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Cookies Strains - The Ultimate Strain Review & Information Guide

Cookies Strains – The Ultimate Strain Review & Information Guide

Cookies strains, among cannabis products and culture, is a name that rings loudly far and wide. For instance, the genetics behind this prevalent Indica-dominant hybrid has produced some of the world’s most popular strains. The Cookies strain is a potent cross between OG Kush, Durban Poison, and Cherry Kush.

Key factors such as cultivation and curing techniques normally determine the THC content of any cannabis strain, and Cookies typically contain THC levels hovering around the mid-20s.

With deep violet hues scattered over its flowers and bronze pistils poking out, its delectable bud is dense and shaped like anchors. Additionally, its scent and flavor are reminiscent of baked, nutty confections with notes of cherries. Notes of vanilla and spice are also found in its scent, but its taste is less distinctive.


What are Cookies Strains?

Cookies is an award-winning hybrid that has won multiple Cannabis Cups. There is a strong earthy aroma mixed with hints of green sweetness to this potent strain. The popular strain provides both cerebral stimulation and body relaxation, making it a versatile choice.

Known for its delicious taste, Cookies is a delicious Cannabis strain with a taste and aroma similar to baked, nutty confections. The hybrid strain blends OG Kush, Durban Poison, and Cherry Kush.

History of Cookies Strains  

Among the various strains in the cannabis world, many have gained prominence, but few have given rise to dynasties. Moreover, when we mention “dynasties,” we are referring to those influencer strains that have given rise to whole sub-genres of Cannabis, such as Kush or Haze cannabis. Since the early 2010s, the Cookies family has been the latest dynasty to have a major impact on cannabis culture — influencing the tastes and sensations of cannabis connoisseurs everywhere.

Co-founded by renowned rapper Berner, the strain was born in 2010 from a partnership between Berner and a seasoned grow expert named Jai. Also known as “Jigga,” Jai had previously cemented his reputation in the Cannabis industry by creating the famous Cannabis strains “Durban Poison” and “Cherry Pie.”

Together, the two entrepreneurs took the legal cannabis market by storm with their flagship strain, “Girl Scout Cookies,” aka “GSC.” Several Cannabis Cups have been awarded to this Indica-dominant strain, paving the way for other award-winning descendants such as “Gelato” and “Sherbert.” Today, Cookies is one of the most popular strains in all of cannabis.



Why are Cookies Strains so Popular?

When talking about top-shelf cannabis, the Cookie fam is frequently mentioned by many cannabis enthusiasts. Due to the rigorous quality assurance process associated with Cookies, you will always receive above-average potency through multiple mediums. Feeling dabs, cartridges, edibles, or smoking classic flowers and buds? Never fear, they all produce amazing results!

A sweet, sweet cross between OG Kush, Durban Poison, and Cherry Kush — the Cookies strain is a product of the legendary “Cookies Fam” collective based in San Francisco and was created in the early 2010s.

How Do Cookies Strains Smell, Look & Taste?

Cookies is a delicious strain that smells and tastes like baked, nutty confections with a cherry undertone flavor. It is a hybrid combination of OG Kush, Durban Poison, and Cherry Kush.

The Cookie fam strain is said to smell like baked confections enriched with nuts, cherries, vanilla, and spices. The smoke is rather pleasant, and the flavor tends to be sweet, slightly nutty, and somewhat cherry-flavored in nature — delivering a nice, smooth smoking experience.

Deep violet, green and purple hues with vibrant orange hairs are scattered over its flowers, and bronze pistils poke out of its cured buds, which are quite dense and shaped like anchors.

Is Cookies an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

A popular Indica-dominant strain, Cookies is named for its delicious scent of baked treats with nuts, cherries, vanilla, and spices. Subsequently, a tasty smoke, it is the result of combining the OG Kush, Durban Poison, and Cherry Kush strains.

How Potent Are Cookies Cannabis Strains?

Various factors, including cultivation and curing techniques, determine the THC content and percentage of any cannabis strain. Cookies cannabis strains typically claim levels of THC hovering around the mid-20s.

The San Francisco-based “Cookies Fam” collective that breeds these delectable herbs has been capable of achieving high THC content levels for many years. They claim averages between 25% and 28%, along with CBD and CBN levels of around 1%.


