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Kush Strains

If you are at all familiar with the different types of Cannabis strains, chances are you are familiar with the differences between Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica strains. But did you ever hear of the many different varieties of Kush strains?

Many well-known cannabis varieties carry Kush as a part of their name, but what exactly does this familiar phrase imply about the strain? Is Kush a special kind of hemp designation, or just another funny name given to the plant we love? Find the answer to these questions below on our exploration of Kush strains!

Kush Cannabis Plant

What Is Kush?

Today, Kush can be slang for cannabis of any strain, but the phrase actually has a more particular meaning. Kush refers to a pure indica strain or indica dominant strain with a higher level of Kush genetics than most other strains. We can trace Kush’s lineage to the Middle East.

Kush History

The history of Kush strains is a long and fascinating one. Kush strains come from the disputed Hindu Kush mountains, which stretch across central Afghanistan over to Northern Pakistan. This region comes with a deep history of cannabis production. Generations of cannabis farming and natural selection have resulted in the strains coming from this region to produce dense, sticky nugs that have become the mark of a potent cultivar. For centuries, this land’s nutrient-rich soil has produced some of the best hash the world has ever known. Many of the strains found in the Hindu Kush mountains are landrace strains—varieties of cannabis that grew without cultivation or human intervention.

The Hippie Trail

These strains made their way into the western canon of cannabis through the Hippie Trail. The Hippie Trail was the route taken as a form of alternate tourism between Europe and South Asia from the mid-1950s up to the 1970s. Some adventurous hippies got their hands on the premium seeds coming from the Hindu Kush region during this time. These were later brought back to the U.S. and Europe for cultivation.

Due to conflicts in the area, the Hippie Trail ended in the late 70s. Nevertheless, the strains discovered during this period persist in the minds of intrepid travelers everywhere as some of the most desirable cannabis they have ever consumed. Luckily for us, the legacy of Kush strains doesn’t end with mere memories. Today, popular varieties of Kush have changed the landscape of cannabis forever, many of which are available to grow today!

What Are Kush Strains?

There are countless varieties of cannabis strains that scientists have identified. Many of these fall under the “Kush” umbrella, sometimes without even including it in their name (like White Widow or AK-47).

Generally, most Kush varieties are indica dominant. However, you can still find Kush genetics in hybrid strains, including those that are sativa dominant!

Kush strains are identifiable by their dense buds and earthy scents, common in many cultivars from the Middle East. Most Kush strains will present themselves physically with deep green hues and pistils (hairs) showing various color schemes. Pistils are often bronze, orange, and rust-like yet bright colors. Cannabis plants from this lineage are often short and wide, which are the tell-tale features of indica dominant strains.

What Are The Best Kush Strains?

There are dozens of high-quality Kush strains worth trying, but only a select few are the best. While “the best” is subjective, some of the most desirable qualities in Kush strains are abundant in the popular strains listed below (many of which are here at OG Seeds!):

OG Seeds Strains

  • Kosher Kush: With two cannabis cup wins and the reported blessings of a rabbi under its belt, Kosher Kush is a one-of-a-kind variety of cannabis. This heavy-hitting Indica dominant hybrid promotes full-body relaxation, creating a serene sensation that lets the consumer let go of the day’s troubles. After effects fully set in, Kosher Kush will tuck you into bed and encourage a deep sleep until the following morning.
  • Banana OG Kush: Banana Kush is a bright and fruity Indica variety with classic Kush characteristics. This strain is highly relaxing, but it offers a more sociable, energizing edge thanks to its parent strain OG Kush. Banana OG is a creeper strain, meaning the effects may take a few moments to kick in, so be wary of this heavy hitter sneaking up on you!
  • Purple Punch: A rare strain, Purple Punch results from cross-breeding between Larry OG (a classic Kush strain) and Grand Daddy Purp. This strain typically boasts high THC content and indica genetics that are more than likely to help you get some quality rest.
  • Cereal Milk: Cereal Milk is a balanced hybrid, with its Kush genetics coming from its lesser-known Y-Life strain as a parent. This popular strain provides uplifting effects and blissfully focused feelings of clarity. This strain’s flower showcases earthy tones of dark olive green with undertone accents of mint with dark orange hairs.

