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Feminized Seeds

At OG Seeds, we know a thing or two about cannabis seeds and believe that knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have about cannabis seeds, the better you will be at nurturing your crop. We want you to be informed when you buy feminized seeds. We’ve put together this handy guide on feminized seeds to help novice growers achieve the results they’re looking for when planting these specially-bred kernels. After reading, flex your green thumb by planting a few of the best feminized seeds money can buy and watch your cannabis crops grow!
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What Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Feminized seeds (“feminised seeds” for our British friends) are cannabis seeds specifically bred to only produce female plants. Female plants are favored for their flowers over male plants, which contain far less beneficial compounds. This is why feminized seeds are the backbone of cannabis cultivation.

Both hemp and Cannabis are cannabis plants. Feminized seeds can be either hemp seeds or Cannabis seeds that produce individual female plants.

When shopping online, Cannabis seeds are easy to come by. But you should take your time and do your research before buying feminized seeds. Only buy them from a reputable seed bank, preferably one located within your state.

female plant vs a male cannabis plant

Where Do Feminized Seeds Come From?

Feminized seeds come from female plants forced to produce pollen sacs. This pollen is then utilized to fertilize other female plants. Colloidal silver and rodelization are two methods breeders use to trigger female cannabis plants to produce pollen sacs. We’ll talk more about these methods in the next section.

Growers have utilized selective breeding techniques for centuries to create feminized plant seeds. However, it wasn’t until the 1980s that this process became widely utilized for cannabis plants.

How Are Feminized Seeds Made?

Growers utilize one of two techniques to trigger a stress response in female plants, producing pollen. The pollen is then used to produce the seeds.

The two methods utilized to feminize cannabis seeds are:

  • Colloidal Silver Process: Breeders spray female cannabis plants with colloidal silver, a liquid solution that contains tiny silver particles. Continued spraying reduces the hormone levels in the plant tissue and triggers a stress response that forces the plant to produce pollen sacks. Breeders take the resulting pollen to fertilize other plants of the same strain to produce feminized seeds.
  • Rodelization Method: This is a natural alternative to colloidal silver, but it’s expensive and inefficient. However, it’s a stressless process that allows female plants to develop beyond their maturation stage until they become a hermaphrodite and produce male pollen sacs and self-pollinate. The seeds produced during this method are almost all feminized Cannabis seeds.

feminized Cannabis seeds white background

Feminized Cannabis Seeds vs. Other Seeds

Before feminized seeds, breeders utilized regular cannabis seeds to grow their crops. But even the most experienced grower would find themselves frustrated at the unpredictability of regular seeds. Unlike feminized seeds, regular seeds have a 50% chance of producing male plants, which don’t produce as much flower.

Fast forward to today, where growers now have several different types of seeds at their disposal for predictable amounts. Let’s look at these un-sexed seeds and see how they compare to the feminized ones.

Feminized vs. Un-Sexed Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds only produce female plants. But un-sexed cannabis seeds can grow both female and male plants. Un-sexed seeds, also known as regular seeds, result from male plants naturally pollinating female plants. When you buy un-sexed seeds and plant them, you’ll typically have a 50/50 mix of male and female cannabis plants.

Feminized cannabis seeds are great for producing female plants with potent buds. But you run the risk of this not happening if you grow your crop using un-sexed seeds. This is because the male plants will most likely pollinate the female plants, leading to the production of seeds instead of flower.

Some growers prefer unsexed seeds because they can produce more seeds. These seeds can be used to create a seed bank or cultivated to grow a new cannabis crop. You also need to have prior knowledge about distinguishing between male and female plants. Removing the males from the crop early in the growing process allows female plants to produce potent buds.

Feminized vs. Autoflowering Seeds

With proper care, your feminized cannabis seeds will produce female plants with potent buds. But autoflowering seeds require less maintenance to produce their flower. These specialized seeds grow cannabis plants that do not require changes to light schedules to activate the flowering phase, which occurs automatically. Autoflowering seeds are great for first-time or novice growers who have yet to develop their green thumb.

