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GMO Cookies Strain Review

GMO Cookies Strain – The Ultimate Review & Information Guide

GMO Cookies, aka Garlic Cookies, are a sweet and irresistible strain that is sure to be a hit with cannabis enthusiasts. However, this hybrid strain boasts a balanced combination of sativa and indica effects. Moreover, it has a sweet, earthy aroma and potent THC levels, it is the perfect strain for those looking to bake their stress away and enjoy a delicious and relaxing high. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or a beginner, this is an excellent choice for anyone looking to indulge in a sweet and satisfying smoke session.


GMO Cookies Strain Strain Review

GMO Cookies are an indica dominant hybrid strain with a 90% indica and 10% sativa composition. Most importantly, this strain crosses Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies. This results in a sweet and earthy aroma and potent THC levels.

The high from GMO Cookies offers a relaxing and sedating experience, making it ideal for relieving stress, anxiety, and pain. In addition, this strain is known for its increased appetite effect, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking a strain that can stimulate their appetite.

Users can expect a long-lasting, happy, euphoric high from GMO Cookies, with some individuals reporting a tendency to feel sleepy. As a result of its strong sedating effects, this strain is best used during the evening or nighttime.

GMO Cookies is a potent and relaxing strain best suited for experienced users or those searching for a sweet and satisfying way to unwind. With its ability to relieve stress and anxiety, stimulate the appetite, and provide a happy, euphoric high, GMO Cookies is a highly recommended strain.

GMO Cookies Genetics & History

GMO/ Garlic Cookies is a hybrid strain with genetics that stem from two well-known strains, Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies. Chemdawg is a classic strain known for its strong, spicy aroma and uplifting effects, while GSC is a hybrid strain famous for its sweet, earthy flavor and potent THC levels.

The breeder responsible for creating GMO/Garlic cookies is widely believed to have originated from Spanish-based Mamiko Seeds. Mamiko Seeds created this strain to combine the best qualities of its parent strains, resulting in a sweet and potent hybrid that is highly sought after by cannabis smokers.

The strain GMO Cookies refers to the savory combination of garlic, mushroom, and onion, not to the term “Genetically Modified Organism.” Ironically, The breeders created this strain through breeding, which could be considered a form of genetic modification. The breeders aimed to bring together the best traits of both the Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies strains to create a new hybrid with a unique and delicious flavor profile.

How Potent Are GMO Cookies?

As with any potent strain, the potency of GMO Cookies can vary depending on several factors. However, on average, this strain is considered potent, with THC levels ranging from 22% to as high as 28%. These high THC levels, combined with its Indica-dominant genetics, make the strain GMO Cookies a strong and relaxing strain. Both beginners and experienced cannabis users can enjoy it.

GMO Cookies Flavor & Aroma

The GMO Cookies strain’s flavor profile has a savory taste of sweet and earthy with hints of diesel and skunk. It has an intense and skunky aroma with sweet and earthy undertones. Additionally, the flavor and aroma of the strain GMO Cookies are considered to be complex and unique, making it a popular choice among cannabis users.

Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of GMO Cookies is not widely believed to contain high levels of terpenes myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene. Secondly, these terpenes contribute to the strain’s sweet, earthy flavor, relaxing effects, and potent aroma. Additionally, Myrcene is believed to increase the permeability of the blood-brain barrier, allowing for the more efficient absorption of THC and other cannabinoids, potentially enhancing the overall effects of GMO Cookies.

GMO Cookies: Appearance, Charistarics & Pics

The buds of GMO Cookies are typically dense and compact spade-shaped, with a deep green color and vivid, curly orange hairs. The strain is known for its heavy coating of sticky trichomes, which give the buds a frosty and resin-covered appearance. In terms of size, GMO Cookies buds tend to be medium to large, with a well-formed structure and an attractive overall appearance.

When it comes to the appearance of GMO Cookies, there can be some variations depending on the specific genetics of the strain, as well as how it is grown and processed. However, the dense and frosty appearance of the buds is a defining characteristic of this strain and is one of the reasons cannabis enthusiasts so highly prize it.


Where To Locate GMO Cookies Strains?

