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How To Pass A Drug Test – Covering Up Cannabis Consumption

Do you have a new job opportunity that seemingly popped up? Or maybe some trouble with the law? Have you ever wanted to know how to pass an unexpected drug test? The following guide will have your cannabis consumption completely covered. Cannabis is one of the most difficult substances to get out of your system and one of the longest-lasting. That does not mean that there are not many tips and tricks available. Even the heaviest of cannabis users can benefit from hydrating, exercising, and detoxing, if all else fails, using synthetic urine.

What Do Drug Tests Detect For Cannabis Usage?

Cannabis drug tests often find THC metabolites in your system. A metabolite is the final substance made when the body breaks down food, chemicals, tissue, or drugs. You may be familiar with this process called metabolism. THC-COOH is the metabolite cannabis drug tests look for. The main psychoactive substance in cannabis, THC, is responsible for the “high” that cannabis use is often associated with.

What Types Of Cannabis Drug Tests Are There?

Several types of drug tests are used to detect cannabis use, including urine tests, blood tests, saliva tests, and hair tests.

Drug Test Detection Times – How Long Is THC Detectable In The System?

Note that some drug tests can detect THC usage for longer periods than others. It is important to note that the length of time THC can be detected in the body varies from person to person and can depend on many factors. Heavy cannabis usage, slow metabolism, and high body fat percentage contribute to longer detection times. It is important to note that there is no standardization among drug tests, and the sensitivity and accuracy of the test can vary between different laboratories and testing methods. Here are the average times for standard drug tests depending on the type of test administered.

Urine Drug Test

Urine tests are the most common type of drug test for cannabis, and they are designed to detect the presence of THC-COOH, a metabolite of THC, which can remain in a person’s urine for up to 30 days after use. Urine drug tests, also known as urinalysis, are the most affordable but not always reliable. False positives and false negatives do occur from time to time, and very recent cannabis use cannot always be detected.

Blood Drug Test

Depending on the frequency, dosage, and metabolism, THC can be detected in the blood for up to 2-7 days after use. Blood drug tests can identify cannabis usage from hours to days after use, depending on the drug. They are more accurate than urine or saliva tests; however, this comes at a cost. Because they are invasive and expensive, blood tests are almost only used in criminal investigations.

Saliva Drug Test

THC can be detected in saliva for up to 72 hours after use. Saliva drug tests are less intrusive than blood tests. No bathroom or nurse is needed. These tests are a common option for workplace and highway drug testing since they are relatively non-invasive and simple to conduct. Although saliva tests may be less precise and have a smaller detection window than blood or hair tests, they are typically less expensive. Saliva tests are great at unveiling very recent drug use.

Hair Drug Test

THC can be detected in hair follicles for up to 90 days or more after use. A hair drug test is a sort of drug screening test that determines whether a person’s hair sample contains any drug metabolites. Cannabis and its metabolites are absorbed into hair as it grows. Hair drug samples can show cannabis usage over a longer period than blood or urine samples. These tests are frequently used by companies, courts, and other organizations committed to drug testing programs. Hair tests are believed to be the most accurate and the hardest to falsify. However, the inability to detect recent drug use and the possibility of false positives prove that no test is correct one hundred percent of the time.

How to Pass A Drug Test

There are many ways to pass a drug test with a negative result depending on the drug test you must take. Please keep in mind that the following is strictly for informational purposes. OGSeeds is not responsible for failed drug tests.

How To Pass A Urine Drug Test

It can be difficult to pass a urine test, especially if you’ve recently used cannabis. A person is typically requested to produce a urine sample in a designated collecting cup during a urine drug test. After that, the sample is taken to a lab for testing, where it will be checked for various substances, including cannabis. You can do a few things to improve your test-passing prospects, though. Stopping cannabis use is the greatest strategy for passing a urine drug test. The likelihood of passing the test increases the time between your most recent cannabis use and the test. If that is out of the question, know that toxins in your body can be removed by drinking enough water. Ensure not to overhydrate because doing so can be harmful or fatal. Drinking a couple of liters up to a gallon throughout the day before the test should be adequate.

Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine may be your best option if your urine test is unsupervised. Keep in mind that it can be dangerous to use synthetic urine to pass a drug test. Some urine tests are designed to detect it.

H5: How To Use Synthetic Urine

Make sure to buy a premium-quality artificial urine product. Obtain a synthetic urine product intended to resemble real pee’s characteristics. It is a good idea to check reviews of the product you choose to ensure it has a favorable reputation. Make sure to carefully follow the directions on the package. A heating pad or microwave must bring the product to the proper temperature. A bag or container for this purpose can cover up the synthetic urine on your body on the test day. Keeping it close to your body heat will keep it at the optimal temperature for longer than if it were in your pocket. Ensure the container is tightly sealed and won’t leak or spill. When the time comes to provide the sample, use the synthetic pee instead of your own. Listen to all instructions given by the testing facility or the test administrator. After giving the sample, quietly discard the container and any leftover synthetic urine. Do not leave behind anything that would cause suspicion (the bottle, wrappers, etc.). It is crucial to remember that using synthetic urine to pass a drug test is against the law in some places, and getting caught can have serious repercussions. Before deciding to use fake pee, check the regulations in your state and consider the risks before moving forward.

Drug Detox Drinks

Drug detox drinks are advertised as remedies that can assist you in passing drug tests by disguising the presence of cannabis in the body. These beverages contain blends of vitamins, minerals, and herbs designed to remove toxins. They also prolong the period in which drug metabolites cannot be detected. It is crucial to remember that a detox drink’s efficacy cannot be guaranteed. Like synthetic urine, certain drug tests are created to look for these detox solutions. Using them could make you more likely to fail the urine test.

How To Drug Detox Drinks

After choosing a reputable brand, follow the instructions on the bottle. It is crucial to carefully read the label and adhere to the directions on the package of drug detox drinks, as they can vary depending on the brand. It would be best to consume a specific quantity of the product at a particular time. You may have to refrain from eating or drinking for a predetermined time before the test. It may not be as effective depending on when you consume the detox drink. To get the most out of your detox drink, it is critical to attentively read the directions and use it at the recommended times. Drinking water is crucial whenever taking a drug test since it aids in the removal of toxins from the body. Consume water in large quantities throughout the day before the drug test and before and after taking your detox drink. Be careful of adverse effects. Drinks for cannabis detoxification can cause headaches, nausea, and diarrhea. Stop using the product if you notice any side effects, and get medical attention if needed.

How To Pass A Saliva Drug Test

It is important to always practice good oral hygiene. Simply brushing your teeth twice daily and regularly using mouthwash will help clear your mouth of any drug residue. Remember to drink water but not overhydrate. There are detox mouthwashes available to assist you in passing a saliva test. Chewing on the gum or sucking on mints can increase saliva, diluting the drug concentration in your mouth. Check the administrator’s guidelines before making sure the use of gum or mints is not prohibited.

Toxin-Flushing Mouthwash

Toxin-flushing mouthwash neutralizes the cannabis in your saliva by coating your mouth with a film that stops the test from picking up the drugs. The efficiency of toxin-flushing mouthwash can change based on several factors. The type of cannabis, dosage, frequency of use, and metabolism are all great influences. This mouthwash can be detected by some drug tests, resulting in a failed test.

How To Use Toxin-Flushing Mouthwash

To use a toxin-flushing mouthwash, first read the instructions carefully. Swish the mouthwash for the amount of time recommended. Be sure to coat your cheeks, gums, and tongue. Once done swishing, spit out all the mouthwash. Do not swallow any mouthwash, as it can make you sick. For at least thirty to sixty minutes after swishing, please do not eat or drink anything to give the mouthwash time to work when you use it with the drug test to enhance the product’s efficacy.

Natural Oral Detox Options

Drinking plenty of water is worth mentioning repeatedly. You should drink water even if you do not have an upcoming drug test! Eating foods high in fiber and antioxidants improve your body’s natural ability to detox. Fiber absorbs toxins allowing them to pass out of your body quickly. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, reducing the concentration of toxins.