Feminized Seeds vs. Fast-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Fast-flowering Cannabis seeds contain the genetics of autoflowering seeds and photoperiod seeds. These photoperiod seeds require a particular seasonal light schedule to produce flower. These genetic traits make fast-flowering Cannabis strains light-dependent and able to flower 1-2 weeks faster than feminized cannabis seeds.

Choosing between feminized and fast-flowering seeds depends upon how fast you want your Cannabis plants to flower. But since flowering seeds develop faster, they will produce smaller amounts. The flower will also be less potent.

Stages of growing feminized cannabis seeds

Are Feminized Seeds Better?

Yes, feminized seeds are better than other seeds! Why? Because they streamline the growing process and make it predictable. When working exclusively with feminized cannabis seeds, you eliminate the risk of male plants affecting the entire crop. With no male plants present, pollination will not occur. Instead, female plants will focus their energy on developing potent buds for your consumption. See all of our cheap cannabis seeds which are all feminized here!

Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds Good for Beginners & Experts?

Yes, feminized Cannabis seeds are great for beginners and experts alike! Here’s why:

  • You eliminate the issues that arise when male plants are introduced into the crop and ensure only female plants with robust buds will develop.
  • There is no change in the cultivation process of feminized Cannabis seeds. Be sure to utilize the same care and control as you would with other cannabis plants.
  • Feminized Cannabis seeds have come down in price in recent years. Now, they’re as affordable as regular cannabis seeds.

Feminized Cannabis Seed Options

You’ll find that there are plenty of options to choose from when selecting a strain of feminized cannabis seeds for your needs. Here are some of the different ways feminized cannabis seeds can personalize growing cannabis for your endeavors.

Indoor or Outdoor

Feminized cannabis strains are ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments. Each strain has a specific set of environmental preferences that allow it to develop into a thriving plant. Before planting seeds, ensure you have adequate space and proper environmental conditions (i.e., stable temperatures, proper water provisions, light, etc.) for ideal growth and development.

THC & CBD Levels

Growers look for one thing when cultivating feminized cannabis seeds: high-quality buds from the best cannabis strains. Depending on the strain, your buds will have varying trichome saturation. Trichomes are resin-containing glands of your cannabis flower. They’re defined by their sticky, hair-like appearance that gives a flower a fuzzy outer layer. The more trichomes there are, the more cannabinoids are present, and the more potent your bud.

Cannabis plants contain high amounts of THC and low amounts of CBD. Hemp plants are the total opposite and have high levels of CBD and extremely low levels of THC (0.3% or less). Cannabis plant enthusiasts love THC for its euphoric qualities and calming sensations. Many consumers love CBD for its holistic appeal and how it can help improve a person’s overall wellbeing.


Each cannabis strain has a unique flavor profile. From pungent and sour to sweet and savory, the flavors and aromas of each cannabis strain depend on the terpenes in each strain. Terpenes are natural plant compounds responsible for a strain’s flavor and aroma. Fortunately, most strains contain multiple terpenes. So you’ll end up finding a strain that’s right for you no matter how scrutinizing your palate or sense of smell.


The effects you feel from consuming feminized cannabis seed flower are unique to each strain. No two strains produce the same effect, nor do they contain the same genetics. The intensity of the effects will depend on THC and CBD amounts. Another factor is whether it’s a Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid cannabis strain.

Let’s take a further look at the differences between these three strain types:

  • Sativa Strains: Commonly consumed in the daytime for its deep, cerebral focus and simulative effects.
  • Indica Strains: Consumed in the evening and nighttime for its calming, relaxing, and sedating properties.
  • Hybrid Strains: These strains contain both Sativa and Indica genetics. A 50/50 hybrid strain contains a blend of both Sativa and Indica strains and creates a balanced effect. Sativa-dominant and Indica-dominant strains contain most of their genetics and lean heavily on the effects of their respective namesakes.

Plant Sizes

There are two types of cannabis plants, Indica and Sativa, which are very easy to tell apart thanks to their different sizes. Indica plants are small, bushy plants typically 3-6 feet tall. They have a shrub-like appearance with broad, thick fan leaves and firm, compact buds.

