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Cheese Strains

Cheese strains are treasured all over the world for their pleasing and pungent aromas. These particular strains are highly-regarded in the cannabis community for their distinctive, unmistakable scents and the effects they produce only add to their charm and reputation.

The original Cheese strain is believed to hail from the U.K. and is a derivative of Skunk #1. While most popular Cannabis strains are prized for their sweet and fruity flavors, Cheese-derived Cannabis strains have a much different appeal.

Cheese strains are often bred to be as pungent as possible and many breeders have held contests over the years to see who can achieve the “dankest” smell of them all.


What are Cheese Strains?

“Cheese” cannabis strains have a pleasing and pungent aroma. It is a treasure all over the world. Highly regarded in the cannabis community. They have distinctive, unmistakable scents. Additionally, it produces effects that charm and create a reputation.

The original Cheese strain hails from the U.K. and is a derivative of Skunk #1. Cannabis enthusiasts prize the most popular Cannabis strains for their sweet and fruity flavors, however, Cheese strains have a much different appeal.

Breeders often breed Cheese strains to be as pungent as possible and have held contests over the years to see who can achieve the “dankest” smell of them all.

Are Cheese Strains Sativa, Indica or Hybrid?

Cannabis strains come in many shapes and sizes, each with unique tastes, smells and appearances. There are pure Indicas, pure Sativas, and everything in between — creating many of the hybrid variations we all know and love to this day.

While there might be many cheesy buds to taste and choose from, these sweet cheese strains tend to be more hybrid in nature and lean toward the Indica-dominant side of the spectrum. Cheese cannabis strains deliver more relaxed, uplifting and creative effects, boosting relaxation in the body and ease in the mind.

They say it’s always important to nurture your mind, body and soul — so take a puff, sit back, relax and watch it all unfold!

What Do Cheese Cannabis Strains Taste and Smell Like?

Cheese strains are famous for producing spicy and zesty flavors — in contrast to the sweet, fruity and herbal flavors found in many other types of strains. The terpenes found in Cheese strains might vary in nature, but they all come together to create powerfully pungent aromas.

Depending on the quantities of how these terpenes are mixed — the distinctive “cheesiness” of strains can range from a simple, mild-aged, creamy Cheddar to many of the full-blown smelly varieties found in the cheese world to this day.

One thing all Cheese strains do have in common, however, is the mouthwatering effects they generate upon consumption!

Included Terpenes

Cannabis is a flower, and like many flowers, it exhibits strong and diverse odors that are certain to stimulate the mind, evoking various sensations based on those smells and flavors when smoked. All cannabis strains contain chemicals known as terpenes that create distinct aroma and flavor profiles.

Linalool, for example, is a powerful terpene that most associate with lavender and has relaxing and soothing effects. Among the more than 200 terpenes found in cannabis, many evoke smells that don’t occur naturally in nature.

“Cheesy” terpenes are among the most intense, rewarding the daring and adventurous with radiant, uplifting effects that are both stimulating and luscious. Such terpenes include octanoic acid, methyl thio butyrate, ethylmethyl acetic acid, hexanoic acid, isovaleric acid, and methyl mercaptan.

These chemicals span the “cheesiness scale” — from sweet, vanilla ice cream elements to the pungent, cave-aged earthiness found in many types of cheese.


Fully grown Cannabis plant, Cheese Strain


History of Cheese Strains

The development of Cheese strains and their effects have a fascinating story to tell. Cannabis breeding and cultivation is flourishing and over the years different Cannabis varieties tend to emerge. For example, associating whole families of strains with particular flavors and sensations is common nowadays.

For example, “Haze” strains are delectably mouthwatering and deliver an uplifting buzz. “Kush” strains often produce a pungent aroma with very powerful effects — and “Diesel” strains smell like — you guessed it, diesel! True cannabis connoisseurs often desire strains with strong, savory and complex flavors.

If you are a cannabis lover and find yourself in this particular category, then “Cheese” strains might be just what you’re looking for! Cheese strains produce many THC-potent trichomes that deliver blissful, relaxing, and mood-enhancing effects.

The American – Dutch – Anglo Connection

It was in the 1980s that famed California grower Sam “the Skunkman” moved to the Netherlands to get serious about growing, bringing with him the legendary Skunk #1 strain. His iconic strain became wildly popular among local Dutch growers for its ease of cultivation and quick turnaround time.

As the Skunkman’s strain grew increasingly popular in the Netherlands, something strange happened when a batch of Skunk #1 seeds found their way to the U.K. in the late 1980s — cultivators discovered the resulting strain to have a distinctly cheesy smell in southern England.

In response to the massive amounts produced by this particular strain, English growers began cloning it and witnessed its success spread throughout the U.K. and Europe.

During the 1990s, it became the strain of choice for the budding rave scene, appearing at several festivals and becoming widely accepted by alternative communities.


Cannabis Buds, Cheese Strain Nugs


What are the Different Cheese Strains?

