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Skunk Strains

Winner of multiple cannabis cups, Skunk strains are easy to grow and deliver exceptional harvests under a wide range of growing systems and methods. Skunk strains have unique pungent aromas and produce large amounts of top-quality THC-rich buds. The strain is popular with both professional and home growers alike for its top-quality harvests and wide range of growing systems and methods.


Skunk Strain Cannabis Plant Up Close


What Are Skunk Cannabis Strains?

Skunk genetics are world-famous, dating all the way back to the 1970s. Since this strain goes back so far, many different varieties have been produced. Skunk strains are the choice of many when only the dankest buds will do. Virtually every breed of Skunk can boast the qualities of resilience and hardiness and produce very dense buds. As soon as it was introduced in 1970, it became popular for its perfect combination of musky, earthy, floral, and wooden notes. As a result of combining sativa effects with indica amounts and rapid flowering times, Skunk strains transformed cannabis cultivation. There are countless crossbreeds of Skunk Cannabis resulting from the crossing of Afghani landraces with Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold.

Are Skunk Strains Indica, Sativa, Or Hybrid?

Skunk hybrids are Indica-leaning, with 60-80% Indica dominance.

What Do Skunk Cannabis Strains Taste & Smell Like

Skunk strains were compared to a Skunk when they first appeared due to their unusually powerful scent. However, some people describe the skunk aroma as having hints of burned rubber, garlic, petrochemical fuels, and a sweet musky note. Moreover, Skunk Cannabis has sweet citrusy flavors and aromas. For example, Skunk Cannabis has an unmistakable pungency that separates it from other types of cannabis. The smell is truly unforgettable.

What Terpenes Are In Skunk Cannabis?

Skunk strains generally test the highest in Myrcene. There is a distinctive smell to the skunky-tasting strains from the terpenes that remind you of mammal defensive sprays. Myrcene is responsible for the skunky, musky, and earthy scents in Skunk cannabis strains. As a newbie to skunky strains, you might be a bit worried, as skunk’s spray isn’t the most pleasant smelling. Well, don’t worry. Most skunky-smelling strains contain a wide variety of pleasant-smelling terpenes, from sandalwood to vanilla to wild berries.


Growing Skunk Strains Cannabis Plants


History of Skunk Cannabis Strains

During the 1970s, Skunk Cannabis originated in California just as Dutch Passion began gathering genetics from around the globe. The term ‘skunk’ refers to a family of cannabis strains known for their particularly pungent and penetrating aroma. However, Skunk Cannabis became popular within the cannabis community for its high potency levels. Moreover, Skunk strains date back to the 1970s descending from Mexican Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold. Skunk Cannabis is known amongst cultivators as an easy grow.

Skunk Cannabis arrived at the point it is at today from the work of Dave Watson, aka “Sam the Skunkman.” Sam refined his crops over many years to select phenotypes with the best amounts, early flowering times, and dense, resinous buds. One of the first well-known indoor cannabis varieties, Skunk #1 won several awards, including first place at the inaugural High Times Cannabis Cup. Skunk variations have gone on to win multiple other Cannabis Cups since then.

Skunk #1 is the common ancestor of all skunk strains. Acapulco Gold, Colombian Gold, and Afghan strains make up this heritage strain. Originally from Mexico’s Acapulco region, and Colombia’s Santa Marta mountains, Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold are both sativa landrace varieties. Afghanistan produces potent, sturdy indica landraces. By combining these genetics, a new strain was created with uplifting highs and citrus flavors associated with sativas, as well as short flowering times, relaxation and heavy amounts associated with indicas. For first-time gardeners, Skunk #1 is an easy plant to grow.


What Are The Best Skunk Cannabis Strains?

The unique characteristics of each Skunk strain come from the climate, environment and soil conditions they have adapted to over time — each with unique chemistry profiles, aromas, tastes and effects. There are dozens hybrid skunk variations, but only a few fall in the category of the “best”. Different levels of Indica/Sativa dominance are present throughout these different variations, effects vary from strain to strain as some also test higher with certain terpenes which also change the properties and characteristics of these variations. Below are some of the best and most popular Skunk strains available today.

Skunk #1 Strain

Super Skunk Strain

  • 80/20 Indica/Sativa
  • 20% THC Levels
  • Descends From Skunk #1
  • Up to 21 Oz. per Square Meter Amounts, Ideal For New Growers
  • Euphoric | Happy | Relaxed | Sleep | Uplifted, Couch Locking Effects
  • 8 Week Indoor Flowering Time, Late September Outdoors

Lemon Skunk Strain

  • 60/40 Indica/Sativa
  • 20% THC Levels
  • Sweet & Citrusy
  • Parent genetics of 2 Super Skunk strains
  • 8-9 Week Flowering Time

Island Sweet Skunk Strain

This tasty and skunky concoction has a tropical taste and is heavily sweet. Slightly citrusy with hints of pineapple, the skunky effect adds a pleasing depth of flavor.