Sativa plants are quite the opposite. Tall and slender, they can grow up to 20 feet tall and sport long, narrow fan leaves complemented by a thin, oblong bud at the plant’s apex. Always make sure you have ample room for your plants before planting any feminized seed strains.

Producing Sizes

Not all feminized cannabis seeds produce the same amounts. Some produce very large harvests, while others have very modest amounts. Growers need to research each strain to determine if the expected harvest is enough to satisfy their needs.

Flowering Times

A germination guarantee (along with replacement seeds if your female plant doesn’t sprout) is common with seed banks that sell cannabis seeds online. Feminized cannabis seeds vary in flowering time, with some strains taking longer to flower than others. Some can flower very quickly in a few weeks, while others can take as long as 12 weeks to flower. Regardless of flowering time, growers should always choose high-quality fem seeds that grow per their cultivation timelines.

stages of growing feminized cannabis seeds

Best Strains of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

You can get lost shopping for high-quality cannabis seeds. With so many feminized strains available, you’ll find it difficult to determine which ones are high-quality cannabis seeds and which ones are not. Several factors also come into play when finding the best cannabis seeds for your particular needs. To help make buying feminized seeds easy, we’ve put together this helpful guide to help you buy cannabis seeds with confidence.

Feminized Indoor Strains

Growing cannabis indoors is one of the most popular ways to cultivate feminized seeds. Indoor spaces allow growers to control the environment for ideal growing conditions. However, not all cannabis seeds can flourish indoors. Some strains, however, are perfect for growing indoors.

Here are the best feminized cannabis seeds for indoor growing:

  • Girl Scout Cookies (Indica-Dominant Hybrid): Experience the sweet sensations of this strain as you ease yourself into an uplifted and relaxed state of mind. These afternoon treats are perfect to wind down a hectic day and give you the courage to tackle your nightly affairs with confidence.
  • Blue Dream (Sativa-Dominant Hybrid): Experience the chill vibes of warm So Cal summer nights with this invigorating strain that’s bound to have you California dreamin’! This iconic strain’s sweet herbal flavors and aromas will make every kickback session into an event that will have you thinking it was all a dream.
  • Gorilla Glue (50/50 Hybrid): One hit of this cheesy, pungent Cannabis Cup-winning strain, and you’ll know why it sticks! You’ll find yourself taped to your comfy couch, relaxing into a deep euphoric slumber that will have you refreshed and ready to conquer the next day like you’re King Kong!

Feminized Outdoor Strains

Sometimes, the best way to grow feminized cannabis seeds is with a little help from mother nature. If you have ample outdoor space and live in an area with great natural growing conditions, you might find growing your seeds outdoors a great, cost-effective option.

Here are some of the best feminized cannabis seeds you can grow outdoors:

  • Zkittlez (Indica-Dominant Hybrid): Taste the rainbow with this fruity confectionary strain. You’ll experience a deep relaxation punctuated by cerebral effects.
  • Super Silver Haze (Sativa-Dominant Hybrid): This skunky herbal strain will not leave you in a cloud of smoke. Instead, you’ll feel a potent rush of energy that will guide you through the day.
  • Northern Lights (Indica-Dominant Hybrid): This strain comes in clutch at the end of a long, hard day. Experience fresh citrus notes with undercurrents of spice as you allow this highly sedative strain to take you away to dreamland for a restful slumber.

Feminized High Producing Cannabis Strains

If you’re a commercial grower, you want to get the biggest bang for your buck. When it comes to growing cannabis seeds, this means having a bountiful harvest of high-quality buds.

