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Bruce Banner Strain - The Ultimate Strain Review & Information Guide

Bruce Banner Strain – The Ultimate Strain Review & Information Guide

Bruce Banner strain will produce dense nugs and bright green buds. This strain receives its name with good reason since it is quite powerful, taking after the alter-ego of comic book hero the Hulk. It’s easy to see why this strain has gained popularity in recent years since it packs such a powerful punch even before you take a single puff. Crack open a nug, and you’ll see what we mean. It boasts powerful aromas of sweet earthy fruitiness.


Bruce Banner Strain – Overview

Bruce Banner (also known as “Banner” and “OG Banner”) is a dense Cannabis strain that is high in THC. This strain can pack quite the punch. The Incredible Hulk might be Bruce Banner’s alter-ego, but maybe if he just had his namesake strain of Cannabis, he wouldn’t be such a stressed-out ball of anger. Medical Cannabis patients choose Bruce Banner to help relieve symptoms associated with stress, depression, pain, headaches, loss of appetite, and fatigue. Due to its high THC content, consumers with low THC tolerance should take extra care when enjoying this strain. Bruce Banner 3 won “Most Potent Strain” at the 2013 Denver US Cannabis Cup (60% Sativa and 40% Indica)


Bruce Banner Strain History

The Bruce Banner strain was developed by Dark Horse Genetics, combining the OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel strains. This strain offers a well-balanced high that starts heavy but lingers lightly, with fruity and earthy flavors. The Bruce Banner strain provides total relaxation with its 60:40 sativa/indica ratio.

Who Invented The Strain, Bruce Banner?

Jason Holck of Dark Horse Genetics (aka OG Ironlung) originally bred Bruce Banner cannabis by cross-breeding Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush, which is made evident by its pleasant, slightly sweet diesel scent.

How Potent Is Bruce Banner Flower?

Cannabis connoisseurs have grown fond of this strain and its high potency. Bruce typically tests between 27–30% THC and has even surpassed 30%! Since this strain is 60% sativa dominant, it has stimulating effects that make you feel more creative and productive. Many have noted that Bruce Banner has a great head high which feels particularly euphoric. This makes it suitable for day or nighttime use. Although it is slightly sativa dominant, it does have some great properties of an Indica which relax you and help you melt into the couch.

What Is The Most Potent Strain Of Bruce Banner?

The Bruce Banner strain bred by Dark Horse Genetics is a highly potent strain with an average THC value of 25%, but Bruce Banner #3 has recorded a whopping 30% THC.

What Does This Strain Smell & Taste Like?

  • Aroma: Bruce Banner is distinguishable with a pungent scent and a strong diesel aroma that is sweet and has fruity undertones. For example, this scent will fill the air the moment you open the container.
  • Taste: The strain presents a more pleasing flavor than the aroma. It has a sweet taste of candy with berry, fruity, and earthy overtones.


Bruce Banner Cannabis Plan


What Terps Does Bruce Banner Have?

Bruce Banner tests high in Linalool, Caryophyllene, and Humulene. Terpenes are responsible for different effects and scents in Cannabis. Although THC can be thought of as the engine, terpenes are the wheels. We’ll discuss each of Bruce Banner’s dominant terpenes, as well as the effects they have on the high and taste.


The second most dominant terpene in Bruce Banner is Caryophyllene. This terpene gives Bruce Banner its peppery taste. Strains high in Caryophyllene have a spicy exhale, and this terpene is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.


This terpene has a lavender scent that is renowned for its relaxation and anxiety-reducing properties. Linalool is found in over 200 different plants, including jasmine, lavender, rosewood, basil, and thyme. If you are smelling any lavender scents in your bud, chances are high it has some Linalool in it.


The taste of Humulene is similar to that of a hop-infused beer, with hints of spice, herbal, and woody notes. Craft beers often taste and smell hoppy because of this terpene. Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and mild sedative properties are associated with Humulene.


Appearance of Bruce Banner Flower

The plant is a beauty to behold as it matures, with dark green leaves turning into a rich magenta hue when bared in cold night temperatures. You can expect your plants to be quite pungent long before harvest time, so plan accordingly if you have nosey neighbors.

What Does Bruce Banner Taste Like?

Firstly, Bruce Banner features a diesel aroma with earthy undertones. Secondly, a fruity undertone of diesel and grapes, Bruce Banner tastes earthy, sweet, and fruity. Certainly, Bruce Banner gets its name from the Incredible Hulk since it packs a punch. Its parent strains of Strawberry Kush and Sour Diesel are responsible for its gassy grape-like taste. It’s no surprise that this new strain is exploding in popularity amongst Cannabis connoisseurs.


Effects & Benefits of Consuming Bruce Banner Flower

Many uplifting effects will be felt after consuming the Bruce Banner strain. Besides the enjoyable buzz, this strain offers many therapeutic benefits too. For your convenience, we’ve listed the main reasons people use this strain below.

