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Growing Cannabis seeds is a rewarding hobby for any herb enthusiast. It also opens the door for you to explore some of the world’s less common cannabis varieties. While it can be difficult to find rare strains of flower depending on where you live, you can buy exotic Cannabis seeds online and get them shipped to your doorstep.

Join us as we take a deep dive into the world of exotic cannabis seeds. What are they? Where do they come from? How do you grow them to achieve the best amount of flower? We’ll answer all of those questions and more in this guide. Let’s get started!


About Exotic Seeds

“Exotic” is a pretty abstract word, and there is no strict definition for what exotic Cannabis strains are. Generally, when we talk about exotic Cannabis, we’re referring to rare Cannabis strains that you won’t find in most dispensaries.

Exotic Cannabis Seeds

What Are Exotic Cannabis Seeds?

It’s hard to find rare strains in dispensaries, but youcangrow them yourself from seeds. Dispensaries usually have a limited selection based on what strains are locally available. On the other hand, cannabis seeds are small and durable, making them easy to transport by mail. Online seed banks operate nationally, making it easy to access rare strains no matter where you live!

Exotic Cannabis Seed History

History’s first cannabis strains are calledlandracestrains, meaning they evolved without human influence. However, humans were quick to catch on to this plant’s power. People first domesticated cannabis in the Neolithic age, over 12,000 years ago!

From there, it didn’t take long for people to start cross-pollinating their favorite strains, creating unique and innovative cannabis seed varieties. Today, there are nearly 1,000 unique strains to choose from. Many of these plants are highly specialized and grown to achieve the individual breeder’s favorite effects. Some strains have gained international recognition, but many small-scale farms have unique, exotic strains that you won’t find anywhere else.

lots of exotic Cannabis seeds in pile

Types of Exotic Cannabis Seeds

There are many types of Cannabis seeds to choose from. Of course, there are a lot of strains to sample, but that’s just one part of the equation. There are many other factors that you should consider when selecting your cannabis seeds. Let’s go over them now.

Regular (Unsexed) Seeds

Cannabis plants are either male or female. Regular seeds are often called “unsexed” because they could grow up to be either gender. Only female plants produce the cannabinoid-rich buds we love, but males are still essential because they produce the pollen necessary for the plants to reproduce.

Feminized Seeds

If you want to guarantee that your cannabis plants grow up to be females and produce flowers, you can buy feminized seeds. These are an especially great option if you are new to growing Cannabis. If you are not a newcomer and up for a challenge, you might consider unsexed seeds, but the feminized variety is generally the easiest option.

Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower Seeds automatically grow flowers after a set period. Cannabis is typically a photoperiod plant, meaning it blooms when the light changes with each season. You can replicate natural light cycles at home, but it takes extra effort. With autoflower seeds, you don’t need to fuss with the lighting as much.

High THC Exotic Cannabis Seeds

Did you know that there are two types of cannabis plants – hemp and Cannabis? You may have heard these terms used interchangeably, but there is a very important difference between them. Cannabis contains high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which causes its famously blissful effects. If you want to grow plants with high THC levels, choose Cannabis seeds.

High CBD Exotic Cannabis Seeds

Hemp is the other type of cannabis plant, and it contains high levels of cannabidiol (CBD). CBD will not get you high as THC does. Instead, it offers many benefits for the body and mind, including pain relief, stress reduction, and improved sleep. If you want to gain these benefits but don’t want to get high, you should buy CBD-rich hemp seeds.

Indica vs. Sativa vs. Hybrid Strains

Cannabis strains come in three basic varieties – Indica, Sativa, and hybrid. Let’s briefly break down each of these terms:

  • Indicastrains have a deeply relaxing effect. They are especially popular for promoting sleep and physical relief.
  • Sativastrains have an energizing effect that makes them more popular for daytime use and social smoking.
  • Hybridstrains come from crossbreeding Indica and Sativa plants to get the best of both worlds. Most hybrids are either Indica-dominant or Sativa-dominant, but some “true hybrids” offer a 50/50 blend.

Indica, Sativa Cannabis Plants

What Are the Best Indica Strains?

“Best” is a matter of personal opinion, and the only way to find your favorite strain is to sample as many as you can. We can get you started by recommending some notable exotic strains. Here are some pure Indica varieties you should consider:

  • Kosher Kush:This strain is famous for its high THC levels, and it’s especially popular for promoting sleep. Its earthy and fruity flavor is a favorite among cannabis lovers.
  • Purple Punch:This variety comes from crossing powerful genetics from the Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple strains. It has a sweet and tart flavor with distinct notes of grape.
  • Ice Cream Cake:This strain is particularly popular among medical Cannabis patients for its soothing effects. As its name suggests, Ice Cream Cake has a sweet flavor with hints of vanilla.

What Are the Best Sativa Strains?

If you want a more energizing effect, you would probably prefer a Sativa Strain. These can be a bit trickier to grow because Sativa plants grow tall and need lots of space. However, the reward is worth the effort. Consider buying seeds from these exotic Sativa strains:

  • Strawberry Cough:This strain earns its name from the sweet, fruity aroma it produces. It has an uplifting, cerebral effect and is a popular mood-booster and stress-reliever.
  • Sir Jack:This strain descends from a combination of Dutch and Spanish genetics, creating unique and balanced effects.

What Are the Best Hybrid Strains?

