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How Much is a “Dub” of Weed?

Welcome to the world of cannabis slang! According to April 20, 2017, Time magazine article by Katy Steinmetz, “There are at least 1,200 slang words related to cannabis.” When Wishbone said, “Gotta find them dubs” in the iconic song, ‘1st of the Month,’ you may have wondered what Bone Thugs-N-Harmony was referring to.
The question you are asking is, “What is a “dub” of weed? What is unique about the word “dub” is that it not only refers to the plant but the amount you receive for a specific payment. Like all languages, the vocabulary involving Cannabis is always evolving and expanding. The word is flexible and almost all-encompassing.

What Is A “Dub” Of Weed?

Simply put, a “dub” or “dub sack” is a refers to twenty dollars worth of marijuana. This slang term dates back decades in pop culture, being used to refer to a sack of bud back in the day, but with the emergence of cannabis dispensaries today, it can also refer to pre rolls or even edibles. Stoners originally devised this term to conceal illegal activity from law enforcement, but with the widespread legalization of Cannabis throughout many parts of the United States, hiding this type of activity isn’t as necessary these days.

How Much Does A Dub Of Weed Cost?

The best part about a dub is that the price never changes. No matter what is happening with the economy, you can always count on a dub to cost $20. The amount of weed you get for a dub can change, but at the end of the day, it is up to whoever is selling it to you, whether it is a dealer or a dispensary.

Several factors at hand influence how much Cannabis will be in the dub you purchase, such as what part of the country (or world) you are in, how much your connect likes you, and the quality of the bud you’re buying. The only thing for certain is that dub of Cannabis costs $20, the amount does change though, depending on everything we just mentioned. A dub will never break the bank and always improve your day, whether great or small.

How Many Grams Are In A Dub Of Weed?

In general, a dub ranges from 0.5-2 grams. Like everything else, the amount you’ll receive for twenty dollars depends on supply and demand. For example, if the going rate per gram of that strain type is ten dollars per gram, you’ll receive two grams for $20. In states where the plant is legal and plentiful (such as California), this is a standard going rate for average-quality Cannabis.
In the District of Columbia (where all Cannabis is unfortunately illegal to purchase), a dub will get you less than a gram. However, that seems like a discount compared to the UAE, where a gram on the black market will set you back over 100 euros!

What Is A Generous Amount For A Dub Of Premium Weed?

It is not uncommon for top-shelf Cannabis to fetch prices of over 20 dollars for one gram.
If you live in a place where Cannabis is still illegal, such as New York City or Washington D.C., you should consider yourself lucky if you get a dub of top-shelf bud with a gram or more.

What Is A Small Amount For A Dub Of Premium Weed?

A small or stingy dub sack of premium top-shelf weed would be anything around or less than half a gram.

What Factors Can Affect How Much Is A Dub In Weed?

The amount one receives for twenty dollars can vary greatly depending on the quality or popularity of said Cannabis, the scarcity of the strain’s availability, and its legality in the state or country it is being sold. A dub can easily drop from a generous two grams to a single gram in a very short amount of time.

Quality Of The Weed

The genetics of your Cannabis plant greatly impact its quality, affecting potency, taste, and smell. If you want to source the best genetics, make sure to check out our wide selection of feminized and autoflower seeds and rest assured your buds will be the best in town!
Though indoor versus outdoor Cannabis is a highly personal preference (and ultimately comes down to availability), you may get more bang for your buck by purchasing Cannabis grown outdoors, but don’t expect to have the same quality as indoor grown marijuana.
Outdoor Cannabis is less expensive than indoor Cannabis due to less equipment and resources required to grow it. Indoor Cannabis is more easily controlled and manipulated but requires artificial, expensive, unnatural water (humidity), light, and temperature.

Current Demand For The Strain

Cannabis grown the best will always produce quality results that will ideally fetch a premium. This allows vendors to give less Cannabis for the same $20, which can produce better margins depending on what it took to produce or obtain that bud. Many vendors report having the highest demand when they have the best quality cannabis available, even if they are charging higher prices.
After you harvest your Cannabis, it’s important to dry it and cure it carefully, as even the best harvest can be ruined if not carefully processed afterward. These costs can be astronomical depending on the actual climate of where the flower is grown (and the legality of it). Though there are much fewer overhead costs for outdoor Cannabis, it can be marketed as eco-friendly for conscious consumers. Sustainability sells!

Current Weed Prices

Inflation also affects every aspect of the cannabis industry, including but not limited to how much Cannabis is in a dub. The raw materials, labor, and production become much more expensive, resulting in higher prices.
Additionally, when consumers suddenly have less disposable income and become more hesitant to spend their hard-earned cash, they often purchase lower-tier Cannabis compared to prior purchases. A premium strain
suddenly becomes an unthinkable splurge. This forces a dispensary to increase the amount of Cannabis in a dub to a larger quantity that was once unthinkable. The market often focuses on deals and flash sales to follow consumer trends.

Area Or State Of Purchase

Local taxes and regulations also affect the Cannabis you receive for a dub. The government expects levied taxes in states where the plant purchase is legal, raising the operation costs for the dispensary to distribute that Cannabis. Production regulations require additional procedures, employees, and enforcers, which the consumer pays for.
That being said, unless you are growing your own Cananbis, always do your best to source it from a legitimate and trustworthy source for your safety and protection.

Black Market Vs. White Market

Cannabis purchased on the black market does not comply with the same taxes and regulations that legal dispensaries must abide by. Therefore, in countries with laws that vary from region to region, a black market dub may contain significantly more Cannabis than a white market dub. Keep in mind that when you obtain your bud from the black market, there is a chance it was not produced properly and may have contiminates left over from not being flushed properly during harvest. Additionally, it probably won’t be tested for potency, so you won’t know exactly what to expect as far as THC and Indica/Sativa dominance.

Weed Brand Popularity

If a particular brand is associated with a popular celebrity or fancy packaging and labeling, the Cannabis can become more expensive even though the quantity did not increase. The reputation or credibility of the dispensary can also affect the price of Cannabis. Strains that have won the Cannabis Cup can surge in price and popularity overnight, creating unprecedented scarcity. Conversely, if the same strains are oversupplied, their value tanks.

Final Thoughts – How Much Is A Dub In Weed?

Similar to the size of a property in real estate, how much Cannabis you’ll get in a dub depends on location, location, location. If there are many dispensaries in an area, the price of Cannabis decreases.
Even if Cannabis is legal in a particular jurisdiction, the price can greatly increase when vendors are few and far between. You should hope for 1.77 grams in a dub of Cannabis for $20 but keep in mind all the work that had to go into nature’s best medicine.

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