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Germinating Cannabis Seeds - Guaranteed To Sprout Your Seeds

What is Germination?

Germination is going to be your first step in your Cannabis cultivation journey. Before your seeds can become beautiful cannabis plants, you must germinate their seeds. When a seed realizes it is in a fertile environment, it breaks out of its seed shell. Once the seedling breaks through the shell, roots will grow. After you germinate cannabis seeds, it will be your job to provide your cannabis plants with the light, water, and nutrients necessary for them to grow. In the cannabis world, germination is a critical process. The root must emerge properly from the seed. Cultivators take different steps to germinate seeds.    

Preparing to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Have you recently decided to grow your own cannabis plants? Once you have acquired your pot seeds, you’ll have to figure out the best germination method for your needs. It is a very exciting and rewarding experience if you know the right way to do it. For that, we have come up with a complete guide that will help you germinate cannabis seeds in the most effective way possible.


Germination Temperature Plays a Crucial Role

Before we get straight into germination methods, there are a few golden rules. For the best results, we recommend following these guidelines no matter how you germinate. However, the temperature is the most critical of all factors to consider. Seeds are always looking for even the tiniest bit of moisture, but they use temperature as a signal that they need it.

  • 71–77°F is your ideal temperature
  • Your growing environment needs to be moist, but it should never be wet.
  • You should stay between 70% – 90% Relative Humidity
  • Seeds favor cool white fluorescent lighting (code 33)
  • Try not to handle the seed too much

What Is The Best Way to Germinate Cannabis Seeds?

While there is no agreed upon answer for what the best germination method is, we’ll do our best to walk you through the pros and cons of each so you can have a smooth germination process. As far as the best cannabis germination method goes, that is something you’ll have to figure out for yourself, but we can walk you through how to do them all. Successful germination takes the right amount of moisture and the right temperature. You can germinate your cannabis seeds many different ways, but we’ll discuss the 3 most common methods including using damp paper towels, a glass of water, or just placing the seeds directly in soil.   Germination  

Paper Towel Method

This is the most common of all germination methods. In this process, damp paper towels can also help seeds germinate, and this is the most common way people germinate cannabis seeds. Paper towels work well as long as the cultivator monitors the process closely until the germinated seed is ready to be transplanted into its growing medium.   Germinating Cannabis Seeds
  • Place one sheet of moist paper towel on a flat surface.
  • Space your seeds a few centimeters apart before placing the second paper towel over the top. Ensure both pieces are damp, not wet.
  • Once again, when the white root tips reach 2–3mm, carefully move the seeds to their growing medium.
Use the same guidance found above for planting techniques.  

Soil Method

Soil is the most natural germination environment for your cannabis seed. Although it is the most natural method, it is also much slower. One reason people growing cannabis choose the soil method is to protect weaker roots from damage. Planting directly into the potting soil prevents the seeds from moving when they are most sensitive. The first root tip is covered with microscopic filaments that are easily damaged. Since both a cup full of water and damp paper towels are more sensitive to temperature fluctuations than soil, planting in soil is the safest option.   Germinating Cannabis Seeds   Start by filling a small pot (or pots) with high-quality soil soaked in water. Some growers choose to mix root stimulators or seed starter into their water. Create a hole about half an inch deep for your seed. Remove the seeds from their packaging and place them in the pre-dug holes. Cover the seeds loosely, making sure not to compress the soil over the seeds too tightly.   germinating cannabis seeds   Instead of presoaking the soil, you can spray the holes before planting each seed if you prefer. With enough moisture around your seeds, you can encourage root growth. The grow pot should be in a humid climate within a 71-77 degree temperature. You should have a sprouting seed in 4-10 days once the roots have started to develop under the soil. You have now successfully germinated your cannabis seeds into young plants. Transferred to a larger pot, where normal growing routines should start.  

Glass of Water Method

Germinating your cannabis seeds in a glass of water will help it grow faster. Even though it is faster, it is still important that your germination conditions are optimal. It usually takes cannabis seeds 24 hours to germinate, although some cultivators keep their seeds soaked for a week. Since this method provides more moisture than soil, it breaks down the hard shell faster, allowing the root to break through much sooner.  

Different Types Of Cannabis Seeds

When germinating Cannabis seeds, several different options are available, including Feminized, Photoperiod (Regular Un-sexed), and Autoflower. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of each one. Feminized cannabis seeds are your best bet unless you plan to become a breeder who crosses their own strains.
  • Feminized seeds produce greater amounts and larger buds. They do not have male chromosomes and are guaranteed to produce female plants 99% of the time. Generally, these are the best seeds for most growers.
  • Autoflower cannabis seeds do not require photoperiod conditions for them to transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. Autoflower Cannabis seeds are convenient for beginner growers since they don’t need to change the light cycles (photoperiod) or guess if the plant is male or female. They are designed to flower at a fixed time. Autoflower Cannabis seeds are convenient for beginner growers since they don’t need to change the light cycles (photoperiod) or guess if the plant is male or female. Due to their fixed and shorter life cycles, they will grow faster than photoperiod seeds, but the amount is also smaller.
  • Photoperiod cannabis seeds – Cannabis is an annual plant with a flowering period that is determined by the seasons. Additionally, the plant dies at the end. This process is repeated indoors by reducing the light period from 18 hours of light / 6 hours (18/6) of darkness rather than a 12-hour light period + 12 hours of darkness (12/12). In the 18/6 hour lighting system, the plant remains in the vegetative stage, not the flowering stage.

Frequently Asked Questions about Germinating Cannabis Seeds


Should I Germinate My Seeds Indoors?

Whether you are planning to grow indoors or outdoors, you should always germinate your seeds indoors since cannabis seeds are so fragile.

How Long Does Germinating Cannabis Seeds Take?

In the best conditions, a Cannabis seed will germinate between 12 and 72 hours. It may take longer if the environment is unfavorable. The chances of your Cannabis seeds germinating will increase if you store them properly and give them the best environmental conditions.

What is the Best Temperature and Humidity For Cannabis Seed Germination?

The best temperature for Cannabis seeds germination is 77°F.

70 – 90% relative humidity is the best relative humidity for Cannabis seed germination

How to Store Cannabis Seeds

For better preservation, keep seeds in a dry, dark, and cold place, such as the refrigerator (in their original packaging if possible). At the time of germination, place your seed at room temperature. Read more about Cannabis seed storage here.

What Do I Do If My Seed Does Not Germinate?

While Cannabis seeds will not always germinate, OG Seeds has you covered with our 100% germination guarantee. If your seed doesn’t sprout, just let us know and we’ll send you another.

Should I Place a Lamp Over My Seeds During Germination?

To germinate Cannabis seeds, you do not need a lamp. In fact, extra light can disturb the Germination process!

Why Do I Have to Germinate My Cannabis Seeds?

Unlike many plants, cannabis seeds need to be germinated before planting, since they are fragile.

Where Can I Get The Best Cannabis Seeds Online?

OG Seeds has some of the best variety of Cannabis seeds on the internet, featuring exclusive genetics, phenomenal customer service, along with fast, free, discreet shipping. See our selection of the best Cannabis strains here.  
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