What are the Different Cookies Strains?

Whenever a Cannabis strain becomes extremely popular, we see it crossbred with and incorporated into many other strains. Although “Girl Scout Cookies,” or “GSC,” is the flagship strain of the Cookies family, other strains share similar and unique characteristics.

Below we list some of the most popular Cookies strains and their genetic backgrounds.

  • Girl Scout Cookies – cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison.
  • Peyote Cookies – a purple cross between Peyote Purple and Cookies Kush. Peyote Cannabis. Purple world.
  • Blueberry Cookies – cross between Blueberry Tahoe and Girl Scout Cookies.
  • Cookies & Cream – cross between Starfighter and Girl Scout Cookies.
  • Tangie Cookies – cross between Tangie and Girl Scout Cookies.
  • Jungle Cookies – Indica-dominant hybrid crossing Jungle Kush and Girl Scout Cookies.
  • Orange Cookies – cross between Orange Juice and Girl Scout Cookies with beautiful orange hairs.
  • Frosted Cookies – Indica-dominant hybrid that comes directly from its GSC parent.
  • Platinum Cookies – The Platinum Cookies strain owes its lineage entirely to Girl Scout Cookies.
  • Cookies & Chem – Indica-dominant hybrid cross between Girl Scout Cookies, Starfighter, and Stardawg.
  • Animal Cookies – cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG.
  • Mandarin Cookies – Sativa-dominant hybrid strain crossing Forum Cut Cookies and Mandarin Sunset.


What are the Best Cookies Strains?

There are dozens of good Cookie strains available in the cannabis market today. Only a few of them, however, fall in the “best” category. Below we list some of our favorite Cookie strains for your reading pleasure!

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)

Here at OG Seeds, we offer the finest selection of Girls Scout Cookies autoflowering seeds. So look no further if you want to acquire the Cannabis strain that started it all in the Cookies family.

GSC, aka Girl Scout Cookies, is a world-famous cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison. The combination of mental euphoria and physical relaxation it provides after consumption makes it a very popular Cannabis strain.

White Tahoe Cookies

With its premium popularity, potent effects, and rich strain history, you don’t want to miss adding White Tahoe Cookies seeds to your cannabis garden. We offer the best feminized White Tahoe Cookies seeds in the market, so look no further than OG Seeds if you wish to buy the finest seeds in town!

White Tahoe Cookies, aka “Tahoe Cookies,” is a powerful Indica-dominant hybrid that produces enhanced feelings of euphoria. Furthermore, the strain’s minty aroma and frosty appearance lend it its icy name.

This popular Cannabis strain delivers effective body relaxation and soothing effects that help relieve discomforts and helps ease physical tensions in the body. Additionally, this batch of Cannabis packs a heavy punch as well as boosts energy and creativity as well!

Cookies & Cream

Girl Scout Cookies and Starfighter are combined to create Cookies & Cream. In 2014, Cookies & Cream won first place in the hybrid category of the Denver Cannabis Cup. This exceptional Cannabis strain helps you get a good night’s sleep and provides long-lasting relief.

GMO Cookies

At OG Seeds, we offer the best-in-class feminized GMO Cookies cannabis seeds anywhere on the interweb! GMO Cookies is a very potent and earthy Cannabis strain. In Addition, the advantage of growing GMO Cookies is that it’s a suitable option for beginner growers.

This famous Cannabis strain is a cross of Chemdawg and GSC genetics. You may feel a bit sedated and locked to the couch after consuming GMO Cookies in large doses, so tread lightly, friends!

Orange Cookies

Orange Cookies combines Orange Juice with Girl Scout Cookies. Not surprisingly, the Orange Cookies Cannabis strain smells like, you guessed it, oranges! It offers a soothing mix of physical calm and a euphoric head buzz upon consumption.


Benefits & Effects of Cookies Cannabis

Cookies cannabis is great for multiple reasons. For example, As an Indica-dominant hybrid, the popular Cannabis strain produces euphoric effects, helps reduce stress levels, and provokes waves of relaxation throughout the body. This magical strain helps alleviate symptoms associated with bodily discomforts and will leave you feeling happy, hungry, and stress-free after just a few puffs.