  • Upbeat Euphoric Effects This hybrid strain provides a more upbeat/energetic high due to the heavier sativa genetics involved.
  • Calms The Mind This cannabis strain is known for its soothing properties outside of its couch-locking effects. These effects are helpful for those who experience mental anguish and sadness.
  • Soothes Discomfort The Bruce Banner strain is helpful for those experiencing pain from bodily discomfort or muscle aches. You will notice this after the first couple puffs have you melting into your couch.
  • May Stimulate Appetite The Bruce Banner Cannabis strain has been shown to stimulate appetite in those who have trouble eating. We’d recommend stocking up on plenty of snacks and treats for the inevitable case of munchies you’ll have after your first couple tokes.
  • Mood Booster This strain has great mood-boosting properties.
  • May Ease Nausea

Learn more about the benefits of consuming Cannabis here

How Much THC Does The Bruce Banner Strain Have?

The Bruce Banner strain has THC levels that can test at up to 30% if grown correctly. To do this, we recommend growing indoors to full develop the terpene profile of your bud, taking your flower to a higher plain. Your bud will shine the brightest in terms color, aroma, and trichome coating.


Growing Cannabis Indoors


Are There Different Bruce Banner Strains?

Different breeders have created some different variations/phenotypes strains of Bruce Banner. Using OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel parents, breeders created five phenotypes. Bruce Banner #2 and #4 were quickly dropped, while #1, #3 and #5 were selected for their high potency and other desirable characteristics.

Bruce Banner, Similar Strains

There are some similar strains to Bruce Banner Cannabis. Based on the genetics and flavor of Banner, we have compiled a list of the strains that are most similar to it in terms of Indica/Sativa dominance, THC levels, and flavor/scent profiles.

Blue Dream

If you cross Blueberry and Haze, you get Blue Dream! Known as one of the best daytime smokes, this 70% Sativa-dominant hybrid strain provides mental stimulation, a balanced high, and full-body relaxation. Additionally, the long, bushy buds come in shades of purple and blue and are smothered in milky white trichomes and amber hairs, enhancing the feelings of uplifted creativity. Most importantly, we offer a great feminized variety of these seeds known to produce larger amounts and about 17-25% THC content.

OG Kush

This is a great strain that everyone knows and loves. We offer a great autoflower variety of these seeds..

Strawberry Diesel

Being one of the parent strains of all Bruce Banner phenotypes, it’s easy to see why this strain made the list of similar buds. This strain originates from NYC Diesel being crossed with Strawberry Cough. It boasts fruity strawberry flavors along with earthy undertones, and has THC Content ranging from 20-24%.

Sour Diesel

Known for its fast-acting, cerebral, and dreamy effects, Sour Diesel is one of the most popular sativas out there. It has a gassy smell and flavor that reminds you of diesel fuel. Try our autoflowering variety of Sour Diesel seeds for an easy grows. Sour Diesel has 90% Sativa dominance along with a THC content ranging from 22-26%.


Gelato strains get the name from the creamy, rich Italian ice cream dessert. The best of all the Gelato strains is the slightly Indica-dominant Gelato 41, which is a cross of Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookies. If you wish to get your hands on some Gelato 41, you’re in luck because we carry a feminized variety of these seeds. With dark purple hues, bright orange hairs, and a sparkling white resin coating, Gelato 41 produces tight, dense buds. It’s unique flavor profile is very aromatic, with scents of lavender, orange citrus, and pine with hints of mint.

Where To Get The Best Bruce Banner Strain?

If you live in a Cannabis-friendly state, you may find decent seeds and/or cuts in dispensaries, but it is best to grow from seeds. The reason for this is that you have aren’t just working with a clone, and you will also have more say in the genetics that you will be working with. You also have the opportunity to control more aspects of your grow which will produce higher-quality bud with greater potency, amounts, flavors, and aromas. However, if you wish to get your hands on the most exclusive genetics at the best prices, with the fastest shipping, come shop at OGSeeds.

Why Buy Bruce Banner Strain From OGSEEDS?

OG Seeds, in the USA, is a reputable seed bank that offers some of the country’s highest-quality seeds. If you wish to get your hands on some Bruce Banner seeds, you have come to the right place! In addition to offering fast, free, & discreet shipping, we also offer 25% off your first order!


Why Is Bruce Banner Cannabis Strain So Popular?

Despite the Bruce Banner Cannabis strain being relatively new, it has exploded in popularity because of it’s large amounts, beautiful color array, powerful aromas, and clever namesake after the Incredible Hulk. From a botanical standpoint, this strain offers the perfect balance of sativa and indica characteristics, locking you into your couch while also providing a light burst of energy so you can enjoy whatever activity you are enjoying, such as a show you might be watching or snacks you may be enjoying after the munchies kick in.

Bruce Banner Flowering Time

The flowering time will vary depending on the type of seeds you use. Our autoflowering variety of this seed has a flowering time of about 8-10 weeks.

Is Bruce Banner Strain High amountsing?

The Bruce Banner Cannabis strain tends to offer bigger amounts than your typical OG Kush, making it a great strain choice for more experienced growers looking for an exotic strain that boasts bountiful amounts.

Is Bruce Banner Cannabis Difficult To Grow?

When grown indoors, breeders can expect a flowering period of 9-10 weeks, as well as a high resistance to disease, mold, and pests.

Growing Tips – Bruce Banner Cannabis Strain

We recommend the Sea of Green (SOG) growing strategies, as well as Low-Stress Training (LST) in order to grow the best bud possible along with the highest amounts per square meter. Sea of Green entails growing many smaller plants instead of trying to grow a few larger ones.

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