  • 80/20 Indica/Sativa
  • 20% THC Levels
  • Tasty & Tropical Citrusy Flavors
  • Parent genetics of 2 Super Skunk strains
  • 8 Week Flowering Time
  • Unlike most Skunk Cannabis, there are no couch-locking effects

How Potent Are The Best Skunk Cannabis Strains?

The best skunk strains test around 20% THC levels, but due to their strong Indica leaning genetics the more indica leaning ones tend to produce more couch-locking effects than others.


What Type Of Skunk Cannabis Seeds Are There?

In addition to the varieties Explain that there are many options when choosing the best skunk strain. You can get unsexed, feminized, or autoflower THC seeds each of which can be Sativa, Indica, or hybrid THC seeds.

Regular Skunk seeds

These are made using male chromosomes and have a 50% chance of producing male plants. However, you should not use these unless you are a breeder looking to cross strains or produce seeds.

Autoflower Skunk Seeds

The benefits of Sour Pinot autoflower seeds make it so you don’t need to pay attention to the light cycle. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your grow and improve your garden.

Feminized Skunk Seeds

The advantage of growing skunk feminized seeds is that you don’t have to worry about separating male plants from female plants, which would cause your buds to be less potent and have seeds.

Cannabis Buds Up Close


How to Grow the Best Skunk Seed?

It’s important to research the optimal environment for each of these strains. Different strains will respond better to different things. Indoor grows typically produce the best results since you are able to control more factors of your grow, although it can be more difficult than growing outdoors. It is important to properly ventilate your garden if you plan to grow skunk strains since they are so pungent.

Skunk Indoor Growing Tips

When grown indoors, Skunk Strains benefit the most from the Sea of Green strategy. This entails growing many smaller plants rather than several larger ones. Scrogging is also an effective way to fill up your grow room. Cannabis grown hydroponically is likely to produce more potent buds since it delivers nutrients more effectively.

  • The smallest growth (lollipop) should be removed.
  • There should be at least one oscillating fan per square meter
  • Give your plants plenty of room to grow
  • Maintaining a clean garden is essential
  • Keep your grow room clean by wearing clean clothes
  • Neem oil should be applied once the plant is in its vegetative phase
  • Keep an eye on your cannabis crop on a regular basis

Skunk Outdoor Growing Tips

Skunk Strains plants are particularly resistant to powdery mildew and mold, making them ideal for outdoor growers. These plants respond best to a Mediterranean climate with lower humidity and consistent sunlight. This plant is particularly pungent, so we recommend placing your garden far away from your neighbors. Outdoor amounts are known to be particularly large amongst skunk varieties of cannabis.

What Is The Best Environment For Growing Skunk Strains

Skunk Strains plants are particularly resistant to powdery mildew and mold, making them ideal for outdoor growers. These plants respond best to a Mediterranean climate with lower humidity and consistent sunlight. This plant is particularly pungent, so we recommend placing your garden far away from your neighbors. Outdoor amounts are known to be particularly large amongst skunk varieties of cannabis.

Throughout the ages, cannabis growers have been able to manipulate landrace strains via selective breeding in order to produce desired traits and generate specific results. Plant size, bud size, potency, color, appearance and smell have all been manipulated and selectively bred over time to produce specific outcomes. Growing practices have also evolved over the years with innovations in lighting, the delivery of nutrients and cross-breeding — resulting in the modern strains we all know and love today. Skunk strains benefit from all these different advancements.

Advantages of Growing Skunk Strains

Professional growers and home growers alike enjoy growing skunk cannabis strains. These cannabis plants have a distinctive pungent aroma and produce high-quality, high-THC flowers. Known for being easy to grow, skunk cannabis strains produce great harvests under a wide range of grow systems/methods. Skunk strains have been shown to relieve bodily discomfort, enhance mood, help induce sleep, and stimulate appetite.

They are unlike any hybrid strain out there because they adapted over time in less-than-ideal climates, equipping them with a chemical structure that is different from many of the standardized strains grown today. Many of the best skunk strains produce highly-rated cannabis that is rich in resin, genetic variation and biodiversity.


Skunk Strains


Where Can I Get The Best Skunk Seeds?

If you are looking to buy Skunk seeds, look no further. We have you covered! We carry the best selection of cannabis seeds on the internet. Our seeds carry the most potent and exclusive genetics available today! We also offer fast, free discreet shipping, and we guarantee germination. If your seed does not germinate, reach out and we’ll send you a new one.

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