Many medical Cannabis patients use Cookies to help relieve symptoms, increase their appetite, enhance their body high, and boost their overall mood. Because of the legendary status of Cookies in the cannabis community, variations of this Indica-dominant hybrid strain can be found in many dispensaries throughout the country.



What Type of Cookies Seeds are there?

Several options are available when growing Cookies strain seeds, including regular (unsexed), feminized, and autoflowering Cookies seeds. We list each seed type in more detail below.

Regular (Unsexed) Cookies Seeds

  • Regular (unsexed) seeds are created with male chromosomes and result from male plants naturally pollinating female plants.
  • When working with unsexed seeds, you typically have a 50/50 mix of male and female cannabis plants.

Feminized Cookies Seeds

  • With feminized Cookies seeds, you don’t have to worry about male plants pollinating your plants and producing seeds instead of flowers. Since feminized seeds are produced without using male plant DNA, they will only produce female plants.
  • The best way to produce female plants with potent buds is to plant feminized cannabis seeds. There is a risk of this not happening when you grow your crop using regular (unsexed) seeds.

Autoflower Cookies Seeds

  • As its name implies, the blooming process for autoflower Cookies seeds is automatic.
  • These seeds do not require changing light cycles and produce faster harvests with smaller amounts.
  • Autoflowering seeds produce plants that flower naturally after about 2-4 weeks of growing.


How to Grow the Best Cookies Flower?

New to the growing game? Below are helpful tips for growing the best Cookies cannabis flower.

  • Remember to always germinate your seeds before planting them. The paper towel method is one we like to use a lot.
  • Once the seedlings have sprouted, you can plant them in small pots filled with soil. Ensure your soil is moist but not too soggy by watering regularly. Avoid drowning your plants at all costs!
  • Once your plants have grown a few inches, move them to give them room to thrive. It is recommended that Cookies plants receive 10-12 hours of direct sunlight per day.
  • During the flowering period, fertilize your plants regularly. To reach their full potential, these plants require plenty of nutrients. Regular fertilizing will ensure large, beautiful buds come harvest time!

How Long Does Cookies Take to Flower?

The flowering time for the Cookies Cannabis strain takes approximately nine to ten weeks to harvest. Anticipate an indoor amounts of about 15.5–17.5 ounces per m² and an outdoor harvest of around 17.5–19.5 ounces per crop. Cookie strains feature bushy, medium-sized cannabis plants with small, dense buds that sparkle like diamonds.

It’s a good idea to prune the bottom leaves of Cookies since it is a bushy Cannabis plant. By doing this, the buds will receive most of their energy and nutrition, resulting in sticky, resinous buds. The Sea of Green (SOG) method is a fine choice for growing Cookies.

Cookies Cannabis Indoor Growing Tips

In order to give Cookies seeds the best head start possible, it’s most suitable to grow them indoors so you can control the environment. By growing indoors, beginners will find it easier to control the climate and humidity levels. Warm temperatures between 68 and 79°F are ideal for indoor cultivation.

Expect an amount of approximately 14-17 ounces per square foot, and you can harvest after about 8-10 weeks. Planting inside can require more space maintenance, such as keeping it warm while reducing humidity. Those who live in areas that don’t receive enough sunlight can also benefit from indoor grow operations.

Cookies Cannabis Outdoor Growing Tips

Cookies seeds can also be grown outdoors in warmer climates, so you’ll need to ensure they’re in a sunny spot. Growing outdoors is easy if you live in a Mediterranean-like climate.

Due to its indica genetics, Cookies is resistant to temperature fluctuations but not high humidity. So if it rains or it’s humid outside, outdoor growers need a backup plan.

How Much Do Cookies Strains Produce on Average?

The flowering period for Cookies takes approximately 9 to 10 weeks to harvest. Secondly, you can anticipate an indoor amounts of about 15.5–17.5 ounces per m² on average and an outdoor harvest of approximately 17.5–19.5 ounces per crop.


Where to Find the Best Cookies Seeds

If you wish to buy the best Cookies seeds available, you have come to the right place! OG Seeds is a reputable US-based seed bank offering some of the country’s most high-quality seeds. We carry the best genetics and offer fast, free, & discreet shipping +25% off your first order!


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