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How Much is a Pound of Cannabis? 2023 Pricing and Information

How Much is a Pound of Cannabis? 2023 Pricing and Information

Very few consumers will need to worry about the cost of a pound of Cannabis, but the costs do trickle down to the products consumers purchase. What do all these cannabis slang terms mean? Lots of people prefer to buy weed in bulky volumes, and for good reasons. Rather than taking constant time-consuming trips to dispensaries, you can just have a big bag of bud at a great cost per gram. This article will help you understand if you are paying the right price for your bud.

We know that weight measurements, quantities, and prices can be a little confusing for newcomers. Understanding these things helps paint the picture of how wholesale prices trickle down to consumers and can help you navigate the Cannabis market. While you probably won’t be shopping for a pound of cannabis anytime soon, certain questions do come up a lot regarding Cannabis costs per pound, and those prices trickle down to consumers.

After a successful grow or a trip to the dispensary, it’s always nice to wind down with some potent, flavorful flower.

While you probably won’t shop for a pound of cannabis ever, certain questions do come up a lot regarding a pound of Cannabis.

How Much Is A Pound Of Cannabis Worth?

A few key factors are at play here such as region, taxes, quality, supply & demand, indoor and outdoor growth, and local competition. In places where the recreational use of cannabis is legal, there will be a higher demand and higher prices versus a state where cannabis is only legal for medical.

Different strains contain different measures of THC and CBD, which can also alter the price. Typically it ranges between $1300-$3,000. Indoor cannabis prices are also higher due to the higher costs of electricity required to make it.

Here is a great resource from that examines the price of a pound of Cannabis in a few medicinal, adult-use, and illicit markets. This is helpful because illicit markets tend to follow legal markets.

What Is The Current Average Price For A Pound Of Indoor Cannabis?

Indoor cannabis prices range between $1,600-$4,000 per pound. As previously stated, indoor cannabis prices tend to be higher. Some people prefer indoor-grown cannabis over outdoor-grown cannabis. Indoor plants need to be tended to more frequently and with more care. Growers are also often more selective about the plants they choose to cultivate, which can lead to higher-quality cannabis and a higher price. Indoor growers can also control the environment, including light, temperature, humidity, pests, and diseases.

What Is The Current Highest Price For A Pound Of Indoor Cannabis?

The prices vary depending on where you are in the U.S. but can be anywhere from $2,400 to $3,300. Many factors can influence the price including how rare and desirable the strain is, how well it was grown, the time of the year, and how well you know the person selling it to you.

What Is The Low-End Current Price For A Pound Of Indoor Cannabis?

As of the writing of this article, prices are around 30% below average, although this can fluctuate. Supply and demand affect the Cannabis market like any other market and wholesale cannabis prices from outdoor harvests lower the price of indoor cannabis in the fall.

What Is The Current Average Price For A Pound Of Outdoor Cannabis?

The average price for one pound of outdoor cannabis is around $700- $1000 in today’s current market. Aside from rising production costs due to inflation, will begin to notice a larger amount of taxes, shipping, and distribution fees with a lot large quantity of cannabis. Greenhouse-grown cannabis can lower the prices across all Cannabis markets when in-season due to still being high quality and the large supplies producers can put out.

What Is The Current Highest Price For A Pound Of Outdoor Cannabis?

The highest-priced outdoor bud is greenhouse-grown Cannabis. As of now, the current highest price for outdoor cannabis is about $1200 due to current economic and environmental factors. Outdoor-grown cannabis produces greater yields making its potency a little less strong. For people who smoke consistently, you would be smoking more outdoor cannabis compared to indoor.

What Is The Current Low-End Price For A Pound Of Outdoor Cannabis?

The lower-end price for one pound of outdoor-grown cannabis would range around $300-$800. Lower-end outdoor cannabis can be found from growers looking to finish out a strain or final sales from many cannabis dispensaries. As mentioned, this will all vary depending on your state, area, laws, and the status of the economy. A price drop can be expected every fall due to flooded market supplies.


How Much is a Pound of Cannabis


How Much Does A Pound Of Cannabis Weigh?

Standard Cannabis Weights & Measurements

A key factor to understanding cannabis weight and measurements is the difference in terminology. It all can sound confusing, but it’ll make more sense when broken down. Read below to see how many eighths, quarters, and ounces are in a pound of Cannabis.

One Pound of Cannabis is:

  • 448 grams
  • 128 eighths
  • 64 quarters
  • 16 ounces

How Many Grams Are In A Pound Of Cannabis?

Although there are 453.59 grams in a pound, this is not the accepted measurement in the Cannabis industry. The accepted measurement when someone is shopping for a pound of flower is 448 grams. A pound is a part of the imperial system of measurements, while a gram is using the metric system. Using pounds rather than ounces and grams makes more sense when working with large quantities of Cannabis. A wholesaler is not likely to call a supplier saying they need 453 grams. They’re asking for pounds or ounces, at least in most cases.

How Many Ounces Are In A Pound Of Cannabis?

A pound of Cannabis weighs out to be 16 ounces. Common measurements are eighths, which are 3.5 grams, quarter-ounces, which is 7 grams, and half O’s or 14 grams. The whole ounce is 28.35 grams, and a half pound of Cannabis is 224 grams.


What Affects The Price Of Cannabis Per Pound?

Cannabis markets and their respective prices vary by state. Supply and demand, taxes, and several other factors related to the cannabis itself, like strain and potency. Generally speaking, the higher the demand for any certain strain, the more expensive a pound of the strain would be.