How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test

To pass a hair follicle test, try to abstain from drug use. There are detox shampoos available that can assist you. These function by penetrating the hair shaft and drug metabolite dissolution. Follow all directions on the label and use it several times in the days leading up to the test. Cutting your hair is also an option if you have enough time before the test. Be careful, as this may raise eyebrows with your test administrators. Note that these remedies do not guarantee you will pass the follicle test.

How To Pass A Drug Blood Test

The interval between your most recent cannabis use and the time your blood will be drawn should be as long as possible.
As much water as you can safely drink is recommended. It’s incredibly challenging to pass a blood test. The only factor that truly matters in determining whether you pass is time.

What Factors Can Affect Drug Test Detection Rates & Times?

It’s significant to remember that individual differences and a variety of factors can affect how long THC is detectable in the body. The amount and frequency of THC usage, the person’s metabolism, as well as other elements like age, gender, and body mass index all affect how long THC (the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis) can be detected in the body. THC is soluble in fat. Men may metabolize cannabis more quickly than women because of this. This is because men typically have leaner body mass and a lower body fat percentage. Additionally, a higher BMI makes it more difficult for a person to pass a drug test. Regardless of gender, younger people often metabolize cannabis more quickly than older individuals.

Type Of Drug Test Used

Drug tests are administered by testing urine, blood, saliva, or hair samples.

THC Frequency & Amounts Consumed

You may pass a drug test if you have used cannabis once, and it has been many days since you last consumed it. It is crucial to remember that passing a drug test after smoking is not guaranteed.

Once Or Twice A Week Usage
Depending on the drug test being performed, THC can remain in the blood for a few weeks. It can remain in the body for 1-2 days after use in the blood and up to 3-4 days in urine.

Everyday Usage
THC can accumulate in the system and stay detectable for a longer amount of time with frequent use. It can remain in the body for a few days in blood and up to 30 days or more in urine.

Personal Metabolism

As previously mentioned, your metabolism plays the largest role in how long your body metabolizes cannabis.

Body Mass Index

Because THC is fat-soluble and stored in fat cells, people with a lower BMI will not store cannabis for as long. The body expels metabolites through sweat, urine, or feces. A slower metabolism in people with a high BMI cause THC to stay in the body for extended periods.

Age & Sex

The body’s metabolism and cannabis removal process slows down with age and can alter drug test results. Older adults have a greater chance of a drug test being positive than younger people. As men and women metabolize substances differently, sex can also impact the outcome of a drug test. Women typically have a lower body mass and a larger percentage of body fat than men. This affects how quickly cannabis is processed and removed through the body. The results of drug tests can even be impacted by hormonal changes that occur during menstruation or pregnancy.

Will A Drug Test Uncover Other Substances Aside From THC?

Drug panels represent the number of drugs examined in a drug test. The federal government and the Department of Transportation usually use 5-panel drug tests for most workplace drug tests. 7-panel drug tests are conducted when an employer believes a team member may be abusing prescription drugs. The number of panels tested is affected by various variables, including profession, state restrictions, and business culture. The drugs tested in each panel are listed below.

Standard 5 Panel Drug Tests


Standard 7 Panel Drug Tests


Standard 10 Panel Drug Tests


Standard 12 Panel Drug Tests


How To Speed Up THC Metabolism

There are numerous organic methods to increase your metabolism. Make sure to…
Eat A Healthy Diet
Get Enough Sleep
Use Natural Detoxifiers

Final Thoughts – How To Pass A Drug Test

Frequent physical activity can enhance your metabolism and lower your BMI. Keep hydrated, no matter what! Consuming lots of water can assist metabolism and slow it down by preventing dehydration. This also dilutes the sample if giving a blood, urine, or saliva sample. Drink a detox drink or use a toxin-flushing mouthwash to access one. Be sure to time it accordingly. You can also try to use synthetic urine. Check all applicable laws and your test administration before attempting these remedies. Good luck with your test!

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