If you want to guarantee impressive amounts, you need to plant these feminized pot seeds:

  • Amnesia Haze (Sativa-Dominant Hybrid): With an earthy blend of robust citrus flavors permeating your palate, you’ll actually feel the opposite of a haze strain. One hit of this, and you’ll be able to tackle your day with resolute and uplifting energy.
  • Super Skunk (Indica-Dominant Hybrid): One whiff of this intensely skunky strain, and you’ll be high in the sky, soaring amongst the clouds. As you come back down to Earth, you’ll feel deep relaxation that will help ease you into a restful sleep and have you feeling refreshed the next morning.
  • Gold Leaf (Indica-Dominant Hybrid): This easy to cultivate strain boasts potent buds with an aromatic gaseous fragrance and sweet citrus flavors you’ll adore. Inspiring bursts of creativity will be complemented by mellow relaxation.

Easy Growing Feminized Cannabis Seeds

There are several easy-to-grow feminized cannabis seeds for sale that serve as great starters for new growers. These stress-free, low-effort strains will have you producing female plant after female plant with ease!

Here are the best feminized cannabis seeds for simple and easy grows:

  • White Widow (Indica-Dominant Hybrid): A great starter plant for new growers, this strain will unlock your chatty side and help you demolish creative roadblocks. As your creative juices start to flow, your palate will be overflowing with earthy woodland flavors undercut by spicy notes.
  • Chocolope (Sativa-Dominant Hybrid): This high producing and easy growing strain will motivate you to power through your busy day. Your palate and olfactory senses will become bathed in the familiar fragrances of your local coffee shop and capped off by a spicy, earthy taste.
  • Granddaddy Purple (100% Indica): Many people consume this potently relaxing West Coast strain as a satisfying nightcap. As you ride the smooth vibes of this tranquil strain, you’ll envelop your senses in toothsome and tart berry flavors for some sweet dreams.

cannabis seeds germinated with tails

Feminized Seeds FAQs

We put together this list of some of the most frequently asked questions about feminized seeds to help indoor and outdoor growers achieve the best results for homegrown cannabis crops.

Can You Clone Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Yes, it is possible to clone feminized cannabis seeds despite the term “clone” being a misnomer. Growers need to understand that it’s not the seeds themselves that are cloned but the plant itself. Clones result from a cutting (“offspring”) from the “mother plant.” It will produce feminized cannabis seeds (“clones”) genetically identical to the mother when planted. You can utilize these seeds to cultivate a new crop identical to the “mother plant.”

How Do You Germinate Female Cannabis Seeds?

Germinating female cannabis seeds is very easy. Here’s how you can do so in 8 easy steps! But before you start, you will need bottled water, a bowl, a dinner plate, paper towels, tweezers, and your female seeds.

How to germinate female cannabis seeds:

  1. Take two paper towels, moisten them with water, and ring out the excess liquid.
  2. Place one wet paper towel onto the dinner plate.
  3. Take your female seeds and place them one inch apart on the towel.
  4. Take the second paper towel from step 2 and place it over your seeds. If needed, add water to ensure everything stays moist.
  5. Lift the paper towels to ensure there is no free-floating water on the plate.
  6. Place the plate inside a drawer, cupboard, or any other dark and warm place for approximately 24 to 120 hours.
  7. Never let the seeds dry out during this time, and always keep them moist.
  8. Once your seeds split and form a healthy taproot, they are ready to be planted. These germinated seeds will turn into thriving female cannabis plants with proper attention and care.

How Much Do Feminized Seeds Cost to Order Online?

Online seed banks typically sell feminized cannabis seeds in packs of 3-10 seeds. They range in price from $40 to as high as $500 a pack! But you should have no problem finding high-quality seeds for sale within a $40-$150 price range. It might sound steep, but this price range is very affordable by industry standards. This is especially true considering that high-quality feminized seeds require more work to breed and take less time to flower.

The only time you’ll end up near the high end of the price range is if you decide to buy feminized cannabis seeds of rare, premium genetics. Growing Cannabis or hemp should not be expensive. That’s why many online seed banks and other seed banks in your community typically offer a few free seeds with each purchase. See all of our cheap cannabis seeds selection here!

Can Anyone in the USA Order Feminized Seeds?

The answer is complicated. But we’ll do our best to help sort out the legalities of buying cannabis seeds in the United States. Keep in mind that cannabis laws fluctuate. What might be the law as of this writing might not be the law when you read this.

