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Looking to buy autoflower seeds?  Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a great way for beginner growers to learn the fundamentals of growing cannabis. They can even be a great way for those with more experience to get multiple harvests in one grow season. Whatever your reason is for getting into them, autoflower seeds are a great way for anyone to start growing their own cannabis plants.

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If you want to learn more about how autoflowering cannabis seeds, how they work, what they are, and how to find the best autoflowering seeds, then you came to the right place! Read further below for a full guide on everything you need to know about these seeds so you can start your cannabis cultivation off on the right foot!

What Are Autoflower Seeds?

Autoflower seeds are cannabis seeds specially made to begin flowering without the need for the light adjustments that non-autoflower varieties require.  Additionally, these plants also grow faster than other varieties and result in a smaller plant. This makes them great for indoor growing or in settings with limited space!

Autoflower seeds get their resilient qualities from the Cannabis ruderalis plant. The Cannabis ruderalis plant is native to the part of the world where eastern Europe reaches into Asia, sometimes called Eurasia. These plants can thrive there in the far North with little sunlight and a colder climate than what is normally acceptable for other varieties of cannabis seeds. They also flower based on time, rather than light exposure, the main quality sought after in autoflowering seeds.

Autoflower seeds evolved from these plants by mixing Sativa Cannabis seeds and Indica seed varieties with Ruderalis. Autoflower seeds possess the best qualities of both varieties. They express the hardiness of the ruderalis plant with the high terpene, high cannabinoid content that comes from Indica and Sativa strains.

Today you’ll commonly find many popular strains mixed with Ruderalis traits. These allow anyone to cultivate cannabis strains well known for their high quality without any necessary experience!

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How Long Do Autoflower Seeds Take To Fully Mature?

The process to germinate autoflower seeds and then grow them is generally faster than growing regular cheap cannabis seeds. Indoors autoflower seeds will grow from germination to a full plant in less than ten weeks.

Some auto seeds will grow faster than others, meaning that some strains might take more or less time than this, depending on the particular strain. Still, autoflowering cannabis seeds are not necessarily the fastest, and some regular cannabis seeds for sale might even have faster growtimes depending on the strain.

History of the Autoflower Plant

Like many parts of cannabis history, the origin of autoflower seeds is widely debated. Cannabis ruderalis was first described in the 1920s by Russian botanist D. E. Janischewsky. But still, it was not until the 1970s that mentions of a hybridized auto-flowering variety began appearing.

During the 70s, multiple breeders may have been working to create something similar to the autoflower varieties we have today. The best known of these is Neville Scoenmaker. Scoenmaker, the founder of the contemporary brand Sensei Seeds, is often mentioned as one of the primary figures working on creating an effective variety of autoflowering cannabis seeds.

However, many breeders struggled to create a stable cross until the early 2000s. This brought the introduction of Lowryder, one of the first commercially available autoflowering cannabis strains. Today, the autoflower market is thriving, with expert breeders creating exciting varieties of autoflower seeds. Now all of the world’s largest, most popular seedbanks carry many varieties of autoflower seeds, giving everyone the chance to experience their great qualities.


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Why Do Growers Use Autoflower Seeds?

There are many reasons why growers choose to use autoflower seeds for their homegrow. One of the primary reasons most people do so is that they are easy to grow and resilient to harm. This hardiness is great for first-time growers and those who may not have access to the expensive equipment that is sometimes required for regular cannabis seeds. This is because autoflower plants are very adaptive, do not require special light, and grow well indoors in cooler climates.

Autoflower seeds also grow faster, meaning that growers won’t have to wait as long to get their hands on their beautiful nugs! This also means that larger grow operations can enjoy greater productivity overall, increasing the flower produce per season by significant bounds. For many people, all of these positive qualities combine to allow for a more accessible and easier way to grow. This makes autoflower seeds the perfect choice for new growers.

