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How to Get Rid of Cannabis Smell: Ultimate Tips

How to Get Rid of Cannabis Smell: Ultimate Tips

How to Get Rid of Cannabis Smell? Cannabis gives off one of the most potent aromas, more than any other substance. Whether you are smoking it or just carrying it in your pocket, it can be a hassle if you’re around people who do not smoke or in public areas where the smell will stick out. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to help prevent and mask the odor greatly so that you can smoke or carry it in your pocket and go about your day.

Let’s go over some cover-up and concealing tips and show you how to get rid of the lingering smell of pot so nobody will notice the smell on you.


Why Does Cannabis Smell So Much?

Terpenes are what make Cannabis smell so much. The terpenes of the bud contain over 200 compounds that produce significant Cannabis smells, so you’re dealing with a lot of aromas. Cannabis has a biological defense mechanism that can repel away predators, which explains the skunky smell of Cannabis.

Biologically, it seems that Cannabis is meant to be skunky and extremely potent. So many aromatic compounds linger in the stickiness of Cannabis, so simply using an air freshener may not work. Air fresheners and many precautions and methods for cleaning this potent smell will be your only way to combat it.

How Long Does Cannabis Smell Linger?

Cannabis smell can linger from hours to days, depending on how much fresh air circulates the room or space. The smell can also stick to clothes and take longer to get rid of. The smell could fade away within an hour or less with enough fresh air circulating. If you have smoked or touched any potent Cannabis, the smell will linger on your lips for much longer unless you wash your skin.

If your Cannabis bag is left open or you have some Cannabis plants growing, the smell will always linger in the room or space without concealing them or using a fan.

The smell can last for a long time. That is why it’s important to conceal your buds correctly.

What Strains Of Cannabis Smell The Strongest?

Certain strains, especially certain exotic strains, contain more potent terpenes and cannabinoids, which have a much stronger smell and are much more difficult to mask or get rid of. Be aware with some of these strains that, you will have to put much more effort into masking the smell if you need to.

Some of the strongest-smelling strains include:

  • Sour Diesel

  • Northern Lights

  • Chemdog

  • Gelato

  • Green Crack

  • Northern Lights

The stronger and more exotic the Cannabis, the stronger and more exotic the smell.


How to get rid of the smell of Cannabis


How To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Cannabis Smoke

Depending on your situation, there are many methods to get rid of the smell or mask the smell of Cannabis. If you’re smoking Cannabis and want to mask the smell or get rid of the Cannabis smoke smell on your clothes, you will take a different approach than just masking or covering the smell of fresh Cannabis. Therefore we offer many solutions for different situations listed as follows. First, we will go over getting rid of the smell of Cannabis smoke, then let’s go over concealing the smell of Cannabis from escaping.

How Long Does The Smell Of Cannabis Smoke Stick Around?

Cannabis smoke can stick around from an hour to multiple days, depending on the airflow and if your clothes pick up the smell of the cannabis smoke. With some open windows and fresh air flowing in, Cannabis smoke can be gone within a few hours. Although fresh air can flow in a room or a car, the smell will still linger, just not as bad as if it were closed off. The cannabis smell loves to stick to fabrics. With the right techniques, the amount of time Cannabis smoke will stick around can be greatly reduced.


What Gets Rid Of The Smell Of Cannabis Smoke?

Whether you’re smoking at home, in public, in a car, or need to remove the smell from your clothes, let’s review some methods in all scenarios.

Using materials such as incense, candles, air fresheners, and odor-neutralizing sprays will help greatly reduce the smell of smoke, depending on your situation.

Always remember that preventing the smoke from touching your clothes or letting smoke sit in a closed room is the best way to prevent the smell so you can easily get rid of the smell. Smoking outdoors or around an open window is the best way to prevent stench.

How To Get Cannabis Smell Out Of A Car

It is always best to smoke in your car with the windows down. By hot boxing and not letting the smoke out, you let the thick smoke settle into the fabric of every inch of your interior. The smell of the smoke will be very difficult to get rid of, so it’s always best to avoid this by leaving the windows open to air the car out.

Even if you have the windows open in the car, the smoke smell will still linger. If you prefer to smoke Cannabis in a car, common house brand air fresheners will work only temporarily, so you will need a smoke-neutralizer air spray. Here are a few tips for getting rid of the odor in your car:

  • Always use an odor-neutralizing spray

  • Open your windows to let the pot smell air out

  • Remove and throw away any trash you have lying around the car

  • Vacuum out the car and wipe the interior

  • Sprinkling baking soda on the car floor will greatly help absorb any odor.

  • Replacing your cabin air filter will greatly help eliminate any particles sticking to the filter that may smell.

  • Burning incense in your car can also help eliminate the smell of Cannabis smoke if you don’t mind the smell of incense burning in your car.

How To Get Cannabis Smell Out Of A Room

When smoking in a room, it’s always best to prevent Cannabis smell by taking precautions such as making sure your window is open first and using incense to mask the smell. Using a towel to cover the bottom of the door is great for making sure the smell doesn’t linger throughout the house. If you have not taken those precautions, let’s go over some tips to eliminate the smell of Cannabis in your room.

  • Open your window immediately for fresh air flow. Using a box fan in your window can immediately pull the flow of air out of your window and pull out the smoke smell.

