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9 Cannabis Grow Room Essentials: Tools and Supplies List Included

9 Cannabis Grow Room Essentials: Tools and Supplies List Included

Best Setup For Your Cannabis Growing Room (Step by Step with Tips!)

Do you want to explore the world of cannabis cultivation? Have you ever thought about growing your own? Whether you are an avid cannabis consumer or a beginner willing to try something new, building a grow room can be your best bet to get involved in producing the most potent and delicious bud in town.

Cannabis growing can be a mind-blowing experience as you will witness different stages of growth that have various requirements to ensure optimal growth and result in amazing cannabis plants. However, setting up a cannabis growing room requires one to be vigilant and take care of all the necessary factors contributing to good plant growth. Want to know more about cannabis growing?

Continue reading to learn how to build a grow room and maximize it’s bud production and efficiency so that you can consistently have fruitful and potent harvests.


Large Cannabis grow room in home


8 Steps To Set Up A Perfect Indoor Grow Room

Before starting any of these steps, you must first select a space in which you plan to grow your own Cannabis. After you have decided on a grow space, sketch out where you plan to place everything and make the appropriate measurements so you know where all your components will live and make notes on how you plan to utilize different areas.

1. Decide Between A Grow Tent Or Build Your Own Room

Grow tents are suitable for first-timers and people who want to explore cannabis cultivation, whereas regular growers should build their own grow rooms to produce the most fruitful harvests

While using a grow tent is more convenient and uses less space, but they are more ideal for phase specific growing, and can also improve hygiene in your growing environment. They can be a bit expensive to set up initially, and they do still require a certain amount of space.

Building your own indoor grow room gives you better control over the flowering period and helps to ensure consistency in cannabis growth. You’ll have better control over the temperature and humidity levels, as well as the light your plants receive.

Indoor grows are much less susceptible to mold and pests, and you’ll be able to cultivate more discreetly. The main disadvantage is that more energy and attention is needed from growers, which normally leads to higher costs.

2. Seal Off All Light Leaks

Growers must seal off all light leaks in their grow spaces, as unnecessary light exposure could significantly impact cannabis plants. For this purpose, all windows should be sealed properly to prevent light exposure, and in the case of a grow tent, the top should be thick enough to prevent any light leaks.

3. Seal Off All Air Leaks

Another key aspect of building a proper grow space is to seal off all air leaks allowing growers to have better control over environmental factors and air circulation. Air leaks can impact cannabis growth, so preventing this is a great idea and will help ensure a controlled environment that contributes to the nourishment of cannabis plants.

4. Install Grow Lights & Timers

Cannabis plants are sensitive to light exposure, so it is important to maintain ideal lighting for healthy growth. Some of the popular lighting options include:

  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights – These lights generate a lot of heat, and growers need lights ranging between 180 to 1300 µmol. This lighting will optimize growth in large spaces.
  • Fluorescent lights – These lights are 30% more efficient than HID lights, and growers can use T5 bulbs to optimize growth for small-scale cultivators.
  • LED lights – These are the most efficient among the popular options and do not generate much heat. They are also budget-friendly due to lower electricity consumption compared to the other options.
  • Light timers – It is a great idea to invest in timers to ensure optimal lighting hours that you can adjust according to different phases of cannabis growth.

5. Install Fans For Air Circulation

Cannabis plants require optimal circulation for nourishment, so growers must invest in air circulation equipment such as oscillating fans and window vents that ensure ideal air circulation.

6. Install Fresh Air Exchange

Growers need to install a fresh air exchange mechanism in their grow spaces so cannabis plants can grow well. Some of the popular types of equipment to serve this purpose include:

  • Inline Fans – These fans can control the heat levels in grow spaces to ensure optimal growth.
  • Ducting – This can help in proper air ventilation providing fresh air to cannabis plants.
  • Air Filters (Carbon) – Installation of air filters can prevent impurities from entering into grow spaces which can help prevent damage to cannabis plants.

7. Install Climate Control Systems

It is crucial to install climate control mechanisms that optimize cannabis growth.

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers
Cannabis plants require the right balance of humidity to grow efficiently. For this purpose, it is essential to install humidifiers and dehumidifiers in grow spaces to ensure the optimal humidity level.

Heaters & Air Conditioners
Any imbalance in heat levels can be damaging to cannabis plants, so it is necessary to have heaters and air conditioners to maintain the ideal temperature levels.

CO2 System- Optional (Maximizes Growth)</strong
CO2 can help cannabis plants to grow effectively by increasing growth by up to 20%. Therefore, a CO2 system can enhance growth and also control the smell of cannabis plants to ensure they do not attract unwanted visitors.

Sensors & Controls
It is a good idea to install sensors to ensure proper monitoring of cannabis plants and timely rectification of any imbalances. These include digital thermometers, hygrometers, and air pressure monitoring systems.

