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Apple Fritter Seeds Feminized

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 26% THC

 50% Indica / 50% Sativa

 Very easy to grow


THC Percentage
THC = 26%
Indica & Sativa Percentage
50% Indica
50% Sativa
Grow Difficulty



Very Difficult

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Strain Stats

Strain Stats

Strain Stats

Strain Parent Strains Flavor/Smell Effects CBD % THC %
Apple, cheese, pepper, vanilla. Herbal, fruity, citrusy, sweet, and earthy.
Relaxed, tingly, giggly, creative. Helpful with easing anxiety, stress, depression
High THC 26%

Grow Stats

Terpenes Appearance Grow Difficulty How long to flower? Harvest Amount
Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene
16oz/plant in hot/humid environments
Strain Statistics



Apple, cheese, pepper, vanilla. Herbal, fruity, citrusy, sweet, and earthy.


Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene


Relaxed, tingly, giggly, creative. Helpful with easing anxiety, stress, depression

CBD %:


THC %:

High THC 26%

Parent Strains:


Grow Difficulty:

How Long To Flower?:

Harvest Amount:

16oz/plant in hot/humid environments

Why Grow Apple Fritter Seeds

Apple Fritter is a high-producing strain that produces top-of-the-line potent flowers. For example, its hybrid cross of 50% Indica 50% Sativa is gaining popularity and becoming a favorite strain to many farmers and smokers. Along with the strong effects that Apple Fritter has, it produces a terpene called Caryophyllene that has anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, It also tests high in Limonene and Myrcene. Apple Fritter seeds produce medium-sized bushy plants that are open to a variety of growing methods including Sea of Green and Low-Stress training.


Cannabis Plant Fully Grown, Apple Fritter Feminized


Apple Fritter Stats

Strain Indica/Sativa: 50/50
Flavor/Smell: Apple, cheese, pepper, vanilla. Herbal, fruity, citrusy, sweet, and earthy.
Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene
Effects: Relaxed, tingly, giggly, creative. Helpful with easing anxiety, stress, depression
CBD %: ~1%
THC %: High THC ~26%
Parent Strains: Sour Apple X Animal Cookies
Appearance: Squatty, dense and much heavier than it appears, with foxtailing buds that tend to fork three ways. Routine spots of dark purple and a beefy coat of trichomes make the strain’s wintergreen color seem darker than it really is
Grow: Easy to grow? Unknown; relatively new. Low resistance to diseases.
How long to flower? 9-10wks.
Yield: ~16oz. per square meter / plant in hot/humid environments


Cannabis Buds, Apple Fritter Nugs


What is Apple Fritter?

When thinking of an Apple Fritter anyone would imagine a delightful, tasty, fresh, dense, delicious pastry covered in icing that sticks to your fingers as you enjoy the taste of its Apple flavor. Now…. just picture all of that but in the form of a chronic nug. Apple Fritter is known for its incredible flavor and aromas and has a potency of  THC levels at 26%! Apple Fritter is the perfect yin yang of Sativa and Indica, that’s right, 50/50! This strain gives you a little bit of everything you are looking for, with its ultra-relaxing properties and cosmic cerebral effects, it is a “must try” strain.

We’ve put together all the details you need to know about Apple Fritter in the sections below.


What Are Apple Fritter Seeds?

The seeds of Apple Fritter are bred from a lineage of legendary strains. Apple Fritter seeds will grow into thick plants that are medium-sized with multiple colas. Each cola carries bright orange pistils and consistent dark purple spots along with a heavy trichome glaze. The colas tend to have a foxtailing effect that generally forks 3 ways. Adding to the mouthwatering flowers that Apple Fritter seeds produce the levels of THC it brings to the table is at a high of 26% and a bonus of 1% CBD.


Apple Fritter Seeds History

Legend has it, the creation of Apple Fritter seeds took place in Northern California. The breeders arranged a combination of two highly sought-after strains: Animal Cookies and Sour Apple. They forged a new superstar strain with a perfect hybrid ratio of 50% indica and 50% sativa. Apple Fritter is well known for being put on High Times world’s strongest strains list and made quite the appearance when coming in 2nd place for best hybrid at the NorCal Cannabis Cup in 2016. To this day, Apple Fritter is one of those strains that people can not grow and smoke enough of.


What Type of Apple Fritter Seeds Are There?

Apple Fritter seeds are available in several varieties. The type of cannabis seed that is best for your needs depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your grow and the conditions you are able to provide. You can get Apple Fritter seeds that are Unsexed, Feminized, or Autoflower feminized.

Each type has its unique benefits, which we will go through in the sections below.

Regular (Unsexed) Seeds

Growing regular unsexed seeds creates unnecessary headaches, and are only suitable for growers looking to cross their own strains. When working with these seeds, you will typically have half male and half female plants.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized Cannabis seeds only produce female plants since they are created without using male plant DNA. These types of seeds are the best option since regular un-sexed seeds run the risk of male plants pollinating your crop and causing your buds to have seeds. Feminized seeds will save you effort and time in your process of growing seed to harvest. When using feminized Apple Fritter seeds, you can be certain that you will produce the crop you are hoping for.

Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower Apple Fritter seeds can save you time from seed to harvest, but the disadvantage is that these seeds have smaller yields. That is to say, these seeds will produce a shorter plant that kicks into flower no matter the light cycle. Above all, autoflower seeds are good for beginner growers with limited space since they don’t require as much maintenance to flower.


Cannabis Weed Seeds


How to Grow Apple Fritter Seeds

Apple Fritter can be grown indoors or outdoors and appreciates a hot and humid climate. Apple fritter seeds will produce medium-shorter thicker plants that require topping and pruning. Known for lower resistance to diseases, make sure to keep the plant’s immunity strong.


For instance, Apple Fritter seeds will grow quickly but remain short and stocky. This strain is ideal for growers using a small grow room or tent. For the best results, use bigger pots to help grow larger plants. It has been reported that techniques like low-stress training (LST), Sea of Green (SOG) work well with Apple Fritter seeds. We recommend topping in the early vegetation stages and pruning any excess nodes throughout the vegetation and early flower stages. As with many other strains, it is important to regularly prune up the canopy and allow maximum light penetration. It’s also best to control temperature and humidity to the best of your ability. When growing Apple Fritter indoors, the plants can grow up to 5 ft high. Generally, Apple Fritter will yield 16 oz. per square meter.


Apple Fritter seeds will do best in a hot and humid climate. However, if the climate you live in isn’t like this, it will be best to try and grow this indoors in a tent. For example, you have the best control over the humidity and temperature when growing indoors. When you are growing Apple Fritter seeds outdoors, it will be ready for harvest around the middle of October. Apple Fritter seeds will yields approximately one pound (16 oz.) per plant.


The Benefits of Apple Fritter

The half Indica half Sativa cross of Apple Fritter strain delivers multiple benefits simultaneously! At first, it will create a burst of euphoria. Secondly, it will ignite one’s creativity all with the following effects of a sedative physical high. Additionally, Apple Fritter can help with chronic stress and aches and pains throughout the body. It is known for being a mood-boosting strain, that can also relieve mental tension and promote a restful night’s sleep.


Where to Buy Apple Fritter Seeds Online?

If you are looking to buy Apple Fritter Seeds, look no further! OG Seeds provides fast, free, discreet shipping, 25% off your first order, and guaranteed germination!


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    This is my 3rd order with you guys. Keep the good stains coming, more exotics please!

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    All of my seeds sprouted using the paper towel germ method

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