please take a deep dive into exotic cannabis seeds with us to give you the best idea of what you want out of your Cannabis.

Exotic Cannabis Vs. Regular Cannabis

The term “exotic Cannabis strains” is somewhat abstract, and there is no definitive definition for what it is. In general, exotic Cannabis refers to rare Cannabis strains that aren’t commonly found in dispensaries. These strains are hard to find in dispensaries, but you can grow them yourself.

  • Availability: Most dispensaries offer a limited selection of strains depending on what’s available locally.
  • Potency: Exotics have a higher THC and cannabinoid content.
  • Aroma & Flavor: Exotics are known for their stronger fragrance which varies from sweet and fruity, or piney and citrusy.

Exotic Cannabis – Indica, Sativa, & Hybrid Strains

Cannabis seeds, on the other hand, are small and durable, and easy to mail. You can access rare strains from online suppliers no matter where you live. There are three basic types of cannabis strains – Indica, Sativa, and hybrids, which can be indica or sativa dominant. Let’s break each of these terms down briefly:

Exotic Indica Strains

  • Exotic Sativa Strains – Sativa strains have an energizing effect that makes them more popular for daytime use and social smoking.
  • Exotic Hybrid Strains – Hybrid strains come from crossbreeding Indica and Sativa plants to get the best of both worlds. Most hybrids are either Indica-dominant or Sativa-dominant, but some “true hybrids” offer a 50/50 blend.
  • Indica-Dominant Exotic Cannabis – Indica strains have a deeply relaxing effect. They are especially popular for promoting sleep and physical relief.
  • Sativa-Dominant Exotic Cannabis – Sativa strains have an energizing effect that makes them more popular for daytime and social smoking.

Exotic Cannabis Strains

Different Exotic Cannabis Strains

Regarding the best strains, anything with the “best” is a matter of opinion, and sampling as many strains as possible is the only way to decide your favorite. To get you started, we can recommend some notable exotic strains.

Top Exotic Cannabis Strains


Runtz is a rare hybrid strain produced from the Zkittlez and Gelato strains. Rare because of its roots in southern California, its sweet, candy-like aroma makes it one of the most popular exotic strains of Cannabis.


Mimosa produces olive-green buds covered in dark amber hairs and frosty white trichomes. Originally developed by Symbiotic Genetics as a cross between Clementine (Sativa) and Purple Punch (Indica) in 2017, Mimosa is a 70/30 Sativa dominant hybrid strain. The flavors and aromas of Mimosa are reminiscent of Citrusy fruit, along with subtle earthy and sour flavors. During the day, cannabis users often find its uplifting and motivating effects appealing, which makes it one of the most favored strains of Cannabis.

Gelato 41

Gelato 41 produces dense buds with dark purple hues and orange hairs coated with sparkling white resin. This strain is a cross between Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookies. This Indica-dominant hybrid is named after the Italian ice cream desserts’ rich, creamy flavors. With hints of mint and lavender, this aromatic strain produces scents of orange citrus, lavender, and pine. Its calming yet uplifting effects make it a great strain for the user.

Apple Fritter

Whenever anyone thinks of an Apple Fritter, they imagine a delicious, savory, dense, and icing-covered pastry. Imagine all of that in the form of a chronic nug. Apple Fritter is known as an exotic Cannabis strain and for its incredible flavor and aromas and has a potency with THC levels of 26%. Apple Fritter is the perfect yin-yang of Sativa and Indica. That’s right, 50/50! This strain gives you everything you are looking for. Its ultra-relaxing properties and cosmic cerebral effects make it a “must-try” strain.


Biscotti is a wonderful Indica dominant strain that produces colorful potent buds. This strain has unique genetics that gives it a euphoric, relaxing high. Users report feeling creative and medical patients use this strain to help relieve anxiety and stress and to combat insomnia. It elevates your mood and increases creativity, making it an excellent choice for brainstorming. This cookie-flavored strain has earthy fragrances and fruity notes, with hints of herbs and cookies. When you exhale, you’ll discover its rich, potent, and spicy notes. Biscotti buds have a wide color array consisting of green and purple flowers, long dark orange hairs, and bright white crystal trichomes.

Cereal Milk

Cereal Milk Seeds produce amazing buds with a sweet and creamy flavor with hints of fruits and berries, hence the name. This pungent strain has a fruity aroma similar to its taste. Cereal Milk seeds produce buds with 23-25% THC on average. Additionally, this strain boasts a fantastic terpene profile giving it many unique properties. The high is said to be blissful and euphoric, and this strain is used to treat chronic stress, appetite loss, and bodily discomfort. You can expect your plant to produce tapered fat heart-shaped olive green nugs with minty undertones, dark orange hairs, and a beautiful coating of frosty white crystal trichomes.