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp (Cannabis sativa) and hemp-derived products, such as feminized hemp seeds, in the United States. Therefore, you can purchase feminized hemp seeds online and have them shipped to you, as long as you are 21. However, you might live in one of the few states with laws that conflict with the federal stance on hemp. It’s important to research your state laws before buying feminized hemp seeds.

The laws are even trickier to navigate regarding feminized Cannabis seeds. Despite several states legalizing medical and recreational Cannabis, federal law still considers it illegal. Federal law does not allow for the transport of Cannabis products across state lines. However, if you live in one of the states where Cannabis is legal, you can purchase feminized Cannabis seeds from local dispensaries. You can also order them online from sellers located within your state. Like hemp, you have to be 21 to buy Cannabis seeds online or in person.

Are Feminized Plants Ever Males?

Since feminized cannabis seeds do not contain male chromosomes, they will not produce male cannabis plants. However, certain environmental stressors may trigger female plants to express male characteristics.

Are Feminized Cannabis Plants Hermaphroditic?

Female cannabis seeds are not hermaphroditic. A hermaphrodite cannabis plant has both male and female reproductive organs. As a result, it can self-pollinate to produce a low-quality flower. This is why growers avoid hermaphrodite seeds at all costs.

But hermaphroditism is inherent to the genetics of feminized cannabis seeds because they result from inducing a female mother plant to produce pollen. This does not make feminized cannabis seeds hermaphroditic. But it does make them prone to it when exposed to triggers such as severe stress.

How Do You Avoid Hermaphrodite Cannabis Plants?

Limiting stress is the key to avoiding hermaphrodites when cultivating Cannabis from feminized Cannabis seeds. As we previously mentioned, severe stress can induce a female cannabis plant to become a hermaphrodite Cannabis plant. Before buying Cannabis seeds to grow your own Cannabis, ensure they’re feminized and not regular Cannabis seeds, which contain a mixture of male and female seeds.

You must keep your growing female Cannabis plants away from the following triggers to limit and prevent hermaphrodite Cannabis plants from developing:

  • Changes or disruptions to the photoperiod of your feminized plants
  • Fluctuations in temperatures
  • Waiting too long to harvest your buds
  • Physical damage to the plant
  • Underwatering or overwatering
  • Overfertilizing
  • Plant diseases
  • Pest infestations
  • The use of phytotoxic products

What Size Amounts Can I Expect From Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Under ideal growing conditions, you can expect each cannabis plant to produce up to 500 grams or 17.5 ounces of flower per cannabis plant. Keep in mind that one feminized cannabis seed produces one plant, and the more you plant, the bigger your amounts will be. Amounts are generally bigger outdoors due to growing conditions and extra space.

Is It Okay To Travel With Feminized Seeds?

The short answer is that you should use caution when traveling with feminized cannabis seeds, especially out of state. You can travel with feminized Cannabis seeds within state lines. Remember, Cannabis is still considered illegal by the federal government, so transporting any Cannabis product across state lines, even your favorite Cannabis strain seeds, is illegal.

Since hemp is legal in the United States, it’s okay for you to travel with feminized hemp seeds across state lines. However, keep in mind that many states have laws limiting or banning hemp-derived products like seeds. So travel with caution and do your research beforehand.

Can You Grow Feminized Hemp Seeds?

Yes, you can grow feminized hemp seeds. These cannabis seeds are similar to feminized Cannabis seeds in appearance and utilize the same cultivation methods. When planted, feminized hemp seeds grow into female hemp plants that produce flowers with high CBD.

Can You Grow Feminized Cannabis Seeds With Regular Seeds?

Yes, you can grow feminized cannabis seeds with natural seeds. However, since natural seeds produce male plants, you risk pollinating the entire crop. This will result in female plants producing seeds instead of flower.

Do Feminized Seeds Produce Cannabinoids?

Yes, feminized cannabis seeds develop into female plants that produce cannabinoid-rich buds. Although cannabis flower contains various cannabinoids, THC is the main cannabinoid in Cannabis, and CBD is the main cannabinoid in hemp.

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