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Autoflower Bud Production

Autoflower Bud Production: Techniques To Maximize Your Grow

Autoflower bud production is a great way to start your first grow! It doesn’t matter if you’re growing for the first time or the fiftieth, autoflowering strains are suitable for all growers looking for a quick, low maintenance grow. Autoflowering strains are known for growing well and being genetically resilient against mold and pests.

This is partly due to the Cannabis ruderalis genetics which this cannabis seed variety contains. This little known subspecies of Cannabis evolved and adapted to extreme weather and light cycles far into the Northern Hemisphere.

This is what gave these strains their resilience and gives you plenty of room for error. However, you should still give your plants the best growing conditions and nutrients to ensure you produce the largest quantities of the most flavorful and aromatic bud possible.

Why Should I Bother Growing Cannabis?

Your ability to provide your plants the most love is one of the biggest advantages of growing your own Cannabis. Anybody can get their hands on some bud. Still, the craft of home growing has taken a hit due to wide spread commercial growing operations which care more about meeting quotas and deadlines rather than producing the best Cannabis possible.

That being said, read on to learn how to maximize your bud output and take your strains to the next level by sourcing the best genetics and meeting the individual needs of any strain you cultivate by setting up your grow room properly, using the right growing techniques, and feeding your plants with optimal nutrients at the appropriate times.

Autoflower Bud Production: What does it mean?

The bud production of autoflowering plants refers to how much bud you will have when you harvest your cannabis plant. Autoflowering plants can grow and reach harvest faster than their feminized counterparts.


The Different Lighting Options Available for Autoflower Bud Production

When growing indoors, place your lights at the appropriate height, don’t use too many nutrients, and understand you have a faster harvest time than you would with feminized cannabis seeds.

Placing your lights at a certain distance from the plants is important to ensure proper exposure and controlled heating, such as in the case of HID lights that cause greater heat generation, which might disrupt your plant life cycle. The heat output of your lights needs to be considered and the lights placed at the appropriate height.

Installing Grow Lights for you Autoflower bud Produciton

Different types of lights produce various colors, so it is important to have the right one for your cannabis plantation at home. Here is a breakdown of the different lights used by cannabis growers for home growth spaces.

An advantage of growing autoflowering strains is that they don’t need light timers, although if you plan to use them place your plants on an 18 hour light cycle. Also ensure you have your grow room wired safely and that the electricity supply is constant and dependable.

Metal Halide (MH) – Metal halide is a type of high-intensity discharge (HID) light manufactured as industry-standard illuminating equipment to offer a great combination of efficiency and output. It produces a blueish-white light and is used for the vegetative stage of cannabis growth.

High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) – High-Pressure Sodium is another type of HID, and it produces a reddish-orange light that is generally beneficial for cannabis during the flowering stage.

LED Grow Lights – Light Emitting Diode (LED) Grow Lights are increasingly used in indoor cannabis grow spaces due to their efficiency and design, offering better amounts than HID lights and lower amounts of heat. These are our recommedation for growing autoflowering strains, although they can be more costly than other light types.

Fluorescent Grow Lights – Fluorescent Grow Lights use high-output T5 bulbs and can be an excellent choice for small-scale cannabis cultivators. These lights cost less to set up and do not require a cooling system to control heat generation, as in the case of HID lights.


How to Find the Best Autoflower Seeds

By taking our quiz, you can find the autoflowering strain that best suits your needs. Our quiz has been hand tailored by real stoners to help you grow Cannabis that will have the qualities you desire in your bud. At OG Seeds, we care about our customers and want to help them produce the most decadent, flavorful, and potent bud out there.

How Much Bud Do Autoflower Cannabis Plants Produce On Average?

On average, you can expect to produce between 10 and 50 grams per plant. You cannot expect a strain with a fast and short flowering time to produce more than 30 grams but super autoflowers can amount 200-300 grams if you give it the perfect environment.

Plant Training: LST and HST

Autoflowering plant can benefit from low stress training, but can be very unforgiving when it comes to high stress training. Your efforts may be better focused in other areas of your grow, but if you must train your plants only apply LST techniques.


What Is the Easiest Autoflower Bud to Grow?

The easiest autoflowering strain is our bla bla bla strain. We base this on its resilience against mold and pests. Get your cannabis seeds from us, we have gone the extra mile to carry the strongest and most potent genetics. We pride ourselves on having the best modern autoflowering strains. You’ll know it as soon as you hit the flowering stage.