Advantages of Autoflower Seeds

Autoflowering seeds have many advantages over regular cannabis seeds and feminized seeds too. Some of the most talked-about benefits include:

  1. Easier to Grow: Autoflower seeds thrive even in the care of an inexperienced grower.
  2. Less Maintenance: Autos do not require as much attention as other varieties of the cannabis plant. They need less maintenance overall.
  3. Lower Cost for Nutrients: With autoflower seeds, you will not need to invest as much in nutrients. Often special autoflower nutrients are used specifically during the blooming stage, which is significantly less than other varieties requiring nutrients throughout the entire process.
  4. Light Independent: The grow cycle of autos depends on time rather than light exposure. That means you do not need an expensive light setup or a highly controlled room to grow healthy cannabis plants.
  5. Grows Fast: Autos grow faster than most other varieties, reaching the flowering stage sometime around eight weeks in.
  6. Low Profile Stature: These seeds typically produce low-profile, smaller plants. This makes autoflower seeds perfect for starting a stealth grow indoors or even in a compact grow closet!
  7. Resilience: These autoflowering plants are also resilient to various conditions. They adapt well to lower sunlight and can be grown in environments where they would not commonly be able to thrive.
  8. Immune to Light Leaks: Autos are also immune to light leaks. This means that you will not need to create a light-controlled environment to grow auto flowering seeds. They will thrive on many degrees of light exposure.


Autoflower Seed Production

Auto flowering cannabis seeds may produce less than other varieties. Still, autoflowering strains can offset this, giving growers the ability to produce more often due to their quick growtime. Also, because autoflowering cannabis plants are smaller than average cannabis plants, growers should be able to fit more into a small space, making cultivating multiple plants much easier.

Still, just like how harvest time depends on the strain of flower being grown, so does the amount it produces. Most traditional varieties of auto flowering strains will produce somewhere between ten and fifty grams of flower per plant. However, high-producing autoflower seeds, referred to as ‘super autos,’ can produce amounts of bud between 100 and 200 grams per plant!

Autoflower Potencies

When autoflowering cannabis plants first hit the market, the potencies of the flower were much lower than that coming from regular photoperiod seeds. Today, however, this is a problem of the past. Now consumers can enjoy access to their favorite strains of cannabis with all of the advantages provided by autoflowering cannabis seeds. They won’t have to sacrifice potency, either!


Growing the Best Autoflower Seeds

Growing the best cannabis plants always requires starting with the best autoflowering seeds. But there is more to the process than just that!

To get the best results, you’d be wise to get as much knowledge as possible on the strain you would like to grow. This will give you the information needed to create the best environment for the strain you are growing, increasing the likelihood of positive results.

Growing indoors will typically bring the best results. This is because you can control the plants’ surroundings in a much more exacting and purposeful way in an indoor environment. In fact, with a very good setup like a grow closet or DIY home grow environment, you can control almost every variable! Below are some general tips for growing premium indoor auto-flowering cannabis.

Temperature Requirements

Keeping your plants in an environment at an appropriate temperature makes a huge difference in the development of the plant. Keeping a plant at the wrong temp can ruin a potential grow, but keeping it at the sweet spot can help your plant produce delicious and pungent nugs.

Typically autoflower plants thrive in the same temperature range as regular varieties. That is with a day temperature between 73 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Night temperatures should not deviate more than 5-10 degrees during the night to keep your plant comfy.

Light Requirements

One of the most important parts of growing any plant, especially cannabis, is the light requirements. Cannabis plants naturally need cycles of varying light levels, with a nighttime period of no light for some fraction of the day.

The requirements for auto flowering plants are different from regular seeds. They can bloom under whatever light cycle created by the grower or the natural cycles of sunlight outside. But what kind of light requirements should growers look for to get the optimal results?

Luckily, in many ways, the most optimal light cycle for your plants is dependent on whatever is most convenient for you! Auto plants are highly adaptable and tend to thrive under most conditions. Still, if you live in a colder environment, leaving your lights on for a 24-hour cycle may be beneficial. The lights can help maintain a consistently warm temperature, even in the colder hours of the night.

For hotter climates, growers can potentially use the “twelve hours of light and twelve hours of darkness” approach to allow the plants to cool off in the afternoon. Autoflowers have earned their reputation as adaptable plants, and as such, there isn’t one most optimized method of lighting. Find the one that works best for you, and the plant will provide the rest!

Humidity Requirements for autoflower plants

Humidity is important to control — too much, and your beautiful plants may struggle with dastardly molds, or too little, and the poor ladies will have trouble photosynthesizing. The humidity requirements for autoflowering cannabis seeds are typically the same as regular seeds, ideally at 40-60% humidity. These levels are important to maintain if you would like to avoid running into problems.

Controlling humidity is critical during the flowering stage when your plants begin showing buds. It is even more important to be aware of the times that the temperature could drop during this time. Moisture coupled with a drop in temp can result in dew formation, which is the perfect environment for mold. Using a hygrometer can help you to track and record moisture levels. With a number to work with, you can adjust the moisture levels by using a mixture of ventilation, dehumidifiers, and humidifiers if necessary.