8. Install Safety & Fire Prevention Equipment

Growers need to install safety and fire prevention equipment in or nearby their grow spaces to prevent any incident that could lead to potential damage. For this purpose, fire extinguishers, safe electrical circuits, and other necessary precautions are necessary for all cannabis grow spaces.



Cannabis Growing Room Essentials

Various factors need to be considered when setting up a growing room such as growing space, lighting, air circulation, environmental control, and ways that your specific equipment functions.

1. Adequate Space

One of the primary aspects to ace cannabis growth is to have adequate space, which ensures optimal growth. It is important to consider the growth space according to the equipment you plan to set up, as cannabis plants require ample space for healthy growth. Moreover, these plants double in size during the growth process, so growers need to make sure there’s enough room for proper growth.

2. No Light Penetration

Cannabis plants are sensitive to light exposure, so there must be no light penetration in your grow spaces, as this can lead to disruption in growth. Growers should take special care that no light should enter through the windows and other openings in their grow spaces so that plants adapt well to the grow lights installed.

3. Airtight Enclosed Environment

Another essential aspect of healthy cannabis growth is to have a setup in an airtight enclosed environment for indoor growth. This will ensure that your plantation is not affected by outside environmental factors and allow you to have improved control over the growing environment.

4. Air Circulation & Fresh Air Exchange

An important aspect of an effective grow room is to ensure proper air circulation as cannabis plants need heat during the growth process. Some useful items to improve air circulation in a grow room include high-output fans, oscillating fans, and window vents.

Cannabis plants need fresh air to grow well so it is necessary that indoor grow rooms should have an air exchange mechanism. For this purpose, air vents, fans, and carbon filters can help in air purification and improve ventilation to optimize growth.

6. Grow Lights

Cannabis plants require different levels of light exposure at different growth phases. Therefore, it is essential to install high-quality grow lights that contribute to the nourishment of plants. It is important to consider ideal light for growing spaces depending on factors such as cultivation area, light intensity, and type of lighting.

The types of lighting suitable for cannabis growth include high-intensity discharge (HID) lights, fluorescent lights, and LED grow lights.

7. Temperature & Humidity Control

One of the primary factors to impact cannabis growth is climate change, so growers must have better control over the climate to ensure healthy harvests. For this purpose, growers need to have improved control over humidity and temperature, and these factors need to be monitored using high-tech equipment to ensure optimal climate.

8. Grow Build

Lastly, cannabis cultivators must focus on the type of grow build chosen for cultivation purposes. Growers can opt between prefabbed grow tents or build their own grow rooms depending on the type and purpose of growing cannabis plants. We have compared the grow-build options in an upcoming section to simplify the selection process for growers.


Planning Your Grow Room Setup

Planning is the most crucial step to building a grow room and having a successful Cannabis grow. The extra efforts you put in to planning could save you thousands in the long run. Sketch out your general floor plan and where you plan to place your equipment. Take plenty of measurements to ensure your plants will have optimal space.


Fresh Air Circulation

During flowering, cannabis can have a strong odor, which is why windows are beneficial for air circulation as they help redirect the odor. In addition, it’s important to consider how much space will be required for the equipment required to keep the plants healthy, such as lights and fans. The plants will double in size as they grow, so you’ll need to ensure you have enough room for them.

High Output Fans

Your plants will need constant air flow and fresh air to grow the best. To provide the best air flow for your garden, make use of high output fans to remove stale air from the space and freshen it up. These will bring in the majority of air within your growing space, so choose the proper fan size for your needs.

Oscillating Fans

During the flowering stage, a grow room fan creates air movement above the canopy level, which not only cools the plants but also sways them, promoting stronger branching so that the heavy buds that will develop will be able to be supported by the strong branching. Oscillating fans help your plants grow strong and healthy.


Cannabis Growing Room


Around How Much Does A Cannabis Room Cost To Build?

The key factors that influence the cost of a cannabis grow room are the growing area’s size and the quality of equipment used in the cultivation process. Ideally, a grow setup can be built between a few hundred dollars to around $1000, depending upon the size of grow space and equipment selection.

However, if you are short of funds and still enthusiastic about having your own growth setup, you can use decent quality equipment and start with a small grow area. The quality of cannabis harvest mustn’t rely on the growth setup but on how well growers can control the environmental factors and contribute towards nourishing their plantation.

Mini Cannabis Room Costs (Closet Size Grow)

A mini cannabis grow room is recommended for beginners and people who want to explore the world of cannabis cultivation. This setup is basic and small enough to fit the size of an average closet. It costs around $120 to $150 to have such a setup to ensure healthy cannabis growth. This setup has a simple design and is an excellent choice for growers looking for a budget-friendly option.

The main components of this type of setup are an indoor grow tent, clip-on fans, timers, and an LED Full Spectrum Light. Growers can add other equipment to improve the cultivation process, such as inline duct fans, hygrometers, and thermometers. For $150 you can build a decent setup that can produce respectable, flavorful, potent flower.

