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Apple Fritter Strain Review && Information Guide

Apple Fritter Strain – The Ultimate Strain Review & Information Guide

Apple Fritter is a hybrid strain that makes you feel like you’re in a pastry-filled paradise. It’s known for its Apple aesthetic, delightful aromas, and sedative properties – making it like no other strain. Apple Fritter has relaxing effects, alongside an uplifting cerebral sensation that consumers absolutely love.

Apple fritter strain is an award-winning cannabis option that offers a perfect combination of delicious tastes with extraordinary potency. This 2016 Northern California Cannabis Cup winner is a popular choice amongst avid cannabis consumers due to its hard-hitting effects. It has a unique composition of yummy flavors, including sour apple, cheese, pastry, vanilla, and strawberry, which will appeal to your taste buds.


What Is The Apple Fritter Strain?

The Apple Fritter strain is renowned for its unique lineage of legendary strains, producing thick, medium-sized plants with large colas, frosty trichomes and bright orange pistils. This strain gets so frosty that it looks like it’s been dunked in sugar, no wonder it tastes so sweet! Testing as high as 26% THC, definitely add this to your list of strains to try, because one hit of Apple Fritter will make you feel like toast. What’s great about this strain is that it offers the perfect balance if you’re looking for a light but long-lasting experience. Get your hands on some Apple Fritter seeds. Your head and taste buds will thank you!

History of Apple Fritter Cannabis

Apple Fritter cannabis is a phenomenal creation of Lumpy’s Flowers, a reputable breeder based in Northern California. It is a hybrid strain consisting of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, providing a unique composition of flavors.

Sour Apple is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain that consists of a sweet blend of caramel apples and a sour touch of citrus. In contrast, Animal Cookies consists of floral loins and combines Girl Scout Cookies ad Fire OG strains.

Apple Fritter won the ‘World’s Strongest Strain’ award by High Times in 2016 after Lumpy’s Flowers introduced it and took 2nd place overall. The lineage of this strain is quite attractive, which hooks many cannabis consumers. It goes back to Kerala, South Indian Landrace, and Blue Moonshine. The Kerala South Indian Landrace combines Hindu Kush and Bubba Kush, whereas Blue Moonshine combines Afghani and Thai.

How Much THC Does Apple Fritter Have?

The Apple Fritter strain is one of the most potent strains available in the cannabis market. It contains an overwhelming Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) level ranging between 22-32% and Cannabidiol (CBD) level ranging between 0.38-0.65%.


What Does Apple Fritter Bud Smell Like?

When it comes to choosing a cannabis strain, taste and aroma are important factors for many consumers. Here is a breakdown of the scent and flavor of Apple Fritter, which is sure to entice cannabis fans.

When you crack a nug of Apple Fritter, you will take in a sweet and fruity aroma with a strong cheese scent. The scent features notes of apples, strawberries, and a touch of vanilla, along with hints of cinnamon-like herbs. Any cannabis connoisseur will love the Apple Fritter strain for it’s beautiful appearance, flavors and smell.

What Does Apple Fritter Bud Taste Like

Apple Fritter has a dominant pastry flavor with a sweet taste, just as its name suggests. The sweetness is paired with a pronounced apple flavor, with a light hint of strawberries that tantalize your taste buds. The exhale is marked by a vanilla-like aftertaste, enhancing the overall flavor experience. The unique terpene profile creates a perfect balance of sweetness, apples, and strawberries, making it a favorite among consumers.

Terpene Profile: Apple Fritter

The unique sweet and fruity flavor of the Apple Fritter strain is made possible by it’s extensive terpene profile. It’s comprised of nine compounds in different quantities. These include 0.1% pinene, 0.1% myrcene, 0.1% ocimene, 0.08% humulene, 0.2% limonene, 0.04% linalool, 0.01% terpinolene, 0.24% phellandrene, and 0.13% caryophyllene. These cannabis genetics and compounds are very rare, and we cannot find one strain that offers everything Apple Fritter does.


Does This Strain Really Taste Like Apple Fritters?

The Apple Fritter strain has a sweet fruity flavor that has a toasted apple aftertaste, very similar to an Apple Fritter. Not many strains have such unique fruity aromas

Cannabis genetics, one strain, outdoor growers.


What Does The Apple Fritter Strain Look Like?

Apple Fritter has an eye-catching appearance with deep green and violet colors with light purple hues. Its dark olive buds are highly dense and contain up to 32% THC, with earthy terpenes and a hint of cheesy undertones. The average height of this strain ranges from 3.3 to 5.9 feet. It boasts orange hairs and crystal trichomes, adding to its aesthetic appeal.


What Are The Effects & Benefits Of Apple Fritter Cannabis?

The effects of consuming Apple Fritter cannabis are diverse, ranging from an enjoyable buzz to therapeutic benefits. Some popular reasons why people enjoy this strain include:

  • Calming and Relaxing (Sedative Buzz) – Despite being a hybrid strain with equal parts Indica and Sativa, the Indica genetics in Apple Fritter provide a calming high that begins with a tingling sensation and gradually relaxes the entire body.
  • Easing Mental Tension – Apple Fritter is known for its ability to ease anxiety with its soothing effects, providing a euphoric feeling that replaces negative thoughts.
  • Relieving Body Aches and Soreness – As the high intensifies, Apple Fritter is effective in reducing body aches and treating sore muscles.
  • Helps You Sleep – This strain can promote sleep and is suitable for use at night. It can help treat insomnia and regulate sleep patterns, making it a good choice for those seeking peaceful sleep.
  • Boosting Mood and Relieving Stress – Apple Fritter has a powerful ability to boost mood and relieve stress, making it an effective option for dealing with depression.
  • Highly Potent Effects – Apple Fritter is known for its strong and potent effects, providing a hard-hitting high combined with a delicious blend of flavors. It has a THC content ranging from 22-32%.