Nutrient Requirements

Autoflower seeds produce smaller plants that do not spend much time in their vegetative growth phase. That means that growers do not need to use many nutrients during growth! Most of the feeding will occur as the plant goes through its flowering stage.

It is important to go light on nutrients, especially going easy on the amount of nitrogen you provide to your plant during flowering. Finding the right mix can take some trial and error, but going with simple mixes is the best when first starting.

Autoflower Harvest Tips

When your plants are fully matured and ready for harvest, you’ll want to use the proper technique to ensure you get the best final product possible. Knowing how and when to do so is critical for getting the best results. Haste makes waste, so taking your time is essential for getting the best results. This is especially true because the harvesting stage requires multiple steps before the actual cutting and trimming of the nugs.

Flushing you Autoflower Plants

Done in the last two or three weeks of growth, flushing ensures that the harsh chemical flavor of the nutrients is gone by the time you’re smoking it. Flush your plant by watering it with pure, clean water for the final weeks. This effectively washes the roots and soil out, promoting higher terpene levels and better flavor in the final product.

Check the Trichomes

Standard practice before chopping your buds from the plant involves verifying the presentation of the trichomes. Trichomes are the sticky crystalline little guys that produce the plant’s THC (found in High THC Seeds). You’ll want to ensure that the trichomes are a cloudy color before harvesting. If the trichomes are clear, they are too young to harvest and could use more time!

Lights Out

For the final 48 hours before harvesting, you can trick your plant into producing more trichomes and terpenes by leaving it in the dark! This simulates the seasonal change of fall into winter, tricking your plant into preparing for its final days. Your plant will use all of its energy in a final attempt to propagate, giving you a better final harvest.


If you made it this far, congratulations! You’re very close to having your first autoflower buds! We recommend using a sharp pair of shears and then cutting away. Often, the bottom branches will grow slower and smaller than the top. If you want to encourage further growth on the smaller low nugs, you can harvest the top first and then wait a few days to harvest the lower branches, so they have time to grow.


Now for the hard part: trimming. Trimming can be time-consuming, so give yourself a reasonable amount of time to complete this step. You can do trimming before or after drying, but we recommend ‘wet trimming,’ which must occur before this. This is because the flower is easier to handle before drying and less likely to become damaged.

We suggest you use sterilized, sharp shears when you trim to get the best results. Then using these shears, slowly remove the leaves from the buds. Trimming is a skill that you can develop with practice, so don’t expect to be a master on your first try! Take your time, and you will see improvement as you practice.


Unfortunately, just because your plant is fully grown doesn’t mean that you can enjoy your bud just yet. First, the flower has to dry. Drying takes a few weeks, approximately two to three at a time. To dry the flower properly, keep it in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. Be sure to take your time drying to avoid creating a hay-like, dulled flavor in the final product.

The Final Step!

This is the final countdown! All that’s left is curing your flower! But this is an essential step, so don’t falter now! Put your dried, trimmed product in jars to cure your bud, filling them up about 75% with your flower. Seal the jars for a few weeks, releasing the air inside daily to refresh its contents.

The curing process will enhance the classic desirable scent associated with high-quality cannabis. You can judge how far you are into the curing process by this smell. Check the scent frequently until the green chlorophyll smell has been fully replaced with dank goodness, and then you’ll know you have your hands on a quality batch of cannabis!


Indoor Autoflower Seed Growing Tips

You can do many things to potentially increase the quality of your flower and avoid running into problems when you do so! When doing an indoor grow, you’ll have control over many variables, giving you lots of opportunities to maximize efficiency. Some quick tips for growing indoors:

  1. Maximize Efficiency: Before finishing your current grow, try pre-germinating your seeds to have a plant ready faster. You may never run into a dry spell again if you find the right cycle!
  2. Let There Be Light: Because autos are not dependent on light for their flowering stage, you can expose them to lots of light to encourage growth. Try experimenting with different amounts of exposure until you find the one that works best for you!


Outdoor Autoflower Growing Tips

Growing outdoor autoflowering seeds introduces more variables to the project, but that won’t stop you from making the most of it and ending up with premium quality flower. Because auto flowering seeds produce small plants, they are perfect for starting a stealth grow operation! This is why autos are often the first choice for stealth and micro growers. Get the most out of your outdoor grow with these simple tips:

  1. Monitor Them Closely: Outdoor plants will have exposure to pests and the elements. Routinely inspect your plants to ensure they do not become infested by bugs or other pests.
  2. Training: This is the process of purposeful placement of the branches by tying them into position. Training helps optimize the plant’s growth by allowing its many parts to receive equal amounts of sunlight. Training can be complex, but because the results can boost quality, it can be worth it (no montage required*).