Taking Autoflower Bud Production to the Limit

Indoor growers can infuse their growing space with supplementary carbon dioxide—a gas that plants use to fuel growth. Some growers report a 20% increase in bud production when using CO₂ . When used correctly, you could raise the upper limit of how much bud these autoflowering strains can produce.


What Seed Bank Has the Best Autoflowers?

If you seek superior auto flowering strains, you have come to the right place. We consider ourselves a cut above our competition due to the extra effort we put in to carry the best genetic of both classic strains that we all know and love, as well the the rarest and most exotic strains out there as well. We take pride in knowing everything about the seeds that we carry including nutrient requirements, growing techniques they respond well to, the specific seed to harvest times of each strain, and all the information about potency and terpene profiles.

In addition to everything we just mentioned, we offer 25 percent off your first order, as well as fast stealthy shipping to all 50 U.S. states. We are proudly based in Southern California, giving us access to all of these amazing genetics! Shop with us today, and don’t be afraid to reach out with any questions you may have.

What Is the Strongest Autoflower in the World?

The strongest autoflowering cannabis strain as far as THC content would be the Bruce Banner strain. This strain has one of the highest THC percentages ever recorded from an autoflowering variety and a unique terpene profile consisting of humulene, caryophyllene, and limonene, making it’s smell and flavor truly one of a kind.


Autoflower Cannabis Plants Average Time From Seed To Harvest

Using seed-to-harvest time as a guide, growers can estimate how long it will take to complete a full autoflower cycle. There are a variety of phenotypes produced by autoflower seeds, just like feminized cannabis seeds do. Harvesting will be faster for some than for others. Growth will be slowed by cool grow room temperatures. Generally speaking, autoflowers take about 10 weeks from seed to harvest though.

Don’t Feed Your Autoflower Plants Excessive Nutrients

With any cannabis grow, it’s important to follow a strict nutrient regiment for your plants. If you give your plants too many nutrients at the wrong time, you can cause nutrient burn.


10 Tips For Bigger Autoflower Bud Production

Once you’re ready to embark on your autoflowering grow journey and found the best strain for you, it’s time to build your grow room and germinate your Cannabis seeds.

There are unique characteristics about Autoflowering strains which can make it harder to achieve maximum bud production, despite their simplicity of flowering automatically. For your convenience, we’ve listed 10 tips that, when applied properly, will help you enjoy great autoflower harvests at home.

1. Use Sea of Green

Autoflowering strains respond well to the Sea of Green (SOG) growing technique. This entails growing as many plants as you can in your growing space. When doing this, ensure you have proper ventilation in your grow room for the best results.

2. Use Fabric Pots

Using fabric pots allows air to pass through your plants root system easier, which helps keep your roots’ temperature optimal and allows your growing medium to dry more rapidly and evenly after watering/feeding. This can also help to prevent fungal diseases.

3. Use Progressive Harvesting

Progressive Harvesting means cutting off ripe flowers, allowing the plant to send more energy to ripen the rest of the buds. This is different than just harvest all your bud at once and allows you to pull the buds at their prime.

4. Use Bigger Pots

The pot size you use is important when cultivating autoflowers as plant growth will be limited if you use too small of a pot. It is also important to germinate autoflowers in their final pot. You will maximize your vegetative growth by doing this.

5. Grow Your Autoflower Seeds In The Pot Where You’ll Harvest Them

Autoflower Cannabis seeds should be sown directly into the final pot to avoid the time spent on transplanting. Transplant shock can be very detrimental to your plants health, and autoflowering plants typically will not recover from transplant stress before flowering due to their short vegetative stage.

6. Opt For 18 Hours of Light

Autoflowering plants respond well to 18 hour light cycles since they have short vegetative phases and frequently grow shorter than photoperiod strains. By giving your plants an 18/6 light cycle, robust growth can occur without taxing your plants energy too hard. Remember that autoflowering plants love light just as much as photoperiodic plants, but don’t rely on them to bloom. Using a 12/12 light cycle will reduce bud production for autoflowering cannabis plants.

7. Use an airy growing medium

To fully maximize the amount of bud produced in your grow space, you need to start with the best growing medium, and you won’t be able to just buy it pre mixed. You will need to make this cultivar yourself, but it couldn’t be easier. Just follow our simple steps and you’ll have a top notch growing medium that will make your plants produce higher quantities of more flavorful potent bud.