Other Kush Strains

  • Afghan Kush: This classic Kush cannabis strain is the backbone for countless modern varieties. This strain is one of the early landrace Hindu Kush strains brought to the U.S. following pot head excursions onto the Hippie Trail. This strain is great for beginner growers due to its resilient nature. It is an essential strain for its relaxing effects and role as the grandfather to some of the best-known modern cannabis strains.
  • Bubba Kush: This famed indica strain is an infamous classic. As one of the most famous Kush varieties, this strain carries all the necessary characteristics of a tried and true Kush. Experience true relaxation and history in a cultivar with the power of this great cultivar.
  • Master Kush: This popular indica strain is a cross between two famous landrace strains. Master Kush is great for encouraging full-body relaxation without dulling the mind or making you sleepy! The smell and taste come with a spiced flavor similar to incense and reminiscent of vintage cannabis strains.

Cannabis Seeds

Kush Strain Seeds

When shopping for seeds with Kush lineage, there are many options to consider. Even if you are shopping exclusively for a Kush strain, you will have limitless options. But on top of this, there are even specialized seed varieties like feminized and auto-flowering varieties. Each of these varieties comes with its advantages to expedite the growing process and help you get the best final product from your grows.

Regular (Unsexed) Kush Seeds

Unsexed seeds work like any other seed found in nature. Plant them, water and fertilize the soil, feed it nutrients, and wait until harvest season.

These seeds may produce either male plants that do not produce buds or female plants that produce buds. That means there is risk associated with buying unsexed seeds. Some (or all, if you’re extra unlucky) might produce male plants, leaving you with no buds come flowering time! While this may be one of the biggest fears for growers, there are options to avoid this disappointment.

Feminized Kush Seeds

To ensure that every plant you grow produces the colorful, resinous buds that grace all high-quality plants, feminized seeds are essential. Through specialized breeding and selective processes, feminized seeds only produce female plants. That lets you grow without worrying about wasting time and energy on plants that will only give you seeds in return. At OG Seeds, we offer feminized seed varieties so that novice and experienced growers can enjoy the fruits (or buds) of their labor.

Autoflower Kush Seeds

Autoflower seeds allow the grower to flower their plants without needing to adjust sunlight or wait for the traditional harvest seasons. Instead, auto-flowering plants are bred to flower automatically after some time. If you prefer flower grown indoors, autoflower can be a good option.

Where to Find Premium Kush Seeds

If you’re looking to access premium Kush seeds at a fair price, OG Seeds is a great option. We stock a variety of high-quality feminized seeds so both novices and experts can cultivate with confidence. And if you want to find Kush seeds, we are sure to have some of your favorites available. So please, stop by OG seeds and see what we have to offer; we would be happy to help you on your journey.

How to Grow Kush Strains

Growing cannabis will bring you down one of two general paths–growing outdoors or indoors. Each comes with its advantages and considerations. We will cover the good and bad of each below!


Indoor grows are the preferred method for most premium cannabis brands on the market today. This is because you can control an indoor environment almost completely. Indoor cultivators use artificial lighting, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and ventilation to control their cultivation space.

Indoor grows might not be an option available for people of some lifestyles. They require space indoors and expensive equipment to operate, so a certain level of comfort with this is necessary. Indoor grows may also impart your space with the scent of your plants, so keep this in mind before committing to an indoor grow.


Outdoor grows are a less expensive method for cannabis cultivation. This method needs little more than soil, nutrients, water, and sunlight to cultivate. Outdoor grows are also great as they allow you to keep your cultivation space separate from your living space.

As for the cons, outdoor growing also means exposure to the elements, resulting in damaged crops and reduced amounts. Additionally, outdoor grows keep plants exposed to pests, increasing the risk of critters nibbling on your ladies.

Effects & Benefits of Kush Strains

A Kush landrace strain can be desirable for its sedative, couch-locking effects. But the effects and benefits don’t end there. Some of the other effects and benefits associated with Kush strains include:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Mood stabilization
  • Energy
  • Improves swelling
  • Decreased discomfort
  • Promotes rest
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