Similar Strains To Apple Fritter

Several strains similar to Apple fritter share common characteristics in terms of genetics and flavor compared to this strain. Apple fritter cannabis is a hybrid strain popular for its fruity and sweet aroma, complemented with notes of cinnamon and apple.

Here are some popular choices similar to Apple fritter, which are popular amongst cannabis consumers:

Gelato 41

Gelato 41 is a hybrid strain with a combination of Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookies. It offers multiple relaxing effects with a cloudy high due to an intense THC concentration. It is reported as an excellent option for mood enhancement and pain relief.

This strain contains THC ranging between 19-29%. If you are planning to cultivate this strain, then OG Seeds can be a great option to purchase feminized seeds of Gelato 41.

Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain created with a combination of Wedding Cake and Gelato 33. It offers different sedating effects similar to the Apple fritter and has a creamy taste profile with mild hints of vanilla. It is a perfect choice for consumers who aim to regulate their sleep cycles.

Ice Cream Cake has a THC percentage of about 20-25%, along with a similar terpene profile. We proudly carry a feminized variety of this strain.

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain created by combining OG Kush and Durban Poison. It is an intense potency strain with a THC concentration of up to 28%. Apart from its hard-hitting high, this strain offers different euphoric and relaxation benefits.

It is an excellent choice for relieving chronic pain and nausea, similar to the properties of Apple Fritter. If you plan to cultivate this strain, OG Seeds is the spot to get your feminized seeds.

Apple Jacks

Apple Jacks is a hybrid strain that crosses White Widow and Jack Herer. It contains a THC concentration of about 20% and is famous for its euphoric effects. It is an excellent choice for treating chronic pain and nausea, along with soothing effects similar to the Apple fritter. This strain is a viable option for consumers looking for a close alternative to Apple Fritter.

Blueberry Fritter

Blueberry fritter is a cross of Blueberry Kush and Apple fritter and has an Indica-dominant hybrid strain profile. It has a potent blueberry aroma and mild sweetness undertones that make it taste and smell like Apple Fritter. Just like its parent strains, it has a high THC content of up to 28.2%, which provides a strong high within a short time after consumption.


How Can I Get The Apple Fritter Strain?

Apple Fritter has only been out for a couple of years, so it isn’t widely available in dispensaries. The best way to get your hands on this strain is to grow it yourself. We offer the most exclusive genetics, such as Apple Fritter, along with other great classics and new exotic strains. When you join our email list, you can receive insane discounts and coupons. We also offer a chance to win free cannabis seeds. Shop today and get 25% off your first order.

Why Is Apple Fritter Such A Popular Strain?

An amazing blend of aromatic and delicious flavors complements this strain’s euphoric and far-reaching effects. The terpene profile and genetic composition give Apple Fritter the right balance, making stoners happy and offering various calming and relaxation benefits.

Therefore, this strain is a fascinating innovation of the cannabis industry known for its potency and creative energy, which molds an exhilarating experience for cannabis enthusiasts.


Apple Fritter Cannabis Nugs


Apple Fritter Grow Information

Are you interested in exploring the cultivation process of Apple fritter cannabis? Here are some basics you need to know before initiating the growth procedure.

Is Apple Fritter Difficult To Grow?

Apple fritter strain is a partially Indica-dominant strain with a short plant with a bushy and spade-shaped olive bud appearance. Apple Fritter has been a sought-after strain since it hit the market around 7 years ago. You can get feminized Apple Fritter seeds from us and not have to worry about your plants getting pollinated with male plant DNA and have a 99.9% certainty of producing female plants. Without spending the extra effort or time spent on unwanted males, you can rest assured that Apple Fritter is in your hands and ready for planting.

Flowering Time: Apple Fritter

Luckily, the Apple fritter strain can be easily grown in both indoor and outdoor settings. The average height of this plant ranges between 30-60 inches, and it takes around 44-51 days for flowers to bloom properly. The flowering time is around 8-10 weeks for indoor growth settings, whereas this time normally ranges between 9-11 weeks for outdoor Apple fritter plantations.

Apple Fritter Strain Bud Production

Apple fritter strain bud output varies depending upon the environmental factors and the growth setting, which impacts the nourishment of its plantation. Ideally, an indoor grow area provides a harvest of 0.5-1 Oz/Ft², which comes to around 300 g/m². , whereas, in an outdoor setting, 10-15 Oz/plant, which comes to almost a pound per plant.

Grow Advice & Tips

Like all cannabis plants, the Apple fritter Cannabis strain is sensitive to environmental changes and requires a little extra love, especially during the initial growth phases. These plants grow into medium-sized plants with multiple colas and a bushy appearance.

The Apple Fritter strain responds well to the Screen of Green technique, which can greatly boost bud production. This plant responds well to topping, low-stress training, and trimming, allowing growers to maximize their outputs with just a little extra effort.

Although this strain can be cultivated with the help of cuts and clones, we suggest growing straight from the seeds so that your plants will have vigorous genetic composition along with more fruitful harvests and the most potent bud.


Apple Fritter Strain – Final Thoughts

Apple Fritter is an amazing strain for those that are in the know. Although this strain has been around for 7 years, it has recently started to take the world by storm. With rare and desirable cannabis genetics sourced from the Sour Apple and Animal Cookies strains, and 22-32% THC, this potent strain is one of the few to test over 30% in potency tests. For anyone looking to enjoy a party or needing to unwind at the end of a long night, this strain is the perfect fit, as its effects are just as diverse as its range of apple flavors. Pair this strain with a nice slice of Apple pie for peak enjoyment.

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