When growing cannabis, soil health is crucial. In addition to anchoring down a plant’s roots, healthy soil also provides nutrients and microbial life necessary for your plant to feed, develop strong roots, and stay protected from pathogens and pests.

8. Pick The Right Strain

By getting your Cannabis seeds from us, you have the peace of mind of knowing you are cultivating hardy potent genetics. Every strain we carry features unique characteristics, resilience against mold and pests, along with high potency and great terpene profiles. We are one of the best seed banks in the U.S., and while we may not the largest selection, we do have the highest quality selection.

9. Avoid high-stress training

You shouldn’t overtrain autoflowers because you might stunt the plant if you do. Stressing autoflowers may not give them much time to recover since they have a preset cycle. With that being said, take fewer risks and stick to the plan.

10. Grow Indoors

By growing your plants indoors, you will be best positioned to give your plants the most optimal care and meet the individual needs of any strains you desire. We recommend putting LED lights in your grow room since they give off the least amount of heat. We also recommend inspecting your grow daily and take notes as you do so. When you grow indoors you can grow all throughout the year, and you can harvest consistently when you grow autoflowering plants instead of photoperiod plants.


The Top 5 Highest Producing Autoflower Strains 2023

1. Girl Scout Cookies Auto

This strain is 60% Indica dominant has tested at up to 28% THC. Girls Scout Cookies is a legendary strain that began as a crossbreed of OG Kush and Durban Poison. It’s not surprise that GSC has spread across the globe, with its popularity rivaling that of well-known American cannabis varieties such as OG Kush, Granddaddy Purple, and Sour Diesel.

2. Green Crack Autoflower

This is a 60% sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Green Crack is known for its dense bud structure, with gorgeous buds that are smaller and clustered rather than chunky. Cannabis connoisseurs love Green Crack because they can be productive throughout their day aftering enjoying it. Few strains produce the wonderful effects of Green Crack, with many reporting feeling a noticeable boost in energy after consuming this strain. The smoke flavor is citrusy with a piney aftertaste.

The fragrance of the bud has refreshing earthy accents along with a fruity sweetness reminiscent of a tropical island that will leave your mouth tasting like lemon and pine. In additional to all of this, Green Crack remains one of our highest producing strains year after year.

3. Sour Diesel Auto

Sour Diesel is a popular 100% sativa strain originating from Chemdawg and Super Skunk. Users report this strain producing fast-acting, cerebral, and dreamy effects. This strain gets its name from its pungent smell of diesel which is also present in its flavor profile. If you seek a bountiful harvest from autoflowering cannabis seeds, we won’t let you down with our cultivar.

4. Bruce Banner Auto

Bruce Banner (also known as “Banner” and “OG Banner”) is an award winning, dense Cannabis strain that won “Most Potent Strain” at the 2013 Denver US Cannabis Cup. It’s easy to see how this strain got its name since it packs quite a punch. Named after The Incredible Hulk’s alter-ego, one could assume if he just had some of his namesake strain of Cannabis he wouldn’t have been such a stressed-out ball of anger. This high producing strain is helpful for relieving bodily discomfort, sadness, and stress. You can also expect to a serious case of the munchies after smoking Bruce Banner. Make sure to stock up with snacks and desserts.

5. Biscotti Auto

The Biscotti strain is 80% Indica and is delicious cross of Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato 25, and South Florida OG. It smells incredibly gassy and sweet with a flavor to match. Biscotti tastes just like sweet cookies. Upon your first puff, you will notice flavors that range from fresh baked cookies with hints of vanilla, to fruity notes, along with diesel undertones. Its earthy fragrances along with a rich spicy exhale are a nice compliment to eachother. This is also one of our highest producing and most potent strains, testing at up to 25% THC.


Key Takeaways about Autoflower Bud Production

Autoflowering changes from the vegetative stage to flowering based on age rather than environmental changes. Moreover, keep your plants in 18/6 day/night rotation. The size of the pot affects the amount of vus autoflowering plants will produce. You shouldn’t grow autoflowerings in undersized pots because they are smaller than other strains, doing so will limit bud production. Follow us for more Tips on growing Cannabis.


Autoflower Bud Production – Final Thoughts

When it comes to optimizing autoflowering bud production, you can begin with the correct genetics. Secondly, adjust temperature, humidity, feeding, watering, and training techniques as needed. While these are paramount, you shouldn’t forget to avoid those factors that can reduce amounts. This includs poor lighting, pests, and bad watering practices.

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