Regular Cannabis Room Building Costs (Average Room Grow)

If you wish to cultivate throughout the year, or intend to grow different strains of Cannabis plants, you should build your own Cannabis grow room. This grow setup consists of an 80” main chamber with a decent height level and requires the space of an average room. It will cost around $1000 to establish such a setup that covers all essential equipment and resources such as housing, lighting, automation, environmental control, and air filtration.

Growers who aim to have a full-fledged setup that caters to the proper germination of seeds, keeping clones, and ensuring the best plant growth during the vegetation and flowering phases can really benefit from a regular cannabis growing setup. Large amount of fresh air are required for this type of setup to function well, so try to install it in a large, well ventilated room.


Do I Need To Build One Room For Veg And One Room For Flower?

It is not necessary to have separate grow rooms for both the vegetation and flowering phases of cannabis. Both these phases can be completed within a single room if growers have limited space. Although it is a great idea to veg and flower cannabis plants in one room, this practice is unsuitable for commercial grow spaces.

Moreover, if growers have ample space, then it would be a sensible decision to have separate rooms for vegetation and flowering stages of cannabis. It would require less time for the plants to grow and the plant count can also be increased per individual preferences.

Pros & Cons Of One Room Grows (Veg & Flower In One Room)

Here are the pros and cons of veg and flower in one room, which can help growers identify the ideal option for their growth setups.


  • Requires less space.
  • A single room is less costly to set up.
  • Less infrastructure investment
  • Veg plants can be grouped together, and extra space can be utilized for flowering.


  • It requires a lot of time to grow cannabis in a single room.
  • Difficult to manage biomass.
  • Veg and flower phases of cannabis have different environmental needs.


How Do I Choose The Best Lights For My Grow Room?

The size of your DIY grow room, your initial budget, long term costs, and the surrounding climate will determine what type of light will be most suitable for you. Final Thoughts You don’t need to be an expert DIYer to build a grow room, nor do you need to be a seasoned gardener to develop a healthy and productive cannabis crop.

Closing And Light Proofing The Grow Room

Light control is the main consideration when putting perforations in a grow room. Air can be drawn in easily through a slot, vent, or series of holes, but light can leak out. A bend in the ducting, or a double wall arrangement, will prevent light from escaping. By preventing light leakage, potency and bud production can be maximized.

By using reflective materials or reflective white paint, you can maximize light usage in your grow room. The side and lower branches will produce more buds if the light is reflected from all sides. Mylar reflects light and is one of the best materials for light proofing.

Light Cycles

When the plants are ready to begin flowering, we change the light cycle to 12 hours on and 12 hours off. It is especially important to take care of plants that are sensitive to these light and dark cycles when growing indoors, especially in flower. A disruption in the darkness can result in an abundance of seeds when your plants expect it to be nighttime. When the plants detect something is wrong, they automatically start trying to survive.


Climate Control: Temperature And Humidity

Temperature and humidity levels both need to be accounted for in your grow setup.

The optimal temperature for pot plants in their vegetative stage ranges from about 68 to about 77 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature range of 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for cannabis plants when they are flowering. It’s possible to keep them warm at lower or higher temperatures, but since the heat can be easily controlled indoors, why not do so?

Humidity should also be considered. A relative humidity of 40% to 70% is generally appropriate for Cannabis plants, depending on their growth stage. Having too much humidity can cause disease, mold, and fungus growth. If your pot plants are in extremely dry conditions, they may not grow as well as they should. To ensure you have optimal humidity in your grow space, use a hygrometer to determine the humidity.


Hide Odors From Your Cannabis Plants

Carbon Filter
In order to filter the heavily scented air that will be leaving the grow room, attach a carbon-filtration system to an external vent leading outside, closer to the ceiling (because warm air rises). An alternative to this – which can work if your room does not have an exterior wall – is to modify a door to serve the same purpose. Place fans around the grow room to assist with humidity control. Humidifiers and other equipment that automatically monitor the temperature

Although filtration for a grow of this size is not necessary, those who wish to grow in a more confined space should  consider opting for the intake fan and thermometer/hydrometer. This will help to both increase air circulation and provide some fundamental metrics for maintaining a healthy environment for the plants.

Exhaust Fan


Types Of Grow Room Lights

Fluorescent Lights

LED Lights

HID Lights

If you have a larger space HID lights are good as they are very growth efficient. HID lights are also better for a garage grow room, especially in colder climates.


Building The Best Grow Room – Key Takeaways

To cultivate the most potent and flavorful bud possible, you must plan well and carefully gather all the best equipment and resources to support your indoor grow room. Growing your own bud will give you a certain connection to your flower that you could never have by obtaining flower grown by other people. Whether you are a cannabis enthusiast or a newbie planning a growing setup, you can grow.

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