Cheese genetics have become world-famous and there are plenty of varieties to choose from. Here are ten of the cheesiest cannabinoids available today — the choice of many when only the most skunky and dank buds will do.

Top 10 Cheese Cannabis Strains

Below are ten of the cheesiest feminized & autoflowering cheese cannabis strains available in the market today.

  1. Original Cheese (Feminized)
  2. Blueberry Cheese (Feminized)
  3. Cheese (Feminized)
  4. Blue Cheese (Feminized)
  5. Big Buddha Cheese (Feminized)
  6. Critical Cheese (Autoflower)
  7. Sweet Cheese (Autoflower)
  8. Royal Cheese (Autoflower)
  9. Purple Stilton (Autoflower)
  10. Cheese (Autoflower)

What are the Best Cheese Strains?

If it’s the cheese you’re looking for, then you’re in luck, friends! Below are five of our favorite feminized and autoflower strains for your reading pleasure.


  1. Cheese (Feminized) The Original Cheese strain is arguably one of the best known strains that came out of the U.K. As with the classic, this feminized strain is an indica-dominant hybrid of Skunk #1 and Northern Lights. Cheese is ready in 8 weeks and with a THC content of 18%, it definitely packs a punch. Because of its indica genetics, the effects will be relaxing and full-body. If you’re just getting started in Cheese, this feminized strain is a great starting point.
  2. Blueberry Cheese (Feminized) Despite its smaller size, this indica-dominant hybrid definitely packs a punch. The result of crossing Big Buddha Cheese with Blueberry — this indica-dominant hybrid is another award-winning winner. Growers and smokers will enjoy its beauty, cheesy aroma, and rich taste. With 20% THC content and a 50–60 day flowering period, this feminized strain produces wavy, intense effects that promote sleep and relaxation.
  3. Big Buddha Cheese (Feminized) Big Buddha seeds are a hugely popular indica-dominant strain, derived from some impressive parentage. Big Buddha seeds are the result of crossing Cheese with an Afghani indica and after 7–9 weeks of flowering, this feminized strain produces dense and hearty buds with distinct flavors. The average THC content of these buds is 15%, so they won’t overwhelm you like some of the other varieties so you can feel euphoric waves after waves instead.


  1. Sweet Cheese (Autoflower) Sweet seeds, sweet life. This strong-smelling and tasting autoflower strain is a perfect blend of indica, sativa and ruderalis genetics and is an easy strain to grow for casual smokers. You’ll be impressed by these sweet seeds with their strong aromas and hearty amounts, which take just 8 weeks to flower. These cheesy, sweet seeds generate buds with a THC content averaging around 17–18%, producing euphoric and stimulating effects.
  2. Royal Cheese (Autoflower) Exuding a pungent, spicy and overall cheesy aroma, this royal autoflower strain is perfect for home growing given its reliability, speed and low-maintenance. After its 10-week flowering period, you’ll be rewarded with a decent amount of buds that deliver gentle and soothing effects. With mostly indica genetics, you’ll feel relaxed and meditative and whenever you need a little pick-me-up, you can definitely harness this cheesy strain’s uplifting energy.

What Type of Cheese Seeds are there?

When it comes time to select the correct Cheese Cannabis seeds for your growing operation, there are several options available for consideration. The three main categories to choose from are regular “unsexed” seeds, feminized seeds and autoflower THC seeds.

As each type of seed is arguably more suited to certain scenarios than others, selection becomes a matter of personal preference and grow objectives.

Regular (Unsexed) Cheese Seeds

  • This type of seed is also referred to as “photoperiod” and is made using male chromosomes.
  • Regular “unsexed” Cheese seeds are 50% likely to produce male cannabis plants and are recommended for growers that want to produce their own strains.

Feminized Cheese Seeds

  • Feminized Cheese seeds are 99% likely to produce female plants since they do not contain male chromosomes.
  • These seeds produce larger buds with greater amounts and is likely the best option for your growing operation as it eliminates the headache of removing male plants from your crop, which can pollinate the female plants.
  • If male plants pollinate female plants, your buds will be less potent and contain seeds. Not ideal.

Autoflower Cheese Seeds

  • A suitable option for beginners, the blooming process for Autoflower Cheese seeds is automatic, as its name implies.
  • This particular seed type requires very little maintenance, does not require light cycles to be changed and are quite resilient in most environments.
  • It is important to remember that Autoflower Cheese seeds produce faster harvests with smaller amonts.
  • Since they are also feminized, autoflower seeds offer many of the same benefits as the feminized variety, but do not require the same photoperiod conditions.

How to Grow the Best Cheese Seed?

Providing top care for your cheese seeds will always produce the best results. Most importantly, research the optimum environment for each particular grow. With a proper set-up, indoor growers typically produce the best results. This is because you control the environment, but every strain is different.

Here are some general tips to keep in mind when growing premium cheese Cannabis strains:


Where to Find Cheese Seeds

At OG Seeds, we offer the best cannabis seeds in the market. Our strains always carry the best genetics, so we definitely have you covered with our prime selection of Cheese cannabis seeds!

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