Frozay seeds grow into a pungent Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis flower boasting bright, colorful buds. It is perfect for creative activities that may require deeper concentration and focus. Additionally, it delivers a euphoric, uplifted, elevated high, ideal for artists and all those who want to add more detail to their works. For example, if you are looking for an out-of-this-world cannabis experience, this exotic Cannabis strain is definitely your choice. With moderate levels of THC, it delivers a potent high without any of the paranoia — making you feel relaxed and at ease.

Sour Pinot

Sour Pinot seeds are great for those looking to produce a well-balanced strain perfect for daytime use. This strain is known for its great color spectrum. When you buy our autoflowering variety, you won’t have to pay attention to your light cycle and will also be able to produce sooner. This mood-boosting strain also boosts your stamina and promotes creativity and concentration. After the high, you experience a full-body relaxation that soothes your muscles without requiring you to lie down. You’ll feel productive along with a calming feeling throughout your mind and body.

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)

Our autoflowering variety of this indica dominant strain is popular among medical users. The GSC strain’s benefits include relieving stress, energizing the mind, and improving mood. Besides getting your blood flowing, it stimulates your brain and senses. This strain can also help relieve discomfort and fatigue and can stimulate appetite. The scent of Girl Scout Cookies is gassy, pungent, sour, and skunky, and it will brighten your day like no other.

Bruce Banner

Like the Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner seeds produce big, green, and strong cannabis flowers. Similar to his alter ego, this strain is quite intense. This 60% Sativa dominant strain earned its name from the high amounts and high THC it delivers (as much as 29%). The Bruce Banner strain was developed by Dark Horse Genetics, combining the OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel strains. This strain offers a well-balanced high that starts heavy but lingers lightly, with fruity and earthy flavors. Following the initial rush, intense euphoria is followed by a strong mood boost and a surge of creativity. This strain also won a High Times cannabis cup in 2014, ushering in a new era for cannabis cultivation.

Cannabis Tricomes

Where To Get The Best Strains of Exotic Cannabis?

Depending on where you live and how Cannabis friendly your state is, if you desire to smoke exotic Cannabis, it may be easier to grow it yourself. In states where medical Cannabis dispensaries are a recent development, they are much less likely to carry exotic Cannabis. Additionally, growing Cannabis allows you to produce a more artisanal, high-grade level of Cannabis. This is due to your ability as a grower to procure the highest grade of genetics and give your plants the most optimal conditions to produce the most flavorful, high potency, aromatic bud possible.

Why Get Exotic Strains From OGSeeds?

OGseeds is a trusted American source with a wide variety of feminized seeds from the best cannabis strains that are guaranteed germination. Shipping, available in all 50 states, is fast, free, and discreet, with 25% off your first order.

How To Determine If Cannabis Is Exotic


Exotic strains have abstract features with a vast color array in the buds. Many experienced cannabis users can distinguish the differences in color between exotic strains and more common Cannabis. Exotic cannabis strains vary from light green, red, blue, white, and purple buds. Most rare exotic cannabis strains have a unique color array and are often easier to distinguish from common outdoor strains than their looks alone.


Most exotic strains have more apparent trichome crystals on the buds, similar to the look of sugar-coated candy. Exotic strains have more bright and glossy crystals that more common strains lack. The buds of exotic strains also tend to be dense with yellow or bright orange hairs that are more vibrant in color compared to more common strains.


The smell of an exotic Cannabis strain tends to be stronger and more unique than a more common local cannabis strain. Most exotic cannabis strains are distinct by their various aroma, from sweet, sour, skunky, cheezy, and earthy. A seasoned cannabis user can usually distinguish the differences in aroma between most exotic Cannabis strains, which helps to decide which to grow or buy.


Much like the aroma, the taste of top exotic strains varies depending on the unique strain. From fruity, sweet, citrusy, piney, earthy, cheezy, and more, many Cannabis users consider that top exotic strains have better-flavored Cannabis buds than more common strains. Because of the larger trichomes, an exotic cannabis strain may have a thicker layer of flavor than other strains.

Cannabis Plant

Is Exotic Cannabis Better Than Regular Cannabis?

Most exotic strains are considered exotic because of their rarity of the strain. A common strain in North America may be considered exotic in another country because of how unique and hard it may be to obtain in that country. Therefore it’s not to say that it’s better, but unique and is often considered more pleasant to the user.