  • Runtz:Runtz is a rare blend of the popular Zkittlez and Gelato strains. Bred for maximum flavor, this strain’s intense fruity taste and candy-like scent are particularly prized by smokers.
  • Gary Payton:Named after the NBA Hall-of-Famer, this strain is a recent invention and is still quite rare. It has a perfect Indica-Sativa balance and a sour flavor profile.

How Much Do Exotic Cannabis Seeds produce?

The average flower production for a cannabis plant is around 8 oz. (1/2 lb.). The strain is not the main factor in determining the amount, and exotic plants can have the same flower output as common ones. The most important determining factor is how you grow your Cannabis. We’ll discuss growing techniques later in this article, but if you follow our tips, you should ensure a healthy produce in the end.

Cannabis Cured Nug Growing Cannabis Plant leaves

How Potent Can Exotic Cannabis Be?

Whether or not a strain is “exotic” doesn’t affect the potency of your cannabis. The potency varies with every strain, be it common or rare. If you want to grow particularly potent Cannabis, you should look up each strain’s THC or CBD content.

Where To Buy Exotic Cannabis Seeds

If you want to try some exotic members of the international cannabis seed family, you’ve come to the right place! At OG Seeds, we have a high-quality seed assortment featuring tried-and-true favorites like Blue Dream and exotic seed varieties like the ones we mentioned earlier.

We sell cannabis seeds to all 50 states, so you can get the exotic varieties you crave no matter where you live. We ship our seeds through the United States Postal Service (USPS). When your package goes out, you will receive a tracking number to see the order and shipping status. Our outstanding customer service crew has your back if you have any questions or concerns!

Cannabis Buds Lava Cake Nug

How To Grow the Best Exotic Cannabis Seeds

Now we’ll give you some tips for getting the best results from your exotic seeds. For more information on growing hemp and Cannabis plants, check out the OG Seeds blog. Here are some basic pointers to get you started.

Choose Seeds, Not Clones

There are two ways to grow Cannabis – from seed or a clone. Clones are cuttings from a cannabis plant that growers transplant to another pot to grow and bloom independently. Most importantly, clones provide an easy shortcut, but they have major drawbacks.

Additionally, clones are genetically identical to their mother plant, so if the mother has any genetic defects, the clone will meet the same fate. Furthermore, clones have thin, weak roots that don’t absorb nutrients very well, leading to a smaller produce. Plants grown from seeds have strong roots and generally produce more flower.


The first step in growing Cannabis is germinating the seed. Place your cannabis seed in a dark place, tucked between two damp towels. After 12-72 hours, a pale seedling will sprout. After germination, you can plant the seeds in soil and proceed with your grow operation.

Light Requirements

You will need to invest in some grow lights to grow your Cannabis indoors (we recommend growing indoors so that you can fully control the environment). When the plant grows its branches and leaves during the vegetative stage, it needs at least 18 hours of light each day. In the flowering stage, it needs 12 hours of light and 12 hours in the dark.

Temperature Requirements

Sativas and Indicas have slightly different temperature requirements based on their native environments. Indicas originated in the mountains of central Asia and grow best in a temperate environment around 65-70°F. Sativas originated in tropical climates near the equator, so they grow best in warm, slightly humid environments around 70-85°F. Hybrids typically grow best in temperatures of 65-80°.

Nutrient Requirements

Cannabis plants require nutrients from the soil, especially nitrogen (chemical symbolN), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K). When buying soil and fertilizer, look for the NPK ratio on the label, which tells you how much of each element the fertilizer contains. The ideal NPK ratio for cannabis is 3:1:1.

Humidity Requirements

Humidity requirements change with each stage of growth. In the vegetative stage, you want around 40-70% humidity. The acceptable range narrows once you get to the flowering stage. At this point, the humidity should be 40-50% and must never exceed 60%. In the final 2 weeks before harvest, you should lower the humidity to 30-40%.

Exotic Strains Indoor Growing Tips

When growing cannabis plants indoors, the most important factor to consider is the light cycle. As we mentioned before, you should invest in some high-quality grow lights. Here’s a tip for getting the light cycles right: get a light timer to plug your grow lights into. This way, you can easily set the light/dark cycle and change it when you get to the flowering stage.

Exotic Strains Outdoor Growing Tips

Growing Cannabis outdoors is trickier because you can’t control the light or temperature. However, you can often get a larger harvest because the plants have more space to grow. If you want to grow outdoors, make sure you have a spot in the yard that gets direct sunlight and a temperate climate between 65-80°F.

More Growing Tips

Before we go, here are two more important tips for growing Cannabis. First, make sure you do not overfeed your plants with nutrients. You only need to apply fertilizer once a week. Secondly, take care to avoid injuring the plant by handling it carefully. Another reason to grow Cannabis indoors is that you can avoidwindburn(wind scorch), which is damage induced by harsh weather.

How Long Are Exotic Cannabis Seeds Good For?

You can store cannabis seeds for as much as 5 years! However, it’s generally safest to start growing soon after you get the seeds.

Seed Storage Tips

Store your seeds in a cool, dark, and dry place to preserve them for the longest time possible. You can even store cannabis seeds in the refrigerator if your home is too warm or humid.

Exotic Cannabis Seeds

Final Thoughts – Exotic Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds are the way to go if you want to sample exotic strains. While dispensaries typically have a very limited supply of cannabis flower, online seed banks offer a wider selection.

If you want to try some rare and exotic cannabis strains, OG Seeds is the place for you. But that’s not all! We carry many strains that are more common but extremely popular. Check out everything in our seed bank by visiting the OG Seeds shop today!

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