Additional Autoflower Growing Tips

Any grower you talk to is sure to have their own bag of tricks they consider essential for getting a quality product. Here are a few to start with so you don’t start empty-handed:

  1. Prevent Stress & Injuries: Do whatever you can to avoid stressing the plant out or causing injury. This often entails avoiding touching the plant as much as possible, and if you do, doing so as gently as you can.
  2. Avoid Overfeeding Nutrients: Too much food can hurt your plant. Autos are fast-growing plants and will need less food to grow.
  3. Pick the Right Strain: First-time growers, take note! Choosing an easy-to-grow strain with resilient properties will make the process easier. In addition, it is important to pick the right strain so that you get the desired outcome from consuming your flower. See our best cannabis strains seeds here!


germinating autoflower seeds for growing cannabis

How To Germinate Autoflower Seeds

Before you do anything with your plants, you need a germinated seed. Luckily, germination is an easy part of this process that anyone can succeed in doing. The process of germinating an autoflower seed can take up to ten days.

To germinate a seed:

  1. Moisten a paper towel so that it is not too wet or too dry.
  2. Wrap the seeds in a moist paper towel and then cover them with a plastic container or sandwich between two plates.
  3. Store this in a warm, dark place.
  4. Check on them daily until you notice a white, root-like structure bursting through the shell. Once this part, called the radicle, is exposed, your seed is germinated and ready for planting!


germinating cannabis seeds

Where To Buy Autoflower Seeds

There are lots of sources where you can find autoflowering seeds. Check out our big selection of Cannabis Seeds here: But to get some of the best, you’d be doing yourself a favor by buying from OG Seeds. We are the premier destination for some of the hottest autoflower strains like Zkittles, Ice Cream Cake, Purple Punch, GMO, and plenty of other high THC heavy hitters!

When you order from us online at OG Seeds, you’ll receive quick shipping to get high-quality seeds fast! Also, please stop by our site for more guides like this one to help you along on your growing journey. We can all use a hand sometimes, so why not take one from the OGs?

Autoflower Seeds FAQ

Even if you are an experienced grower, you may still have some questions regarding some of the specifics of autoflowering seeds. To answer these questions, we put together this quick and convenient FAQ.

Are Autoflowers Trainable?

Due to their resilience and durability, autoflowering cannabis strains are great for training. In fact, they often handle it better than traditional feminized cannabis plants. This gives growers the perfect opportunity to try their hand at training with lowered risk. Training can help you get more consistent quality from your grows by allowing each part of the plant to receive equal amounts of light. Training also gives each branch more of its own space to promote healthy growing.

Can Autoflower Seeds Be Hermaphroditic?

Autoseeds, even feminized autoflower seeds, can produce hermaphroditic plants if the grower is not careful. This happens when an individual branch becomes male in the growing process. Unfortunately, if this male part of the plant goes unchecked as the other parts start flowering, it will likely pollinate the other branches, ruining your batch!

Can I Grow Autoflower Plants With Regular Cannabis Plants?

Yes! There’s no reason not to grow autoflowering seeds with regular cannabis seeds. Just be aware that photoperiod plants (regular cannabis plants) will require a specific light schedule to grow. While a lighting schedule is not essential to the proper growth of your autoflowering plants, they will adapt well to whatever schedule works for your regular plants.

Can You Clone From Autoflower Plants?

Autoflower plants can create clones. It’s a common misperception that autoflowering plants cannot create clones, but this is not true. Just know that the quality of the clones coming from an autoflowering plant is often pretty lackluster. This may be why the myth that autoflowering plants cannot clone persists! Because of the low quality of cloning autoflowering plants, most growers advise against it.

How Long Are Autoflower Seeds Good For?

Generally, when stored in the right conditions, autoflowering seeds remain healthy for around 16 months. Following this, the seeds may harden and lose potency, making the germination process more difficult.

How To Store Autoflower Seeds

Storing autoflower cannabis seeds is simple, and storing them properly goes a long way in retaining their quality over time. Simply put them in a cool, dry place away from sunlight, preferably in a sealed light-safe jar to store them for longevity. If you have a fridge, that can be an ideal storage place! If you don’t have space there, no problem! Your seeds will do just fine so long as they are sealed away from sunlight and open air.

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