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How Long Do Cannabis Seeds Last? (Storage & Shelf Life)

How Long Do Cannabis Seeds Last? [Storage & Shelf Life]

There is plenty of debate about how long Cannabis seeds last before they go bad. While some state that they can last for years if kept in the right conditions, others disagree, stating you should use them within 6 months to a year after they are packed. What is the lifespan of Cannabis seeds?

If the genetics are weak or the seeds have been kept in adverse conditions. Depending on the storage conditions, seeds can last as long as ten years. Moisture or light will damage the seeds internally, preventing them from germinating. The seeds must also be protected from being crushed to ensure germination.

Understanding the Key Elements of Seeds Storage

It is important to store cannabis seeds properly to ensure germination success. If you plan to store cannabis seeds for a long period of time, you should consider the following things:

Temperature: Cannabis seeds should be stored in a cool, dry place to prevent them from germinating or becoming damaged. A temperature between 32 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit (0 and 5 degrees Celsius) is ideal for long-term storage.

Humidity: Seeds can become moldy or rotten if their humidity is high, so keeping them in a place with low humidity is important.

Light: Seeds need to be stored in a dark place to avoid degrading over time due to light.

Storage: Keeping the seeds in an airtight container will preserve their freshness. The best way to store the seeds is in tightly fitting glass jars with tight lids or in vacuum-sealed packages.

Avoid Freezing: While cannabis seeds can withstand cold temperatures, you should not freeze them as it can cause damage to the seed.

Location: Please keep them in a dry and cool place. Avoid storing cannabis seeds in damp basements, garages, or areas where the temperature fluctuates greatly.

Understanding Cannabis Seeds

These steps will help you keep your cannabis seeds viable for germination as long as possible. It’s also important to note that even with the best storage conditions, the viability of seeds will decrease over time. Hence, it’s a good idea to germinate a small sample of the seeds periodically to check their germination rate.

What factors affect cannabis seed longevity?

Cannabis seeds can be stored for a long time as long as they are kept away from light and refrigerated. The lifespan of cannabis seeds depends on how they are stored. Properly stored cannabis seeds can last several years without losing their germination rate.

Seeds stored in optimal conditions, such as cool, dark, and dry places, can last more than 5 years, some growers have even reported successful germination after over a decade of storage. If the seeds are exposed to light, heat, or humidity, their lifespan and germination rates may be lowered. As your seeds age, the germination rates will decrease.



How to Store Cannabis Seeds

If you are wondering how to store Cannabis seeds, you don’t have to worry. It’s easy to store seeds, you just have to prevent them from being crushed and from being in a humid environment. Store your seeds in a dark place since light can cause them to lose their viability over time. The proper storage environment for cannabis seeds is a cool, dry place with a relative humidity of less than 10%.

Storing Cannabis Seeds in the Refrigerator

Healthy cannabis seeds stored under refrigeration in an airtight container can last for over a decade. We recommend storing your seeds in plastic containers with cotton to prevent rattling. Place those containers in vacuum-sealed packages to keep them for up to a decade if stored under refrigeration. The quality of the seed also makes a huge difference in impact on seed longevity.

What Happens When Cannabis Seeds are Stored Improperly?

When cannabis seeds are stored improperly, it decreases their germination rate and overall quality. Improper storage can cause seeds to lose moisture, leading to the seeds becoming dried out, discolored, and less viable. Storing seeds correctly is very important, and as long as you can keep them away from light and humidity, you should be fine.

The Ideal Temperature Range for Safe Seed Storage

The ideal temperature for Cannabis seed storage is 39 degrees Fahrenheit. You do not have to store your seeds at this exact temperature, but the key thing to remember is to avoid freezing the seed to ensure successful germination.


When are Cannabis seeds no good


How To Tell If Cannabis Seeds Are No Longer Good

If the seeds you stored have a low germination rate, that indicate they are on their way out or are no longer good. If you know your seeds have not been stored properly, you may be better off acquiring new seeds with genetics you desire. Most reputable seed banks also guarantee germination, so if you have questionable seeds and want to save yourself the hassle, we recommend sourcing new seeds.

You can also tell by the weight of the seed. Seeds that will not germinate may be lighter than fresh ones, showing that they have lost some moisture content. Don’t be afraid to use the float test either! Fill a container with water and place the seeds in it. Good seeds will sink to the bottom, while bad seeds will float. Bad seeds are usually empty or have cracks and need to be more viable.

You can tell if a seed is no longer viable if you see cracks in the hard outer shell. There is also something called the crush test. You can crush the seed between your fingers. The seed should be sturdy, but it may not be viable if it crushes easily. It’s helpful to note that while old or damaged seeds may not germinate, it’s still possible to get a healthy harvest from them by using other methods like cloning.

Factors Affecting How Long Cannabis Seeds Are Good For

Some of the most common ways that cannabis seeds are stored improperly include:

1. High temperature: When seeds are exposed to high temperatures, they can lose moisture and become dried out, which decreases germination. Temperature changes are not good for seeds.

2. High humidity: Exposure to high humidity can cause the seeds to absorb too much moisture, leading to mold and mildew, which can decrease their germination rate.

3. Exposure to light: Exposure to light can cause the seeds to lose viability over time, as light can cause the seeds to “think” that they have germinated and begin to sprout before they are planted. Cannabis seeds last longer in a dark environment.

4. Oxygen: Exposure to oxygen can cause the seeds to lose viability over time, as oxygen can cause the seeds to begin to sprout before they are planted.

5. Improper packaging: Improper packaging, like plastic bags or containers that are not airtight, can cause the seeds to lose moisture and viability over time.


How to Control Humidity Levels for Cannabis Seeds

It’s good to keep the humidity levels for seeds super low, around 8-10%. Too much humidity can cause mold which can decrease the germination rate. Too little humidity can cause seeds to dry out, get discolored or loose viability. Make sure you seal your airtight container by giving a light squeeze to your container to prevent issues. You really want to maintain relative humidity levels and avoid an overly moist environment.

Will Cracked Cannabis Seeds Still Germinate?

Cracked seeds will not germinate, unfortunately. Because the genetic information contained in the seed is exposed, it cannot germinate. To prevent seeds from getting damaged or crushed, put them in vials stuffed with cotton wool to keep them from rattling and harming each other.

As long as they are well protected, cannabis seeds can be stored for a long time. To extend the shelf-life of seeds, place them in a cool, dark environment with no humidity or strong smells.

How Long Do Cannabis Seeds Last Before They Go Bad?

As we mentioned before, Cannabis seeds can be made to last very long if they are refrigerated. When kept in a cool, dry, and dark place, Cannabis seeds can last up to a year before going bad, but if they are refrigerated, Cannabis seeds can last up to a decade.

How Long Do Cannabis Seeds Last With Great Care?

You can’t predict how long your seeds will last. As long as the seeds are protected from humidity and light, and provided with a cool environment, the seeds will remain dormant, making them more likely to germinate.

The longevity of marijuana seeds depends on how well you conserve them. If you are very careful, Cannabis seeds can last for ages. Stocking up on strains can help you maintain self-sufficiency throughout the entire year, as well as having your own collection.


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Storing Cannabis Seeds – Final Thoughts

It’s vital to store seeds properly! Storing your seeds correctly will have a great impact on how they’ll grow in the future. Be sure to keep the relative humidity levels correct, place it out of sunlight and in a dark shady place. Growing cannabis requires a lot of patience and being attentive. Successful germination depends on how well the seeds have been stored if you did not source your seeds recently. Make sure to follow us on Instagram for weekly tips and guides on the best strains!

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