The State Or Region It Is Purchased In

Purchasing cannabis in California is a very different experience from purchasing cannabis in Maine or Massachusetts. There a different farming practices, supplies, weather, demand, and laws that make the distribution of cannabis per state very different. In a lot of states, cannabis still isn’t legal, even medically.

Cannabis prices may be lower in states with more dispensaries than in states with fewer dispensaries. Be wary, states with higher taxes on cannabis sales may have higher prices for cannabis products than states with lower taxes. In states where cannabis is not fully legal, the price of cannabis may vary depending on whether you are purchasing it from a licensed dispensary or illicit markets.

The Demand For The Strain

Demand for a strain of cannabis can have a significant impact on the price. If there is high demand for a particular strain, the price will be higher due to the limited supply. On the other hand, if demand is low, the price will typically be lower. Key factors such as growing conditions, location, and the quality of cannabis can also affect the price. Common strains people request are gorilla glue, blue dream, and girl scout strains.

Quality Of The Cannabis

The quality of Cannabis is a major factor in price. Those who’ve monitored the growth and production of cannabis will have curated different levels of potency for THC and CBD, which will increase demand. Cannabis grown in mass production, with little assistance and maintenance, may not be as top-shelf quality as others who have.

Cannabis Cost Average Per Pound

Many farms across the continent have jumped on board amidst the pandemic and have begun selling cannabis. The cannabis industry has never gotten better in the history of time. After the pandemic, the high demand remains ongoing, and the market has gotten competitive. The current average price per pound of cannabis is between $550-$1500.

This range may seem large, but cannabis per pound can go for way more or way less, depending on your location. This illicit market continues to raise eyebrows in less progressive regions despite being increasingly accepted across the board.


Legalization Made Cannabis More Expensive

Legalization had many impacts upon the Cannabis industry. Many connoisseurs argue that the corporate commercialization of Cannabis took away from the artisanal craft of cultivating, putting many home growers with decades of experience out of business. Since illicit market averages tend to follow legal markets, when wholesale cannabis prices go up or down, it will affect Cannabis consumers no matter what.

Packaging Costs

The pursuit of quality was replaced by the pursuit of quantity by corporations with quotas to hit. Ultimately taking the love out of the craft. For this reason, many people still prefer to grow their own Cannabis since they can feel more connected to their flower, and produce bud significantly better than what is available at their local dispensary.


Taxes and regulations put in place by the government raise the price of cannabis, and any state that legalizes Cannabis will impose taxes on the sale of all cannabis products, which increases the price. Additionally, regulations on cannabis, such as testing and labeling requirements, can increase the cost of production for growers and manufacturers. This cost will then be passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices.

Legalization can also lead to increased competition and economies of scale, which can drive prices down. As the market becomes more competitive, growers and manufacturers may be forced to lower their prices in order to stay competitive. Additionally, as the market becomes more mainstream and accepted, more investors are willing to invest in cannabis production, which can lead to both larger supply and lower prices, although this is not always the case.

In Colorado, a pound of outdoor wholesale cannabis costs $1,327, while in Oregon, it costs $1,470. Demand also contributes to the cost of a pound of Cannabis, and both legal and illicit markets saw demand rise in 2020. Sales in legal adult-use states saw an increase of around 50 percent in most markets.


The Pandemic Increased Cannabis Prices

The pandemic brought us all inside, filled with more uncertainty than ever before. With increased stress levels, an abundance of time required to stay indoors, and a limited amount of things to do, it was bound that more people would partake in trying & adventuring into cannabis. From the facts alone, 11 states in the U.S made the recreational use of cannabis legal.

Pandemic restrictions made the vast majority of the U.S desire some stress relief. Over the course of escaping the pandemic, the cannabis skyrocket has yet to crash. This affected sales tremendously by having brand new customers that have the safety to try something new! Taking care of your health is essential. Now that it is more widely acceptable, adult-use cannabis has grown, and the cannabis world will continue to grow.

What Did Dispensaries Do During The Pandemic?

Cannabis consumers didn’t have to spend time shopping indoors as state governments waived regulations regarding cannabis delivery or implemented curbside pickup in response to pandemic restrictions. It remains unclear whether more orders were placed due to expanded access to deliveries, and if those sales were enough to recoup sales missed from in-person retail.

How Large a Role Did The Pandemic Play in Cannabis Prices?

The demand for cannabis skyrocketed both in legal and illicit markets in 2020-2021, which also contributes to the cost of a pound of Cannabis. The year is now 2023 and the price per pound of Cannabis has started going down due to lower demand.

Sales in legal adult-use states saw an increase of 50 percent across all markets. On the flip side, the wildfire season in California’s Emerald Triangle and parts of Oregon burned many farms to the ground and rained ash on plants that did survive, so in the coming year we may see a drop in supply


Why Did The Price Of Cannabis Go Up?

The retail taxes alone on legal Cannabis sales along with markups from distributors and dispensaries can double the cost of buying the product legally, creating a large illegal marketplace that never disappeared despite legalization. The average wholesale price has increased 50% since the pandemic. Illicit market averages tend to follow legal cannabis markets.


Final Thoughts – How Much is a Pound of Cannabis

When shopping for cannabis, whether it’s your first or your hundredth time, being conscious of the market and what prices to look for is really important. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you paid too much or you didn’t get the amount you want. Educating yourself on terms like half pound, quarter pound, and an eighth will make you a more informed cannabis consumer! The legalization of cannabis has helped grow cannabis businesses tremendously. With more people learning the ropes of cannabis, the wiser and more educated the world will be on the amazing benefits cannabis can do to your life!

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