  • Lighting a candle and the smell of incense smoke will immediately help mask any smell of Cannabis. Natural incense smoke is a strong odor and will fill the room, masking any smell.

  • Since the lingering smell of Cannabis smoke will stick to any clothes or fabrics, you will want to wash any fabrics or clothes. A faster solution would be spraying them with a fabric freshener.

  • Sprinkle some baking soda or carpet freshener powder on your carpets to absorb any odors before vacuuming them away.

  • Always use an odor or smoke-neutralizing spray in your room for a faster and more effective way to rid the smell of smoke.

  • Using a carbon filter in your room neutralizes odor very quickly, depending on the fan and air filter size.

  • Smoking normal cigarettes may help cover the smell of pot smoke if you’re a cigarette smoker.

How Not To Smell Like Cannabis After You Smoke

Smoking Cannabis will leave your clothes smelling heavily of smoke. The smell of smoke on your clothes cannot protect your privacy in public. It’s always best never to let the smoke touch your clothes, but here are some solutions to remove the smell after you smoke Cannabis:

  • Always wash your hands after. The smell of a joint or blunt will stick heavily to your fingers.

  • Smoking Cannabis through a pipe or bong will not produce smoke that will stick to your skin or clothes as heavily as joints or blunts.

  • Wash your mouth by using mouthwash or brushing your teeth. The smell of smoke will stick to your breath and lips. Mints and gum will help if you are away from a toothbrush or mouthwash. Always wipe your lips and use lip balm to help hide the smell that may have stuck to your mouth.

  • Always avoid smoking in a car or room without the windows rolled down. You don’t want to let the smoke settle into your clothes. Even cologne or a body spray may not help if you are too covered in the smell.

How To Get Rid Of Cannabis Smell On Clothes Quickly

Cologne and body spray work well to get the smell off your clothes. However, if you have just finished smoking in a closed-off room or car, you may have to change your clothes and shower to get the smell off you. It is best to avoid letting the smoke settle into your clothes and to always smoke with a window cracked and fresh air flowing in the space. Edibles are also great for getting high without the smell of Cannabis smoke sticking to your clothes.

Can You Change The Way Cannabis Smoke Smells?

You will never actually change the smell of Cannabis smoke. However, there are a few options to mask the smell and reduce the smell of cannabis smoke. Some cannabis users prefer scented candles or vaporized essential oils, while others prefer burning incense. There are a few different ways to help cover the smell of the smoke. Some of the ways include:

  • Rolling your joints and blunts with tobacco. It will change the taste and smell, but it will not completely mask the pot smell.

  • Burning an incense stick as you smoke. Incense greatly masks the smell of burning Cannabis.

  • Using a pipe instead of rolling joints or blunts

  • Using a vape pen. Vape pens do not give off much of a Cannabis smell.

  • Using a vaporizer. Vaporizers do not burn the part of the bud that gives off the potent smell of Cannabis.

  • Using an oil diffuser for some potent essential oils. Smoking Cannabis with the smell of essential oils in the air can help mask the smell.

  • If you have no essential oils, burning scented candles can help mask the smell of Cannabis burning. Blowing the candle out and letting the wick smoke a little will have similar effects to when you burn incense.


Get rid of cannabis smell


How To Make Cannabis Not Smell – Masking The Smell Of Cannabis

Whether you’re smoking cannabis, growing, or simply carrying it in your pocket, the strong smell will leak no matter what. Now that we have gone over the steps for helping the smell of Cannabis smoke Let’s look into preventing the Cannabis smell from growing and concealing the smell of your Cannabis stash.

How Long Does the Smell Of Fresh Cannabis Stick Around?

The smell of fresh Cannabis will always smell as long as it is open to the air surroundings. It would be best to conceal your Cannabis to prevent the smell from leaking into a room. Depending on how fresh it is, giving your Cannabis open and fresh air could give it a more potent smell. So, unless you conceal the Cannabis in something airtight, there is no timetable for how long the Cannabis smell will stick around. It will always radiate a pungent and skunky smell.

How To Mask The Smell Of Cannabis From A Grow Room

Most cannabis users and growers will use carbon air filters or other high-quality odor-neutralizing filters to prevent the smell from leaking from the grow rooms. Whether you’re a big-time grower or growing on a small scale in your home, a carbon filter is easy to buy, and most hydroponic stores offer it. Depending on the size of the room you are growing in, you may need one carbon filter and fan. Using these filters will ensure that the Cannabis smell does not leave the room and even greatly reduces the smell of the Cannabis in the growing room.

How To Package Cannabis So It Does Not Smell

When packaging Cannabis, simply using basic sandwich bags will often not be enough to conceal the smell. Storing your buds in glass jars or other airtight containers is the best way to conceal the smell of Cannabis. Another option is to use a vacuum sealer for packaging your Cannabis and sealing it so that there are no openings for the smell to leak out of the bag. Suppose you are on the go and want to carry some in your pocket. Double layering a couple of sandwich bags may help keep the smell from lingering.


How To Get Rid Of Cannabis Smell

Getting rid of the smell of Cannabis is always easier if you prevent the smell from touching anything around you.  Opening a window before your smoking session can help. Using the right air fresheners, sprays, candles, or incense will greatly reduce the smell of smoke.  Using a carbon air filter for smoking or growing takes it a step further. Always keep your Cannabis stored in air-sealed tightened bags or jars, and even take it further by using vacuum-sealed bags.

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