Is Exotic Cannabis More Effective?

Exotic Cannabis strains can appear more vibrant and pleasant to the user. Although some are more effective as far as a stronger high, better taste, and pleasant aroma, it does not necessarily mean that most exotic Cannabis strains are more effective than a common cannabis strain. Checking the THC and cbd content of the strain is a great way to compare how effective the cannabis strains are.

What Is The Strongest Exotic Strain?

The effects of an exotic bud are usually more apparent than a more common bud. Exotics have more THC and cannabinoid content than the more common ones. The effects will vary from energizing to relaxing, depending on the strain. Some strains with the highest THC content include Girl Scout Cookies, GMO Cookies, Gary Payton, Gorilla Glue, and Cereal Milk, one of the strongest with a high 35% TCH content.

What Is The Rarest Exotic Strain?

How rare an exotic plant is, is mostly determined by the origin of where the strain is grown. OGseeds offers the most exotic strain seeds to make it easier to obtain and take the hassle of searching for the rare strain from the origin of the plant’s whereabouts. Strains such as Hindu Kush, with middle eastern origins, are available from OGseeds to be delivered in all 50 states.

How Much Does An 8th Of an Exotic Cannabis Strain Cost?

Depending on the seller, an 8th of exotic Cannabis can vary between $40 to $60. Sometimes more, depending on how rare the strain is. Growing your exotic Cannabis can save money in the long run, especially if you are in a state where obtaining rare exotic Cannabis is tough.

What Are the Best Sativa Strains?

You may prefer a Sativa strain if you want a more energizing effect. These can be trickier because Sativa plants grow tall and need lots of space. However, the reward is worth the effort. Consider buying sativa seeds from strains such as Blue Dream, Bruce Banner, Gorilla Glue, Green Crack, and Sour Diesel for desired sativa effect.

What Are the Best Hybrid Strains?

Hybrid strains give you a mixture of both effects of sativa and indica. Some hybrids may be a more Indica-dominant hybrid strain, a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain, or a 50/50 hybrid strain with a more balanced effect of both. Depending on the desired effect, you can choose from a variety of strains to determine what strain works best for you. Some of the best hybrid strains include GMO cookies, Purple Punch, Blue Dream, Mimosa, Cereal Milk, and White Runtz.

How Much Do Exotic Strains Produce?

The average amounts for a cannabis plant is around 8 oz. (1/2 lb.). The strain is not the main factor in determining amounts; exotic plants can have the same amount as common ones. The most important determining factor is how you grow your Cannabis. We’ll discuss growing techniques later in this article, but if you follow our tips, you should ensure a healthy amounts.

How Potent Can Exotic Cannabis Be?

Whether or not a strain is “exotic” doesn’t affect the potency of your Cannabis. The potency varies with every strain, be it common or rare. You should look up each strain’s THC or CBD content to grow particularly potent Cannabis.

How To Produce Exotic Cannabis Strains

If you want to try some exotic members of the international cannabis seed family, you’ve come to the right place! At OG Seeds, we have a high-quality seed assortment featuring tried-and-true favorites like Blue Dream and exotic seed varieties like the ones we mentioned earlier.

We sell cannabis seeds to all 50 states, so you can get the exotic varieties you crave no matter where you live. We ship our seeds through the United States Postal Service (USPS). You will receive a tracking number to see the order and shipping status when your package goes out. Our outstanding customer service crew has your back if you have any questions or concerns!

Exotic Cannabis Strains Indoor Growing Tips

When growing cannabis plants indoors, the light cycle is the most important factor to consider. As we mentioned before, you should invest in some high-quality grow lights. Here’s a tip for getting the light cycles right: get a light timer to plug your grow lights into. This way, you can easily set the light/dark cycle and change it when you get to the flowering stage.

Exotic Strains Outdoor Growing Tips

Due to the lack of control over light and temperature, growing Cannabis outdoors is more challenging. The plants often produce larger amounts due to the extra space they have. Ideally, you should have direct sunlight and a temperate climate between 65-80°F if you plan to grow outdoors. Different strains have different temperature and humidity requirements to provide the ideal environment for the strains you plan to cultivate.

Final Thoughts – Exotic Cannabis Strains

If you want to sample exotic strains of Cannabis, it is best to purchase your seeds and grow them yourself. Online seed banks typically offer a broader selection of cannabis flowers than dispensaries. OG Seeds is the place to go if you’re interested in trying exotic and rare cannabis strains. It doesn’t end there! Our selection also includes many popular strains that are more common. Shop OG Seeds’ seed bank today and discover everything we offer!

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