GMO Cookies strains are available in states where marijuana has been legalized for medicinal or recreational use. They can be found in dispensaries, but it is possible to purchase seeds from online seed banks such as OGseeds. It’s important to choose a reputable and trustworthy source, in-person or online, to ensure the quality and legality of the products you purchase. However, if you’re interested in growing the plant, buying seeds rather than cuttings is recommended to ensure you get the strongest and most vigorous genetics. OGseeds is one of the most trusted online seed banks with the GMO cookies strain.

Why Choose GMO Cookies Seeds From OGSEEDS?

OGseeds is a highly reputable seed source with a wide variety of high-end feminized exotic strain seeds. OGseeds offers fast and discreet free shipping to all 50 states with 30% off your first order.


GMO Cookies Benefits & Effects

Explain there are many effects one can gain from consuming this strain. Besides the enjoyable high, this Indica-dominant hybrid strain also produces many therapeutic benefits. Here are some of the main reasons people indulge in this strain:

  • Mentally Uplifting Effects such as Euphoria
  • May Promote Creativity
  • Boosts Mood & Calms Stress
  • Relaxes The Body & Mind
  • May Soothe Body Aches & Muscle Sorness


What Strains Are Similar To GMO Cookies?

These strains are similar to GMO/ Garlic Cookies because they share certain genetic characteristics, such as a sweet and intense aroma, a high THC content, and a potent and relaxing high. Although some of these strains are descendants or crosses of the original Girl Scout Cookies strain, one of the parent strains of GMO Cookies.

These strains offer a similar taste and aroma profile and similar mental uplifting effects, making them popular alternatives for those seeking a similar experience to the GMO Cookies strain.

GSC (Girl Scout Cookies)

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is a popular and beloved hybrid strain known for its sweet, earthy, and slightly minty aroma and taste. It is one of the parent strains of GMO cookies. GSC is known for its euphoric, uplifting, and relaxing effects. If you’re looking for a classic and popular indica dominant strain that’s easy to grow, the Girl Scout Cookies autoflower seeds offered by OG Seeds are a great choice.

White Tahoe Cookies

White Tahoe Cookies is known for its sweet and earthy flavor, similar to the popular GMO Cookies strain. Moreover, these seeds are available at OGseeds and are feminized for easier and more reliable growth.

Cereal Milk

Cereal Milk has similarities to the popular GMO/ Garlic Cookies, with a sweet and creamy flavor profile reminiscent of your favorite childhood cereal. These seeds are available at OGseeds, where they are offered as feminized seeds.

Kush Mints mention we offer these seeds (feminized)

This is a highly sought-after strain with a refreshing flavor and relaxing effects. Kush Mints offers a unique blend of mint and earthy tones similar to the GMO Cookies strain. At OGseeds, we offer feminized seeds of this Indica-dominant strain for all growers.


GMO Cookies Cannabis Bud


GMO Cookies Grow Info & Tips

Is GMO Cookies Easy To Grow

GMO Cookies are considered easy to grow for new and experienced growers. Additionally, it is known for its resilience and adaptability and can thrive in various growing conditions. It is very important to provide the plants with adequate light. Additionally, nutrients and airflow help to get the best results out of your production.

Flowering Time

GMO Cookies flowers usually produce around 8-9 weeks, which is relatively fast compared to other strains. However, this time frame makes it an attractive option for growers looking for a quick turnaround time. During the flowering stage, the plants will begin to produce buds.  These will mature and be ready for harvest in a matter of weeks.

How Much Output From One Plant?

GMO Cookies are known for their heavy returns, and one plant can produce a substantial amount of bud. Generally, growers can expect to harvest anywhere from 400-500 grams of dried flower per square meter of grow space. This amount makes GMO Cookies a great choice for growers looking to maximize their bud output.

How Tall Do GMO Cookies Grow?

GMO Cookies typically grow to be medium-tall in height, reaching anywhere from 2-4 feet. Most importantly, the height range of this strain makes it a versatile choice for growers with less space since it grows in a smaller area.

GMO Cookies Grow Tips

  • GMO Cookies, or Garlic Cookies, is a hybrid strain that requires a moderate level of care

  • It is best to grow in an indoor environment with adequate lighting

  • Maintain a temperature range of 68-80°F and relative humidity of 50-60%

  • Use a high-quality soil mix or hydroponic setup

  • Provide adequate nutrition, including macronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

  • Train the plants by topping or using the Screen of Green method to promote bushy growth and maximize returns.

  • Check for pests and diseases regularly and take action if necessary.

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